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  1. Took a wonder goal to sink us after a nervy first half and a magnificent penalty save from Wrighty kept us in the game .Second half much better well that goal yeah a cracker chances towards the end but our luck run out fair play to Cheshunt wish them well I think they'll do well so a few local derby'sfor us next season,up the Urchins
  2. Well its all come down to this whatever happens a good moneyspinner for us as for the outcome two evenly matched sides,what do I think get at them early,rattle them and we'll win 3 one but honestly think this could go the distance and one goal the difference crowd ,well that's a sell out how many we decide to let in that's another story see you tomorrow up the Urchins
  3. Dust the mic off Jordan didn't expect to see that again,lovely surprise
  4. Well its a one off Enfield must fancy their chances they have already done the double over us but maybe just maybe it's payback time remember going to Kingstonians in a similar situation unfancied and Ricky Hayles came up with the goods,believe,could be a long night heart obviously says Urchins crowd 1000 +
  5. Mixed feelings about today terrible terrible watch but then again we knew we were in a play off position 2 months ago we would have smashed them onwards and upwards to Wednesday whatever will be will be up the Urchins
  6. It's a huge one, a win guarantees us home advantage against Enfield ,the crowd could be the 12th man ,2 one Urchin win,crowd anyone's guess let's hope it's a good one,up the Urchins
  7. After a woeful first 15 minutes like watching a disaster movie,got to grips after that lots of near misses 1 goal and 2 disallowed goals,shame really means we just a bit of extra pressure on ourselves for the next game when maybe we could have rested players oh well that's life up the Urchins
  8. A massive game for us for the fact Bowers always give us a hard game having said that we like the plastic carpet 3 one Urchins,crowd 650
  9. After a very nervy start this game was effectively over by half time,Mickeys goal,unbelievable and one way traffic from then on,second half was more like a training session the job had been done,we move on to Monday A13 classico,up the Urchins
  10. The hard work has been done and Enfield gave us a surprise present last weekend against tomorrow's visitors no less.On the strength of that I don't think they will be no pushover. Points on the board is what matters now ,Urchins to win 3 nil,crowd 700
  11. Be nice to avenge the home defeat earlier in the season unless there's some divine intervention I can only see one outcome,Urchins to win 3 nil crowd touching 500
  12. Make no mistake we were in a battle tonight and to beat any team managed by Craig Edwards is a massive scalp for us,must not rest on our laurels but looks like 4th spot to be honest ,up the Urchins
  13. Look what happened to Chris Rock or whatever his name is
  14. No Need to stress the importance of this game for both sides with the hosts looking to gate crash a play off spot with so much at stake would take a draw of sorts although I know we could win this one hands down,crowd touching 400,up the Urchins
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