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  1. 4 wins out the last 6 it's play off form results business not a thriller apart from the last 15 minutes,team dug in but what a shift by Liam unlucky not increase our lead at the end my prediction wasn't bad either up the Urchins
  2. Another huge game for us if we are at full strength an Urchin win 2 one, crowd 295
  3. Hopefully a good send off for Steve about time we picked up something against one of the big sides so a random 2 nil Hx victory crowd 555
  4. I read that Jilli is off to Sheffield utd sometime soon
  5. There fans were right there gonna win the league,they were good from back to front having said that we were in it until Remi got himself in a right pickle to give away the pen,the other 2 goals high balls to the back post where alas our normal defensive pairing not available and it showed.We just having an unbelievable run where we can't get our best 11 out,when we do we're different gravy.Take nothing away from Worthing good side,good support .Back to our boys well we will just have to roll up our sleeves and fight another day Up the Urchins
  6. Well this is the big one for us Worthing just seem unstoppable and when you think you have them in your pocket they nick it at the death having said that the Urchins seem to have risen like a Phoenix from the ashes of late so expect a Tuesday night spectacular if we win then I'll be in dreamland but realistically we'll give them a game 2 all draw best Tuesday night crowd for a while make up for last week ,great atmosphere good away support so 350 +
  7. What a night 3 spectacular goals if you asked me last Tuesday when Ricky got sent off that we would get 7 points out of the next 9 I would have laughed at you but what a turn around.Spence great leader tonight and that 50 yarder oh my days the visiting keeper a night to forget what a great 7 days I've witnessed.Good atmosphere tonight with the Borough fans singing from start to finish,pulse is still racing bring on Worthing up the Urchins
  8. Everyone bouyed by you fact we're back to winning ways looks like we may have to reshuffle the pack at the back expect a hard game and probably a one all draw crowd 260
  9. As the post will take that all day long ,up the Urchins
  10. Feeling a bit more optimistic let's end this barren spell its getting boring now 😴, Urchins by the odd goal crowd 400
  11. Top top display,shame about the sending off,hanging on towards the end.Well done to the travelling support made it feel like a home game,741 really was like a library,poxy drive home remind me not to drive to Folkestone on a Tuesday night ever again
  12. This goes against the grain for me but when your on a poor run of form this is the last fixture you need can't see anything than a home win of sorts last time I was there it was 5 nil,hope the lads just dig in and be proud to wear the shirt hopefully the hosts will be over confident like Liverpool at the weekend and we might be able to salvage something,crowd 600
  13. Great memories hope we don't have the indignity of going out at the first hurdle,the hosts will want revenge after last seasons exit to us,with our recent run of form it is a bit of worry but when you least expect it the Urchins deliver,heart says a cheeky 2 one win although head thinks differently,crowd 250 at a push
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