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  1. First big test of the season we have enough up front to hurt them think they may be shrewd enough and get a draw out of this but you know me its what my heart thinks in my old age,bumper gate 700 +,up the Urchins
  2. Going into this match top of the league and with momentum can't see anything than an Urchin win and that's not disrespecting the visitors so going 3 nil,crowd we must be looking at 700 + surely,up the Urchins,I'm missing all the fun with commitments and a holiday,hopefully back for the trophy if not Ricay
  3. Think we all agree would have been a great away day on a Saturday but we'll just have to get on with it,hosts still adjusting to this level think they will want prove a point going by form a 2 one Urchin win,crowd 250
  4. Looking good at the moment going with form Urchin 3 nil win crowd 350
  5. Well seen a few over the years and been on the receiving end,strange start to the evening lots of drizzle absence of fans Well no Casuals and where where their officials gremlins with the national anthem and no lights in the Riverside stand,now for the positive stuff one way traffic all night could have been more,proper Urchin football albeit the Casuals were dreadful up to 3rd in the league up the Urchins
  6. Nice to get going again 2 nil Urchin win crowd 400
  7. Strange to see the hosts at the bottom of the table at this level and we're yet to record a point away from home but from a betting point of view Urchins to win 2 nil,crowd 400
  8. Made to work for that win,scrappy from our point of view but with injuries and suspensions it was a bit of a patchwork team hurried together bright points we won and a great debut from Jack Munn up the Urchins
  9. Well going into the unknown here potential banana skin but if we have that fighting spirit and no more injuries then an Urchin 3 nil win otherwise a long afternoon and what will seem like at eternity to get home down the A12,crowd wild guess 400,up the Urchins
  10. Potters bar top of the league,Billericay bottom,Urchins sniffing around going to be an interesting season
  11. Controlled the majority of the game then looked like we were going to throw it away switched off to let them back in the game and then the penalty soon after Joe went way too early and they still managed to miss an open goal,we finished stronger and could have extended the lead,Stortford don't look as strong as last season good 3 points though and tidy crowd up the Urchins,Ipswich here we come
  12. Well dust yourselves down lads from Saturday home advantage and a big crowd sensible head says draw of sorts optimistic head says 2 one home win,crowd 600
  13. First of the local derby's fancy this one,Urchins two one win crowd 700
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