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  1. Couldn't make the game. Well done all though, 6 points from 3 games is a promising and pleasing return. Bring on Monday night then....COYB
  2. So proud of this club!! Thats all I need to say on the matter!!
  3. Greatly saddened to hear of this happening to Nicky. I would like to give him my best wishes and I hope he makes a full recovery. I also hope these brutes who have done this are caught and punished heavily! Justice must be done for this and I appeal for any witnesses of the event taking place the other night to come forward and help the authorities accordingly. Get well soon Nicky!!
  4. 27-May 11 - Happy Birthday updaBTFC :)

  5. Fantastic and memorable night for all involved with Billericay Town, a thoroughly well deserved win! The support from us i thought was absoulutely incredible, so thank you to every single fan that made the effort aNd made the night all the more memorable for myself and many others i can imagine! Now we have another 4 cup finals to win like richards said, and this cup win can surely only give us more belief that we can do it, the morale must be sky high within the team and i can only hope that we can see this produce more positive displays. Well done to the supporters, the management team and all the players of Billericay Town, i think we all showed just how passionate we are last night! COME ON YOU BLUES!!!
  6. because i am pretty sure we are in the mix of potentially having a fantastic climax to the season! 3 points today would be fantastic and would keep us well in the mix and within contention of the play off positions. Hopefully results go our way today to make for an even more satisfying end to the day! Aveley will want revenge after we beat them at their place and we need to be fully focused on this game and not the final on monday night! I'm sure Craig has installed the saying of 'only focus on the next game' into the players heads because i think we have all seen this season that he is a manager with a lot of experience. Today though i think we would all like to see an exciting game of flowing football (well compared to the Bury game anything is a game of flowing football!) and a handsome 3 points! Get your shorts and flip flops on and get NL rocking for a massive game! COME ON RICAY!
  7. just wondering if anybody could help me in finding out what the prices are going to be with regards to admission fee for the final? if anyone can help it would be much appreciated
  8. Still 5th! a very satisfying weekend even though we didn't play, all we need to do is keep plouging along and lapping up as many points as possible and we will have a fantastic season in comparison to recent years! i believe we can challenge for promotion! Roll on tuesday!
  9. Here we go again! if the referee deems the pitch unplayable then he/she is an utter git!
  10. Unfortunately i won't be over that side of Billericay..but we really need this game to go ahead, we can't have a repeat of what happened last time when we had postponements, where im sure i don't have to remind fans about that horrendous start to 2011, the pitch can't be that bad its only been a flurried soaking of rain and not a deluge of it (touchwood). And like you said the weather appears to be stablising now.. Need a good perfrmance once again today and then it is time to put ourselves in that final on tuesday night! A beautiful 3-0 win for Billericay today and an attendance where a lucky 350 odd will be blessed to watch a real game of football! COYB! 'Oh 'Ricay We Love You'
  11. I'm a bit concerned about this rain...how's the pitch? inspection or no inspection?
  12. Is us beating you at football not enough?
  13. So who's going tomorrow then?
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