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  1. Never seem to get much at this place a draw wouldn't surprise me having said that we need to turn our draws into wins.Head says Urchins 2 nil,crowd 185
  2. Always hard to know how much the bigger teams want this competition which is why i think we will give them a run for there money wouldn't surprise me if this went to pens crowd 200 not sure if the frost will play it's part
  3. Lady ref was great today shame we didn't have her Tuesday night as for the game thought our energy levels had dropped from the midweek game but no surprise there.Enough clear cut chances in the first half but hey ho.Second half Bognor dominated possession without creating anything,Dickson almost nicked it at the end but happily take a point after all the recent excitement. Up the Urchins
  4. Think the team may be picking itself after Tuesday night depending on who's available and will decide the outcome of this game.wouldnt surprise me if this game ends up another one all draw would have gone for a tidy win but me thinks we will have the walking wounded only as a first eleven,crowd 275,up the Urchins
  5. Well what a football feast this game had the lot bearing in mind we had to make 3 changes from Saturday then to lose Joe then George even more remarkable could be on here all night bring on the Hamlet .Up the Urchins
  6. Well I think we got Oxfords attention on Saturday still think it's a close call this will be by the odd goal hopefully to the Urchins crowd 250,plus extra incentive of a home tie in the next round
  7. Worth the entry fee alone for that performance with the exception of the last 5 minutes we were hanging on a bit.Think we will turn them over on grass only downside was Mickey limping off towards the end
  8. Our biggest test so far be good to see us pit our wits against the big boys shame they won six two at Chelmo,makes you think we are playing them at.the wrong time but we now have a half decent side to give them a go,under no illusions as betting man a 3 one home win but in my bones a 1 all draw at the very least crowd 350
  9. Hard away day do well to get a point from this,hosts expected to pinch this one, fingers crossed play to our potential and a one all draw if not the hosts by a couple of goals,crowd 250
  10. Apart from the last 25 minutes that was a display unHornchurch like never seen so many misplaced passes and flicks n tricks and the irony is we could have won it at the death how we didn't only the forwards know well done to the Casuals dug in and got a result a massive improvement needed for Monday night.
  11. Back to the bread and butter and a better test against Corinthians who are at the wrong end of the table happy with any win of sorts but going 3 nil Urchins crowd 235
  12. Not quite the glamour tie just yet ,the hosts down the wrong end of their division but will be more than up for this game still think we will be to strong for them,3 nil Urchin win crowd 160
  13. Best performance at the Bridge this season against decent opposition who don't forget ran Barnet close in the FA cup.Even going a goal down chance after chance amazed it was one all at half time,second half we just opened them up what a team performance the futures bright the futures red n white
  14. We really are playing them this Saturday hoping we can avenge the cup defeat close shout again like they always seem to be at the Bridge a draw is on the cards but me being me a cheeky 2 one Urchin win crowd 250,low crowd imo horrible day and District line up the swanny, COYU
  15. Another football Mecca would expect to progress from there
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