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  1. This is a crucial point. As far as I understand it we will be given full briefings by Liam prior to selcting teams. It remains to be seen have in depth he is prepared to go regarding players who are causing problems/training badly on a 'public' forum. The players and management will have to get used to the MyFC set-up and accept that the inner-workings of the squad will need to be made public in order for the best possible team to be selected. It will be interesting to see how this works in practice.
  2. Hi guys I haven't posted for a while <<< MYFC member I'm afraid ;-) From my own point of view the 95.89% yes vote is great news and really shows that the membership have got behind Ebbsfleet. Rather more concerning is the 10,000 missing members. It has to be hoped that they didn't vote for a reason - maybe they knew it was a shoe-in and will become active once the project really gets up and running. We have to push for media coverage in order to ensure fresh membership continues to come forward and ensure the long term stability of both MyFC and EUFC. Anyway, I hope to get
  3. That post was written by Graham S - who I believe is one of your own so don't try making out otherwise
  4. he's trying to crowd please - he knows they wont have a say in this once the club is purchased so it's odd he's come out with it
  5. I am a Leicester fan and I've always lived in Leicestershire apart from 4 years in Canterbury which ended in 2002. I joined MyFC for all of the reaons you described if I'm honest. Initially I joined as I have become disinfranchised from the game I love at the top level. I'm only 27 but already I can see that football at the highest level's of the English game is far removed from what I watched as a boy. Financial clout has always had a deep impact on the game but not to the degree it now does. Couple this with the influx of foreign talent which, as well as bringing skills and flair t
  6. I'm glad to see most fans (by the way how do you refer to yourselves? At Leicester we call ourselves the Blue Army - original I know - but do you have a better name like Fleetsters or anything?) have started to come round to the idea and I look forward to sharing a pint with as many of you as possible once I finally get to a game (it's an 8 hour round trip for me so might not be as often as I'd like)
  7. Originally Posted By: clowntown To be honest, I am a little concerned about this mysterious figure who effectively controls MyFC. The MyFC spin says he will just have a single vote and be no more powerful than any other member, but the reality is already clearly very different. Who is it issuing all these communiques on the MyFC website telling us members how we should and shouldn't behave? If it's a true democracy where Will Brooks is no more important than I am, what the hell gives him or his web admin secret police the right to tell the other members how they can and can't behave. Let's tes
  8. As I understand it the voting is PROBABLY going to work like this (I say probably as the vote making may chance and eolve as MyFC evolves and until we actually start voting (this won't happen until the club is purchased apart from the yes/no to the purchase itself): Thousands of ideas are on the MyFC forums. When members post threads or responses, other members are able to ;rate' their posts. The idea behind this is that the 'best' ideas will have higher scores than the lower. Currently alongisde the threads there are tables indicating the most popular postings, the most active threads et
  9. Originally Posted By: low_key Originally Posted By: OKUZ 1. Exactly how much is to be invested? The press release seems to infer £700,000, but as we all know 20,000 members at £27.50 a time is only £550,000. What happens if the costs of the takeover exceed the reserve, does that come out of the investment of will the MyFC members be asked to stump up the difference. Subscriptions are not the only source of income as mfc are also selling t-shirts, polo shirts, coats and hoodies ect. Dont know how much cash this has generated and i dont need to know, all i do know is we are giving it all to
  10. I am so pleased that people are starting to see the benefits now the initial reaction has died down. I can't promise success, I can't promise we'll get every decision right, but I can guarantee we'll do our damndest for you guys.
  11. PS I thought doing this now was a good idea as your forum is likely to be busier than normal even with 'proper' fans
  12. I accept that as a member of MyFC I'm hardly flavour of the month at the moment. Despite this I thought now might be the best time to ask you all to tell me everything there is to know about your club so I can put it on the MyFC forums. If this thing happens then MyFC and you guys both have the same goal - success for Ebbsfleet Utd. With this in mind we need your help now to get to know the club, it's players, the fans and even the opponents. Anyway, I've got my pen at the ready so start talking...
  13. I believe we have been promised several times by members of the webteam details of how the £7.50 has been spent once the takeover is complete. They did advise back in August that over £200k had been spent on legal fees alone and I can only assume that figure is still rising. I expect that at takeover the Ltd company will name the directors and what they do etc and would expect the MyFC membership to give them an extremely tough time if they don't.
  14. Put it this way - gaffer opened a thread on the MyFC forum saying we should treat Ebbsfleet fans with the contempt they deserve for their reaction, change the name of the club and move it etc tec he got more responses in a quicker time that the actual news yesterday on the same site. Over 100 posts later on that thread he hasn't had one person not kick him in the nuts (metaphorically obviously)
  15. The press release certainly sounded like we'd be looking to continue working towards a new ground. By the way, as a newcomer tell me about the current ground - is it council owned? where's the best seat in the house? what are the pies like? Like all MyFC members I really want to get to know your club.
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