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  1. Camberley 3 Horley 0 excellent win against what looked like a very good Horley side, the youth players are really stepping up and putting in a good shift even when down to ten they did not buckle the score line though was probably a bit harsh on Horley.
  2. Sadly, Godalming Town, massive task to keep them up, but every good wish to a very decent man from all at the CTFC Friday club
  3. Very similar to the goal you scored against us at Krooner Johnno?
  4. Hopefully Johnno didn't see the Knaphill goal scored at Krooner last night hoof ball wasn't in it?
  5. So close 120th minute winner for Hereford with 3200 in attendance. By the way many thanks for your support Rother.
  6. Sadly Johnnojudo also missed your irony Weeble
  7. F/T FC Romania 1 Camberley 2 FC Manager also sent off
  8. FC Romania down to 9 men still 1 - 2 to Camberley 80 mins
  9. Could'nt get to the game today, family commitment, so very thankful for your as usual excellent coverage Trevor,
  10. Excellent coverage TRS, only to be expected.
  11. Yes Rother, Rob did play but was subbed in the second half and George Gould came on.
  12. Camberley 0 Horley 5 even first half Horley going in 1 up, second half Horley ripped Camberley apart and a well deserved win, could have been more but for some one on one save from Bradders, sweet revenge for that 8 - 1 mauling last season.
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