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  1. Originally Posted By: Yorkshire Fan Didn't someone on here say he was going to be on the bench for the senior team today? (BC's team I mean) Doesn't look like it - Bristol City: Basso, Orr, Fontaine, Carey, McAllister, McIndoe, Skuse, Wilson (Williams 25), Johnson, Maynard (Sproule 84), Adebola (Brooker 64). Subs Not Used: Weale, Webster.
  2. It really is taking the idea of sucking the supporter dry to the limit.
  3. Originally Posted By: Stu B Interested to see he claims to have offered more money
  4. Originally Posted By: JFW So when Lord Chas says to Liam after a match "What did you think of today's performance Liam?", he must reply "Sorry Chas, I can't tell you until I have reported back to the owners" Actually we do get an interview about each match. But I don't remember ever seeing anything about selling/realeasing/signing a player.
  5. Originally Posted By: David Holden Did the "owners"? Quite a few members did actually - but then again the media seem to have a more direct line to the manager than the 'owners' do.
  6. Originally Posted By: Riverview Supporter Liam has stated a fact. It might have been a good idea if he had stated this 'fact' to the 'owners' rather than to the media. And once we sold Akinde everyone would have known we got money anyway (we would hardly have given him away for a set of gear and three sheet of corroguated iron)
  7. Originally Posted By: Andanotherthing Would the
  8. Originally Posted By: DixieDean Dom, Dom, Dom. You've been on the inside. Inside of what Dixie? being a moderator is not as glamourous as it might seem. Plenty of abusive emails and silly requests. Originally Posted By: DixieDean You've seen the "private forum" (and to your credit your posts suggest that you weren't comfortable with it). And it was you who first pointed out the debt was unsustainable. But the spin, the duplicity, the "on message" [****!!****]. It ain't worth spit. People will read into this stuff what they want to read into it. What goes on in the admin foru
  9. good attendance - third highest in the division tonight after Wrexham and York. Hopefully the positive trend will continue.
  10. Originally Posted By: Chopper TN But that's only if the people in charge want to listen to those ideas. At this point, The Operator and his merry men have been acting like only they have an idea on how to save the club, everyone else, in their opinion, don't know their butt from a hole in the ground. Chopper - you need to find a different watering hole than the place where you are getting this stuff from So sad and a club is destroyed. Wow - I didn't know the club was destroyed - I was under the impression that we finished last season winning the FA Trophy, many fans consider thi
  11. Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz My real concern was how the club was allowed to increase the budget to a level that is clearly unsustainable without proper 'due diligence', for want of a better expression. I agree
  12. Originally Posted By: Harry J Allstars So had the "old directors" remained in power at the club how long would it actually have been before the budget would have been cut and we'd have to give away our best players? Originally Posted By: BrianK We recognised for the club to go on to the next level we needed new capital in the club. I worked for some time on trying to find a new owner rather than downgrade the club ambitions. The new owner we found was MyFC. If we hadn't then we would have made cutbacks and the loans converted to shares in the club.
  13. Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz Why not make membership on a monthly direct debit of
  14. Originally Posted By: eufckev Maybe we shouldn't go by what is said on an internet forum, and leave it to the experts. As you can see from Yorkie and myself above - an internet forum can come up with ideas and can get things done.
  15. Originally Posted By: eufckev Barnaby, compare the situation we are in compared to a lot of clubs. Brian's stated that the club has made all it's payments to players, the taxing etc. A few clubs can't even do that... and are they saying they're going bust or going to go bust? They're surviving ok, except for the odd few who have had point deducted or have gone down a league or two. Maybe we shouldn't go by what is said on an internet forum, and leave it to the experts. With the Akinde transfer money, there is enough money in EUFC and MyFC for the club to survive until the end of the sea
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