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  1. wow Cove 3 points that must be pony
  2. Godalming and Guildford won't be happy
  3. Yep great choice Cove young managers good season Egham young manager champions Bedfont Sport Div 1 promotion mid table this season young manager Hartley Wintney young manager done well since taking over Duncs time will tell but IMO there is a new era of managers who have grown up in different football styles and are better for the game don't get me wrong there are some good old timers but some of them have lost there hungar, what you said regarding other applicants is true the club should have told them of there unsuccessful application.
  4. All that publicity is about Guernsey not the CCL and that's how you want it
  5. You Guernsey people need to grow up your 40 years behind the mainland for goodness sake Farley rusks, train trucks stick to the point you have had everything in your favour to be promoted. Everybody had rubbish fixtures you keep saying you had a fixture pile up but what do you expect if you haven't got a ground and the one that you hire off the egg chasers is always flooded. 3 more years and counting
  6. Ok 2nd place goes up this season as its Guernsey all those favouritism desicions that you had during the season. Butt suckers
  7. Guernsey finish 2nd get promoted.via default just telling the truth no need to insult me
  8. Not at all my friend just people don't like the truth
  9. When do guernsey get there runners up medal, no doubt you'll have an open top bus
  10. Harry Rednapp after all there all cockneys that support Man U so why not a manager
  11. I just called the lifeguards my boat is sinking
  12. Even though this is about the guard of honour lets see what Guernsey have taken from teams Div1 Bedfont sports 2nd should be champs 4th place Warlingham should of been promoted Collies wood cup Team finishing 2nd this season gone up Now there gone and these teams have all been effected there history because of Guernsey POOR a team who will be deceased in a few years
  13. This coming from the person who thinks his manager don't swear
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