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  1. Seem to have an allergy to staying on top of the league,well done Margate,that's how we should of played second half,it ain't over till its over,up the Urchins
  2. Expect the real Hornchurch to turn up,home win 3 nil,crowd 650,up the Urchins
  3. Could be a tricky one bearing in mind they managed to nick a point at ours,mind you we were off the pace that night,hand on heart 2 all draw,momentum says 3 one win,crowd 350,up the Urchins
  4. Tell you what this could be a bit tricky if we take our eye off our present situation think we have enough guile though to see us through, 2 one Urchins,crowd 200,up the Urchins
  5. Results business 3 points up the Urchins
  6. Just looking for 3 points against the bottom team don't forget we dropped points there and they beat B.S so taking nothing for granted but going 4 nil,crowd 500 ish,up the Urchins
  7. Yes I predicted the score but not the crowd, well done to the 240 hardy souls on a bitterly cold night.The football was on the whole pretty decent.I see Stortford got out of jail in the 95th minute but that's football.We're perched in a lovely position now lots let not blow it,up the Urchins
  8. 2nd of the 3 home game trilogy quietly confident 3 nil win,crowd 275,up the Urchins
  9. Passport found

  10. Bit of consistency now but this won't be a walk in the park Lewes always give you a good game, going for a hard fought 2 one Win crowd 650,up the Urchins
  11. We're showing a bit of form lately after our January blip this will be a good test as we put pressure on the top 2 sides never know what Cray are going to turn up,sensible head says 1 all draw but I know we can blow any team away on the day,crowd 350
  12. Don't think this will be a stroll in the park like the last 2 home fixtures and player availability will be a big factor,injury list a joke atm especially when you have to play your keeper up front for the last 10 minutes all being well a hard fought 2 0ne win,crowd knocking 400,up the Urchins
  13. Was only going to be one winner here, scoreline flattered the visitors,goalfeast for the fans and a big well done to the hattrick hero Higgo,up the Urchins
  14. Never underestimate the undog as we found out on Tuesday night but still think we will be too strong for them so 3 nil,crowd 700,up the Urchins
  15. After Saturdays second half showing I'm praying for a st .Valentines massacre down there albeit another one of those grounds we feed off scraps,take 2 nil all day long,crowd 250 at a push,up the Urchins
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