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  1. Lots of chesham legends there but unfortunately past their prime. Andys black book 📖 a bit out of date
  2. Any truth in the rumours going round at the “Super Playoff” today that Andy is off to Wealdstone ?
  3. Tommo can do a decent shift in goal if needed
  4. To be clear the question about first round tickets was raised by a fellow fan and not the club. It did however start a good debate how you ensure the real fans would be guaranteed tickets for any future games rather than just casuals after the big games
  5. Coz because we play in a proper league we had to play our league game tonight. As you can expect we treated this as a conditioning game to prepare for Saturday where as your guys get to eat smokey bacon crisps tomorrow night in prep for Saturday :-) :-)
  6. Thanks for the opinions, 2nd half wasn't the greatest as we seem to drop down to the level of the opposition, but hey another 3pts on theboard Please come back and see some more games, A warm welcome awaits you in the Chess Suite, If you want to talk to any of the trust members on the Club Board about the future then just ask behind the bar
  7. Was just wondering if any of the Windsor Fans that were at the game yesterday would post a Neutrals view ??
  8. So please remember Our Chairman's offer, Bring your Windsor & Eton Season Ticket and get in free at Chesham for all remaining League Games. Also as a fans run club now, we would be more than happy to share some ideas with you
  9. Any News on the state of the Pitch for Tonight ?
  10. CheshFan

    Chesham Game

    Thanks Hammerman, I will pass your compliments on too Billy the Burger. Have to agree, there was only 1 team on the pitch that wanted the win last night. It was however refreshing to play against a team that wanted to try and play the ball rather than hoof it and hope we have been playing against in the Midlands this season
  11. Just spoke to the people down at the club house, Pitch looks perfectly playable at the moment and no Pitch Inspection Planned. So hopefully all looks OK for tonight
  12. Right, Am trying to find out from the Club if a Pitch Inspection is going to happen or not ? billy the burger is one of the best around Met Line normally ok during the week, only weekends when they shut it for engineering work I understand the final will be held at either Wycombe or MK depending on who loses the semi
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