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  1. Be good to turn our home form into our away form always seem to get beat of late and cant score a goal for love nor money but guess what im feeling it Urchins to snatch a 2 one win crowd 297
  2. urchinman1961

    Hx 2 Enfield 0

    Now I've sobered up fantastic performance and there was me thinking I would be glad of a draw beforehand .Good atmosphere as well today and fair play to the 2 Enfield players who went down the Windmill afterwards took the banter really well (I think)
  3. Yet another hard fixture be glad to come out of this with at least a point both sides involved in epic semi finals midweek so a pre run of our cup final meeting expecting a decent crowd near the 300 mark result 1 each
  4. urchinman1961

    Remi Sutton

    Didn't realise there were any issues with Jay I along with everybody acknowledged his commitment to the cause and sorry to see him go but it is about the club and the style of football is going in the right direction
  5. Another semi in 8 days and the visitors are in fine form currently 3rd in their division so should make this an interesting game if we play to our strengths a 3 one Urchin win if not could be an uncomfortable evening,crowd 150
  6. If we could turn our home form into our away days we could all rest easy but now there's Bognor who won at Merstam midweek as you know only to well we were well beaten there. Then just hope we turn up like we did the first half v Chelmsford .It's a tall order should be a home win of sorts but you never know with the Urchins crowd 400
  7. Looking forward to this never seen us lose here in fact on 2 occasions we have scored 4 goals you got to fancy the hosts looking forward to a good performance to see how far we have come this season ,crowd 400.Come on you Urchins
  8. urchinman1961

    Proud to be an Urchin

    First half display was worth the admission fee always a tall order no disgrace on that showing if I had to sacrifice this competition for 3 points in the league so be it anyway another semi to look forward to up the Urchins
  9. A new month and hopefully better fortunes weather may play a part in this game if it gets the go ahead Urchins far better at home in this all important tie head says 2 one home win,crowd 175
  10. Games not getting any easier high flying inform Merstham,going to have to roll our sleeves up for this one considering they beat Carshalton at the weekend who beat us in midweek the table doesn't lie getting a bit to close for comfort at the bottom.Upsets do happen in this division so can only hope be delighted with any result that does not include getting beat,crowd 200
  11. urchinman1961

    All downhill for Burgess

    A week in football is a short time thrashed a week ago,quarter final winners during the week and beating our nearest rivals today and a clean sheet.This was not an easy game and credit where it's due the visitors gave us a right old game mom Jordan Clarke best game to date in an Urchin shirt next 2 games both away are now massive as it's still tight down the bottom but now dragged Margate into the mix.All in all good day at the office
  12. Another game to close to call hoping Saturday's win is the springboard up the league Urchins to edge by the odd goal but wouldn't be to dissapointed if we only got a draw another hard place to get anything crowd 175
  13. Hard to believe we have not won a Prem match at the Bridge since 2nd Oct.Time to put things right visitors probably fancy this one,3 points and a bit of daylight ,don't think we will be as comfortable when we beat them at their place earlier in the season but reckon 2 one Urchin win crowd 175
  14. urchinman1961

    Oyster men sunk

    Well this was just a nice run out tonight could have been 10 before it was even 4 nil nice semi final against Bracknell Town at home now
  15. Hoping for more cup success with Saturday's dismal display out of the way we can concentrate on progressing through to the semis Urchin 2 one win crowd 80
  16. urchinman1961


    As a long time Urchin fan I have not seen an inept performance since the 7 one mauling at Tonbridge total credit to the fans that made the journey we made the day of it players where is your conscience feel free to treat us in the bar rant over but we expect better up the Urchins
  17. urchinman1961


    I've actually been quite diplomatic about today's performance if any player feels like he needs to chip in with a response feel free
  18. Another big ask for us especially after the mauling we gave them at the Bridge and that's when our form dropped after that.The hosts will be big favourites for this if we came away with a point I would be pleased 3 points and I would be ecstatic looking forward to it all the same crowd 250
  19. urchinman1961

    Bostik Premier Away Days...........

    Does that price include alcohol
  20. Did make it hard for ourselves should have been out of sight by half time but that's football Brentwood grew into the game and could see an equalizer coming but obviously weve been practicing penalties well done to those who kept there nerve
  21. Quarter finals already may bring a few more fans through the turnstiles not sure how many of the new squad are cup tied so could be a bit closer than we would like going Urchins 2 one crowd 120
  22. urchinman1961

    Awesome performance

    Well since I last see the Urchins a month ago Mark has assembled an exciting team make no mistake we were up against a.side who probably thought they just had to turn up today and tbh wouldn't look out of place at a higher division we dug in till the end and got our just reward a combination of a great Saunders cross and a a keeper flapping at the ball but a goals a goals the signs are good up the Urchins
  23. First of all wishing you all a happy New year after a month's sabbatical I will be back in the fold this weekend a much needed win last Saturday and good for morale all round and before you know it we must play high flying Dorking .Hoping for the feel good factor and an Urchin win but tbh this could go one of 3 ways lets hope it's in our favour crowd 225
  24. 2 sides scrapping for points at the wrong end of the table not one of our favourite grounds where we get anything from at best a score draw crowd 345
  25. This has to be the one,against our bogey side you heard it first 2 nil Urchins crowd 203