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  1. Add me to the list please Dave Abbs Thanks Dave - added to list. Tony
  2. Now the heads clear had a peek at Herefords take on it and its along the lines of the 2 managers having a spat at full time and fans running on the pitch,up the Chins
  3. To be fair they were slagging off their own side ,not all is well in Kent.A few praises for us, Sam has come in for a bit of stick but he did the business.Up the Urchins
  4. If you said it was a one off I would have believed you but 4 times well we're on another planet well done Jago and Luke the new Morecombe and Wise.Edge of the seat stuff shame no crowd but it is what it is hopefully another home draw well done to all concerned with the club,up the Urchins
  5. In the real world what an attendance that would have been
  6. Just the tonic our fans needed especially with what's going on in the current climste
  7. Looks like the last game for a while shame really as we seem to have hit the ground running more that can be said of our hosts who's form is erratic at best,a ground with slim pickings for us usually at worst I think a draw but I genuinely think we will get maximum points so 2 nil win,crowd a last hurrah 400,up the Urchins
  8. For the first 65 minutes we all thought that was not the Hornchurch side we know Stimmo had to change something so 2 like for like changes up front to a few murmurings amongst the ranks but it was the turning point 2 quick fire goals and a great goal from Ruff to wrap it up and onto the hat for the next round hopefully,so for the last 25 minutes the real Urchins turned up
  9. Trying to find the link for tickets can't see it or is it cash or the have they not released them yet ?
  10. Oh thats 16 without me that's about right,if there's a drop out let me know
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