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  1. http://www.mbe.co.uk/luton Looking at the postcode of your ground this link is the nearest one to you. We spoke to them told them what we wanted and how many games through the season and they were happy to quote us a reasonable price. We also half way through this season told them we would put half page advert in our programme free of charge and they now charge us even less!! By the way they are usually a franchise so all different but sure they would welcome your business.
  2. We get ours done at Mail Box (have used 2 branches) we spoke to them and asked for a quote and explained how many we would want and how many games over the season they are very reasonable.
  3. Savagebee where you at the ground in September for the vase?
  4. Savagebee the pitch was good condition in September, in fact some refs ticked excellent for condition of pitch in September.
  5. You really need to get your information correct and then you wouldnt need to go fishing so often!
  6. Wished I did Pete..........finished work at 3 got up to Harpenden at 4 and match called off at 4.05!!!
  7. Hillingdon played last Tuesday night and at the end of the match it was in a big mess. The pith was very soft and people spent an hour and a half sweeping it, might have been better if they hadn't really. We were due to play Saturday and it was like a swimming pool. It rained Saturday most of the day, then a little yesterday. Thankfully we have an away game on Saturday so we might get a game in.
  8. Would be good to play a game so fingers crossed.
  9. Sorry won't see you there WB but am in Jamaica at the nonent.
  10. And what would you know about the away management?
  11. Well spotted Karen they were the away team. welcome back as well
  12. Tut tut thats how rumours start. Not sure where you heard that but am at the game now and he is on the bench opposite ne getting soaking wet lol
  13. One red during and two after. Not sure anybody was killed or any land mines etc like WWll though!!
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