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  1. Well having just taken 2 big scalps this is probably our biggest test win this and we'll be in dreamland but sensible head on a draw of some description crowd 450,over to you Mark
  2. Well done to the correct predictions,as for me it's probably why I'm bottom of my super 6 league even my wife and daughter are above me
  3. Against a form team second in the league always tight games with these,genuinely think we will get something out of this 2 all,crowd 475
  4. Outcome of this depends on who is available for selection if we can stick a tidy side out and play to those levels of Tuesday evening than a 2 v 1 home win,crowd 400
  5. Great evenings football end to end stuff done well to dig in even when a goal down proper blood and guts display against a very very good Margate side to many good displays to give a man of the match Sam almost another hatrick and a generous lino ruling out a late Gate equaliser,absolutely buzzing,up the Urchins
  6. Well we've hit a rocky patch in the league the visitors must fancy their chances think we will be doing overtime to get anything out of this game,2 all draw crowd 250
  7. Both teams having an inconsistent start in the league but see enough on Tuesday night albeit against lesser opposition that we are going in the right direction.Hopefully I'm not going to eat my words,Urchin 2 one win crowd 250
  8. Well the hosts had no answer to him last night even had the luxury of taking him off halfway through the second half proper team display which was missing from the first game.On the down side think Remi maybe hamstrung. Money in the bank bring on Walthamstow
  9. Well a wake up call this one don't want to be on the end of a giant killing if we turn up then 3 nil if they rumble us then it could be a long miserable night,crowd 250,COYU
  10. Today was one of those days spent a lot of time watching the ball in the air and our passing and shooting boots were left in the dressing room fair play to Barton grew into the game in the second half and well deserved their equaliser expect a much better performance on Tuesday nights replay up the Urchins
  11. I would like to sponsor some form of alcohol as I haven't a player to sponsor(Nathan)this season
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