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  1. A man after my own heart JR! I couldn't agree more with your comments. Bring back the good old days of healthy disagreements. We live in hopes!
  2. Greatly missed is banter we used to have on this Forum. Isn't it time we started using this board again and welcome back the 'Ornchurch contingent (and others) for some "friendly" debate?
  3. Where does BB28 get such sh1te info. from I ask myself
  4. There may be a few 'Ricay supporters at Bridge Avenue on Weds. evening cheering you on!
  5. Hope you make it Urchin - will be over to Bridge Avenue for the P/O Final!
  6. Wouldn't be sour grapes would it Cookie!!??
  7. Any news on whether or not we've signed the lad?
  8. Good luck Lee! (Top Bloke)
  9. Agree entirely with JL. I think Grays more than edged the first half though and feel that we completely bossed the second period. A much better showing than on Saturday which proves that the performance then was probably just a "blip".(Hopefully!) Nice to see AT back after, what, 6 years? Hope he's here to stay.
  10. I didn't think that the post was negative......a little subdued, perhaps, but not negative! Great result lads - keep it going!
  11. He wasn't much cop when he was with us before...............
  12. Hmm........last I heard the defence had all agreed to stay! Oh well I suppose it'll be another season of rebuilding.......again.
  13. 01-June 11 - Happy Birthday bullensblue :)

  14. It's not responding today though!!
  15. Today's Gazette.Big news on back page.........
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