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  1. Urchins looking to get back to winning ways against a side whos away form is better than there home but alas I think this will end up a one all draw crowd 175
  2. We are looking like a tight unit at the moment and no reason why the good form can't continue Urchins to win 2 nil crowd 250
  3. I know the fans don't get excited about this competition but if we get to the final I bet they all turn up going 2 nil Urchins crowd 120
  4. Hard draw for us although I shouldn't think the hosts will be thrilled either as a betting man it's a home banker but as we have proved we can do the big boys away from home on the day crowd 545
  5. urchinman1961


    Now and again you get one of those explosive performances well tonight that was it against one of the better teams in this division compelling 90 minutes even the visitors goal was a blatant handball but will take that one on the chin may the Urchin revolution continue
  6. Hoping we can kick on from Saturday's good showing against our Kentish visitors who had a bit of a blip at home on Saturday but have a 100% record on there travels expecting a tight game,Urchins to edge this one crowd 213
  7. Good performance and well worth the journey great away day
  8. urchinman1961

    Bostik Premier Away Days...........

    Well that was a good day out
  9. The hosts struggling at the wrong end of the table having said that we have only won one more game than them still well supported expect a crowd of 350 surely an Urchin win in the league by the odd goal but could be tighter see you there
  10. urchinman1961

    Bostik Premier Away Days...........

    Day pass sorted
  11. Seems as though we only win in cup competitions so Urchins 3 nil crowd 265
  12. Two sides fairly even on form at this time of the season hate to say it but another draw crowd 475
  13. urchinman1961

    FA Cup 2Q

    Great draw (I think)
  14. urchinman1961

    Disgraceful Harrow

    Not a statement I would use lightly but the throw in situation at the end of the game which we sportingly gave up in the end to Harrow advantage not sportsman like at all back to the game a fair result good workman like performance great goal by Brad and 6k better off and on that note good night
  15. Might as well stick to the current trend and say a draw hopefully if I do that then we will win crowd 230