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  1. Probably the most underwhelming performance of the season at the Bridge this season but the sign of a good side is that of one who don't play well and still get 3 points.Bowers deserved there lead on the stroke of half time and could of got worse just after the break with a free kick on the edge of the box but a good save by Joe who was my man of the match ,but the rescue act was complete after Dicksons pen and then with Johnson's late late winner ,up the Urchins
  2. Looks like we are playing Hx reserves on a serious note good luck to the ex players but only after this game.With 2 inform teams expect a cagey affair and a decent crowd always a tight fixture if ended up a draw so be it but I'm an Urchin so a home win of sorts crowd nudging 500 no excuses
  3. Never going to be much between the 2 teams and the odd goal settled it in a match where both sides cancelled each other out not bitter at all but it is what it is, nice ground and set up special mention to the Urchin support even after the whistle,phenominal
  4. Second big encounter in 4 days hoping Tuesday clash hasn't taken too much out of us liking what I see on the pitch looks like a score draw but play tour strengths and we could nick it expecting a bumper crowd of 500 +,my first away day this season hope i don't put the mockers on it.
  5. Good scrap from the top 2 teams in at times awful conditions but it's a result business and we are top of the league
  6. Clash of the titans so early on in the season traditional thumping of the visitors but they look a different prospect this season and won't be a soft touch like Stortford if we win I will be highly delighted but I think the outcome will be a one all draw possibly a 300 + crowd for a Tuesday night expecting a good following
  7. A defining week coming up is an understatement
  8. Great all round performance against one of our bogey teams that monkey well and truly off our back
  9. One of our bogey teams surely this must be the time to turn them over on league form an Urchin two one win,crowd 250 any other score that's not a win I warned you so,up the Urchins
  10. With Urchins in a fine vein of form expect an away win but it's the cup and anything could happen and gut feeling says 1 all draw crowd 300
  11. No reason why our good form shouldn't continue against an indifferent Robins side,Urchins to win 2 nil crowd 200
  12. Well looked like someone was doing Robs old job from where I was standing so reckon there will be something
  13. Well we were going into the unknown here and for the first 20 minutes probably suggested that first goal settled our nerves and the second on the stroke of half time knocked the stuffing out of them one way traffic second half and 4.5k in the bank
  14. Looking for a good run in this for the finances and.hoping for a good away day should we progress on current form Urchins to win 3 nil,crowd 300,but it's the cup and anything can happen up the Urchins
  15. Well there goes another month and on the whole an enjoyable one,slight blip on Monday and hopefully make amends with this fixture having said that what an excellent win for Wingate on Monday.So they will not be taken lightly and probably on a high so this game could swing either way,head says 2 one Urchins,crowd 250
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