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  1. Come on Mark work your magic a league win please it really is another close shout though Urchins to edge it with a nervy 1 nil crowd 165
  2. Surely this is our time for a home win in the league having said that the visitors are no fools if it comes off a 2 one Urchin win crowd 200
  3. urchinman1961

    Player update please

    Check our actual forum all sorts going on we mean business
  4. Seem to be fairing better in the cups than the league at the moment don't think that will change tonight another chance for Mark to.shuffle the pack .Urchins to win 2 nil crowd 80
  5. urchinman1961

    Drizzle draw

    Horrible watch today no excuse for the performance the hosts bottom of the table and their for the taking but bearing in mind our recent away days have ended in dismal failure so pleased with a point and up until 75 minutes didn't look like we were going to get anything cue Jay Porter .Good away support enjoyable all in all.Mark no one said this was going to be easy,welcome to the mad house
  6. New month New manager and hopefully a change in fortunes as this is now a six pointer.Going two nil Urchins crowd 150
  7. urchinman1961

    Mark stimson

    Great appointment just what the doctor ord
  8. Those stats summed up the evening really all one way traffic took our foot of the gas at 3 nil but who can blame them with a big game coming up on Saturday,star man was George attendance 63 yeah well horrible evening but a home tie against Whitstable in the next round which happens to be the quarter finals
  9. Traditionally a good fixture for us but there are no easy games in this division another draw on the cards but if we play like we did last Saturday then an Urchin win crowd 170
  10. No disrespect to the opposition but don't know anything about them which is a bit of a worry so a shot in the dark 2 0ne Urchins crowd 60
  11. urchinman1961

    Worthwhile draw

    No complaints about todays performance against a very good footballing side but all the best chances fell.to.the Urchins as early as the first minute probably will rue the chances missed which would.have put the game to bed side picked itself so credit.to those who donned the red shirts stand out performance even though he played out of position was Alex,mention to the Worthing away support excellent best at the Bridge so far added to the atmosphere good result predicted before the game.shoots of recovery are there to be seen
  12. The hard games are coming thick and fast now and a good chance to pit our wits against high flying Worthing . Anybody who goes to Enfield and win 4 one have to be taken seriously. Having said that on our day we are a match for anybody surely our league fortunes will turn around soon expect the visitors to swell the attendance to 300ish score one each
  13. Cup competitions seem to favour us more than the league at present a sneaky 1 nil Urchin win crowd 230
  14. Nice distraction from the league no disrespect to the visitors but we should be far to strong for Benfleet going 3 nil crowd 120
  15. urchinman1961

    Predictions Hx v Benfleet ESC 3RD Tue 6th Nov

    The crowd i do believe was 57 i was to embarrassed to shout that out over the tannoy with the thanks for your continues support but well done to those that bothered to turn up
  16. urchinman1961

    Predictions Hx v Benfleet ESC 3RD Tue 6th Nov

    Result was never in doubt good to see the fringe players get a run out not quite sure about the first half hour of the second half looked a bit disjointed which briefly let Benfleet back into the game but stepped up a gear in the closing stages to give the score a bit of respectability only down side was Kenzer going off hope not to serious as we are seriously short of cover at the back
  17. Our meagre run in the league continues not expecting much change out of this fixture either take a draw but you never know with the Urchins could be a goal either way crowd circa 300 +
  18. urchinman1961

    Predictions Bishop Stortford v Hx Bostik Prem Sat 3rd Nov

    Shame really I thought they were a bang average side and we didn't take advantage little breather from the league and a couple of cup games to concentrate on
  19. Much needed 3 points home advantage 2 one home win crowd 186
  20. When your on a rotten run and your next game is Margate that's football stranger things have happened form says home win of sorts crowd 350
  21. Unfortunately can't make it as I'm across the pond but got a good feeling about this one back to winning ways may be a cagey 2 one win but a wins a win crowd 250
  22. urchinman1961

    Jim Cooper

    Probably why he's the bucket man to put the flames out
  23. After 2 straight defeats we have the prospect of playing the top team in the division.Get the tactics right and we won't get a mauling like the other night trying to be positive if.we get a draw out of this I would class it as a good result but I would imagine the Angels must be licking there lips in turning us over.What I have noticed in this division is the form book going out of the window lets hope this is the case for this match crowd 300
  24. Can't fault our performance we matched the league leaders for most of the game a few things didn't go our way just need a little bit of if George's shot had gone in rather than smashing the bar we might be have a different conversation today hopefully our fortunes will change at Margate up the Urchins
  25. urchinman1961

    Urchin horror show

    Following the Urchins for 14 seasons I can just about count on one hand the times we have been given a football lesson on our own patch and this was one of them the game was over as a contest by half time 2 changes at.half.time and we looked a different team an early goal and plenty of chances to get a second but we seem.to run out of steam and Lewes stepped up a gear and that was that deserved winners so that 4 defeats on the bounce admit in various competitions and the league leaders this Saturday hard to believe we were all singing their praises after bashing Folkstone I'm not disheartened as I'm an Urchin the end of the day and I'm sure the good times are.not to far away see you all at the weekend