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  1. 09-March 11 - Happy Birthday rsheard :)

  2. 09-March 10 - Happy Birthday rsheard :)

  3. I have renewed, and will continue to do so as long as MyFC is tied to the Fleet. If/when MyFC ceases, then my cash (little as it may be) goes to whatever organization serves the Fleet the best. My stubborn loyalty to MyFC is in the hope that it will last long enough to morph into a form that makes better sense than the way it works now and is attractive to local and non-local supporters alike.
  4. Originally Posted By: Hannah I was thinking the same thing Busta. I have this image of rsheard and Yorkfox being the only ones left and replying to each others posts. I was late to see this one, Hannah I haven't posted on there in quite a while, other than a private group which discusses betting strategies. As far as I know, I haven't been banned.
  5. Originally Posted By: thespursfan I sign up with Myfc, and a 3 0 cup win follows. Coincidence? Or my pressing the "score more goals" button on the website? I need the URL for that one. I'll do my bit pressing that button.
  6. Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz Chose your allegience carefully. Footballing supporters, or route 1 advocates. Anyone who prefers route 1 football should be sentenced to a whole season of actually having to watch it.
  7. Why was our green kit never put on sale by Nike? I know it's hated now that our form in it has been less than stellar, but when the original vote was announced, quite a few people were looking forward to buying it.
  8. Maybe it's an unimportant distinction, but still one that should be considered, but even if the operator (Will Brooks et al.) decide to pull the plug as operator, that doesn't mean an end to MyFC (the society). The society would still have the right to continue operating in whatever way they see feasible and desirable. So a re-organization along the lines that Gaz and others have mentioned is still a possibility. Let's face it, the website the operator provides can be replaced if MyFC Ltd. decides to quit. The main thing for all of us who care primarily for the club is to get as many subscribe
  9. Charlie Mac scored for Brentford in the FA Cup against Barrow. It wasn't enough, however, as 10-man Brentford bowed out of the cup to part-time Barrow. Barrow on to 3rd-round dreams of a premiership-club payday.
  10. You have to give the guy credit; he stood in exactly the same place for the second throw-in.
  11. Originally Posted By: Special K And the bickering can sometimes get a bit tiring. I agree with you, Special K. I suspect, though, that most of the malcontents will be gone in February. It would only be a die-hard curmudgeon who will pay 35 pounds for the privilege of bitching and moaning each day. Let's just hope there are enough of us left who actually care about the Fleet (as opposed to "football manager 09") to keep from hurting the club's financial future.
  12. MLS is finished except for the finals of the MLS Cup.
  13. Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz I love the MYFC money , and hate the politics. Couldn't agree more, Gaz!
  14. Originally Posted By: diffdude No, MyFC doesn't control the content, they simply gave BC the press release, as is common. You would think if MyFC wrote the press release for this that they'd at least get the membership numbers correct!
  15. Barrett in added time... sweet!!!!!!!
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