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  1. Ah, OK. I thought you might have mistyped it without the hyphen as fleettrust.co.uk *is* permanently up for sale.
  2. Google is your friend. www.fleet-trust.co.uk/
  3. I am causing the opposite of unrest. I am the wake-up call. Imagine me as a high class alarm clock. I wish EUFC to survive, but understand only too well that if it so do so, then the EUFC fans need to start taking responsibility for their own destiny. Lenny Henry can't bail everyone out, I'm afraid.
  4. Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz You arrogant twat! The 1100 loyal Fleet fans will own more of Fleet than either you or Myfc ever will. We give the club on average
  5. Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz That won't happen because those who are so critical of the 'heads in the sand' local fans don't care a fig for the club. How many games have Clowtown and Claudius been to, as 2 examples. No idea how many games Claudius, whoever he, is has been to, but I (if you mean EUFC games) haven't been to any, and I never will ever ever ever. Why should I? Or are you judging the MyFCers not just on the fact they have stymied your bankruptcy for a season, but also on whether they turn up to see your wayward team play or not. Adopted children are never going to be
  6. Originally Posted By: Stu M If it needs to happen again, then the Trust or similar will be required to provide the leadership to make it work. In all probablity, the Fleet Trust will own (or be in charge of finding others who want to own) EUFC as of next May. I see no other - logistical, let alone practical - alternative. All hands on deck at the Fleet Trust, I guess... Good luck, seriously and sincerely to all EUFC fans who give damn. I know all of you on this forum do, but that's, what, 20 people...?
  7. Originally Posted By: Stu M Originally Posted By: clowntown You don't want to have to start following Dartford (or worse, Charlton) next season as they're your nearest club? Off on a bit of a tangent but I wonder how many people, if their club went bust, would pop up the road to watch the nearest other side instead? No way would I. If the Fleet went, I just wouldn't go to football anymore. I was being a bit tongue in cheek for dramatic effect. I agree with you. I supect that if EUFC did, for whatever reason, cease to exist, the same thing would happen that has at other clubs
  8. I apologise if I come across that way Dan. My only point is that there is a good chance MyFC will have to withdraw from ownership of EUFC at the end of season (for purely financially reasons). It seems a lot of EUFC fans are sitting around expecting MyFC to come up with a contigency plan. Why? The vast majority of legacy EUFC never wanted MyFC's involvement in their club in the first place. Surely the onus is on the EUFC fans, who will always care more about the club than some jonny-come-lately internet consortium (although I don't many MyFCers have formed a strong bond to EUFC, they mostly ha
  9. Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz Probably time the mods locked this thread. It is going nowhere even slower than the 'building bridges' thread. Mr Davis has said all that he or we need to hear or read about. It was widely reported on the BBC and locally in the Distorter. All we have left are embittered, disillusioned, banned MYFC members gloating that their club is in it's death throes, that they support Dartford anyway, but they paid their
  10. Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz Billy Twit, Claudius, Bilbo Baggins, Clowntown all here today, gone tommorrow trolls. Don't feed 'em, they will go away, or annoy the mods enough to get them banned from here too. Fans like that we can do without. Why are you suddenly bring me into this sweet cheeks? I have posted on here ONCE in the past 105 days (three and a half months), and it was this confrontational doozy: "Be fair, who amongst us has not - at some stage in their life - supported Exeter?" Still, you wouldn't have mentioned me if you didn't want me to re-engage. Your appeal i
  11. Originally Posted By: Dave EUFC Is that what you said when you supported Exeter? Be fair, who amongst us has not - at some stage in their life - supported Exeter?
  12. I understand that the bar is closed at half time. They would be able to keep it open at half-time and right through the match if they put up blackout blinds and employed extra stewards to ensure no-one took their beer out of the bar building. Whilst they did this for a game my mates went to there recently (pre-season friendly v Brighton) it appears that was a one-off based on the large numbers of away fans there making it worthwhile.
