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  1. Will be missed thoughts are with Tina,Ken and family
  2. Jay Porter now at Margate lots of coming and goings there as well only 3 of the original squad from last season
  3. Ive seen some dire performances and greatness at the Bridge over the years but am staying optimistic for the new season nothing wrong with difference of opinion on this forum otherwise it would be boring as in an earlier thread we would sulk off and support Man 5hity
  4. Once the pre season friendlies get under way and new players signed and bedded in everybody will get behind the side that's for sure regardless of where they come from nobody likes change and that's a fact of life I will embrace any player or fan who is prepared to don the Urchin colours
  5. Just remember when we won the Essex senior league the whole side was disbanded the following season and guess what replaced by Thurrock players and didn't we do well we embraced that ok didnt we ?
  6. A level head needed here,players come and go unfortunately at this level,players leave for whatever reason,no player is bigger than the club yes we lost some quality players but Stimmo is no fool and well respected in the game and I am sure good quality replacements will be lined up as always looking forward to the new season,(Hope I don't have to eat my words),up the Urchins
  7. All the best to Alex but that is the second time he's done it !!!!
  8. Four out,none in,I know it's early days
  9. Well I'll be at a loss when I'm on the tannoy George the hit man Purcell,Purcell
  10. Be nice to avenge the 5 one mauling earlier in the season but as it's the last game I'm prepared to let that one go,hope the fancy dress goes well score well could be absolutely anything crowd circa 550.Looking forward to next season up the Urchins
  11. Bit harder to predict than I thought as we are safe and Harlow are not not sure what has gone on there they looked like the real deal when they beat us in the play offs a few seasons back but the wheels have clearly come off,under normal circumstances a 3 one Urchin win,crowd 395
  12. Well only 3 games to go taking nothing for granted the hosts pretty much home and dry but we still need to pick up at least 3 points before the end of the season for another season in the prem can see us picking up at least a point here if not all 3 but realistically one all draw crowd 245
  13. As an Urchin fan completely non plussed at that performance visitors deserved the points 2 guilt edged chances for both George's but on the whole an underwhelming performance.Pivotal game now against Harlow and that isn't a given.Live to fight another day
  14. My advise to those who don't like drums stay away one of there guys has a double drum.On serious note no win in 4 now so this game would be a good day to turn things around.The visitors fighting for there lives to stay up so lots at stake,seen enough of us to think we will win 2 nil,crowd 225
  15. As cup finals go this was far from dull action all the way through,Enfield far more clinical in front of goal and on the whole deserved the win,back to league matters.on Saturday, up the Urchins
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