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  1. Let's keep the Bridge a fortress Urchins by 2 nil,crowd 350
  2. Repeat of the reverse fixture the hosts took the lead with a pen and then we equalised,had enough chances before they scored to give us some daylight but wasn't to be,apart from that a forgettable game
  3. Hoping the Coronavirus doesn't affect this game the hosts coming off the back of a win against E.Thurrock during the week never know what you are going to get from these and seem to do the business against us like to think we are on a roll just going to pull any old score out of the hat for this one,Urchins 2 one win,crowd 250
  4. This could be a victim of the on going weather and if the hallowed turf can hold up shame really as this has the potential to be a cracker,hard one to be predict under the current conditions if it gets the nod a scoring draw, crowd 300
  5. Good to get the monkey off our back on Saturday but again this is a ground which seems to yield very little although a draw is highly likely my gut says we could just squeeze through by the odd goal,crowd 275
  6. Well be nice to get back to winning ways nothing in the last 4 games and 9 points dropped and still 3rd hopefully the dodgy run out of the way .Please let this be the one and Jamie don't go all coy against your ex club,Urchins by 2 clear goals,crowd 250
  7. Like to think this could be the game to get back to winning ways but I also thought that against Lewes.The hosts by their standards have had an underwhelming season,tradionally we don't get much from this fixture I think Ade Youssef may have got a last minute winner a few seasons back.Im pretty confident the Urchins to win by an odd goal in normal weather conditions,crowd 300
  8. For us to stay in the top 5 the big games are all home fixtures Worthing Carshalton and Cray
  9. First of all well done to both sides to make a contest of it in awful conditions didn't matter if the opposition were at the top or the bottom of the league today form book out of the window today when you think you have the winner in injury time and then taken away with the last kick but to be fair the right result under the conditions
  10. On paper this is a 3 or 4 nil home win but I think the weather could be a good leveller on the day,be good to get back to winning ways and keeping eleven men on the pitch as it's costing us games,crowd a weather affected 275,oh yeah chins by the odd goal
  11. Probably a good fixture for us after our last 2 away fixtures, hosts are all over the place at present hopefully we can exploit that,Urchins to win 2 nil,crowd 275
  12. The new month has been kind to us so far can't see anything changing Saturday at least an Urchin two one win,crowd 225
  13. No spring chicken but he will get us goals
  14. Well a new month and we're still in the leading pack typical of me to miss a masterclass on Saturday but that's life,visitors are out of sorts and will be looking to shut up shop, patience is the key as soon as they concede more to follow,Urchins by 3 clear goals crowd 250
  15. Another hard one to call we seem to have it a flat patch and the visitors with a nice 3 nil away win last weekend will be up for this a draw on the cards crowd 350.But prove me wrong boys up the Urchins
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