  13. Originally Posted By: MrMushroom As it has been some time since I have been there, I'm not sure about the pubs. There used to be a couple of good ones just up the hill from the station towards the town centre but I could not vouch for them these days. Lewes is one of the best small towns in the country for pubs, and as far as I know they're all away fan friendly. There's a total of 22 pubs in the town. The nearest to the ground, the Landsdowne is one of the worst but still better than 70% of pubs in most towns. The second nearest, the Royal Oak, is a Greene King pub. There's been a lot o
  14. Note to real ale drinkers: The Harveys (award-winning real ale from a brewery located 200 yards from the stadium itself) always runs out at some point during half time, so get to the bar before the half-time whistle if it's ale you fancy. Unless the bar's no longer open at half-time. Prices may have gone up over the summer, but at the end of last season it was
  15. Originally Posted By: PatMan Originally Posted By: Gravesend_Princess but a lot of the members who joined with that concept in mind have realised what a screw up it could be for the club and are actually now just becoming true supporters A lot is a bit of an exaggeration... there are over 30,000 of them - maybe 100 are now fans with 200-300 more attending the odd game... There is no doubting they do loads for the club as fans now. But they are very much in the minority at MyFC Yes and no. I'd say there are maybe 2,000 committed MyFC members (voters ect) of which half are lega
  16. Darter has the brains to start her own club not take on one losing 800k a year. I truly don't get how you can be losing that much at your level, but also feel your directors lucked out when they found 30 thousand idiots willing to take over that debt. Albeit only for a year.
  17. Originally Posted By: Harry J Allstars Of course it is their's, I just don't think this info should be in an open forum. What's the problem with that? EDIT: Edited out all the stuff about Harry as I started the whole paragraph "atlernatively" and an embarrassed about thus. HarryJ still smells of poo though.
  18. Originally Posted By: Harry J Allstars Just thought it would have been common sense. So you don't think EUFC fans should be allowed to know about EUFC finances? That's an odd attitude. I wouldn't tell them about MyFC finances as that's none of their business (and I wouldn't want them to know about the 500k we've stashed away to buy Dartford) but....
  19. Originally Posted By: Harry J Allstars Oh no, what can we do Clowntown? Save us! An extra 1,000-1,500 on your average home gates would do the trick. Do you have any friends?
  20. Originally Posted By: Harry J Allstars That's the trouble with MyFC, you give this sort of info to 30,000 people and some of them simply don't know what to do with it. That's the trouble with the internet, Harry. I actually saw links to those accounts on two other message boards twelve hours before they were even linked to on MyFC itself. And, as it happens, at no stage has anyone said that these accounts are confidential. They are in the public domain, as with anything posted on a publicly accessible part of the internet. You might just as well say that the results of EUFC games shou
  21. Originally Posted By: Fleetbabe Could one of the Mods close this topic down please. Aren't you interested in your accounts/budget for the year. My apologies, I thought you would be... The bottom line is that EUFC is projected to lose circa
  22. Originally Posted By: Stu M Patman's eighth! He's a Fleet fan. Thought I recognised his name from on here, but no mention of Ebbsfleet on his profile (the only teams he claims to support are QPR and a couple of Irish teams). Is he embarrassed to admit he follows EUFC?
  23. It's all very well saying "go somewhere else to talk about MyFC" but this place would be dead if not for the MyFCers/neutrals. I see that UU is currently 4th in Fans Focus for most posts in the last month, Darter is 6th, and no EUFC fans even make the top ten. You guys need to start posting more.
  24. I've been saying since pretty much Day One that this whole MyFC thing would be a one way deal, and every day sees more people finally admitting to that reality. Renewals will be closer to 5,000 than 10,000, which would mean too little income for MyFC to financially manage themselves let alone EUFC. Instead of slagging off MyFC, the most sensible thing legacy EUFC fans could be doing is trying to line up someone (be it a consortium of EUFC supporters, a sugar daddy, or a company like Eurostar - my suggested best option) to take over EUFC when MyFC pull out in March. Or is that too much like har
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