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  1. 02-December 10 - Happy Birthday JORDAN23 :)

  2. Sorry we did try to stop singing so we could hear you but we were have too much fun As long as you tried your best Adam
  3. What a great game. Hope you ricay rent boys enjoyed it as much as I did Disappointed with your support though. I was told you were loud Oh thanks again Tony for a great night
  4. Has anyone got any available seats in their car for tomorrow
  5. I must say how disappointed I was with your support today I really expected more If Canvey hade been on the end of a 4-0 thrashing, our supporters would of sang till the whistle. Not leave as quickly as possible What a joke!!
  6. What season were you last there?
  7. Really looking forward to our games next season especially the away one(jolly boys outing). I heard you lot have decent vocal support as well, which should help create a decent atmosphere. However you will have to up your game to beat the mighty Yellow army. See you all soon
  8. You do make me laugh HullbridgeCrewSoDnt Mes. So how many people are there in your naughty little firm or is it just you!!!
  9. Carry on dreaming wehatecanvey. Who do you support ? THE GULLS WILL NEVER DIE !!!!!!!
  10. Originally Posted By: updaBTFC Joradan23 = [****!!****] [****!!****] Love you too
  11. Originally Posted By: Blue fan Wheres the chelmo Goose JODDAN23 old rent boy to you Sorry Blue fan how rude of me Chelmsford most probably
  12. Keep it up MG the RICAY RENT BOYS are making me laugh. The rivalry is building COME ON YOU YELLOWS
  13. I cant wait MG. It's the stand out fixture for me. The atmosphere should be excellent especially when we beat em. YELLOW ARMY!!!!
  14. We all live in a yellow caravan
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