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  1. Then theirs the injury list ours would put his to shame which makes the result even more remarkable.Remember a.similar crap interview when we won 4 nil down at Lewes but then again we're a pub team from Essex apparently
  2. One of our bogey teams in recent seasons but I think the worm has turned.If the grass is long enough we will win 2 nil,crowd 200.Might be worth giving yourselves an extra hour travelling tomorrow as the A12 will be chocker with the Clacton air show and good weather.Up the Urchins
  3. Fair play to everyone who put a shift in in that heat some samba football at times from the Urchins and the signs are encouraging for the rest of the season and another clean sheet against a side who put 3 past Margate.Roll on Monday
  4. Don't expect another 6 goal mauling.need to keep our feet firmly on the floor,the visitors had a decent draw against Margate last Saturday so are no fools.We do seem to be playing good football at the moment and with that in our favour expect an Urchin 3 one win ,crowd 285
  5. Well no easy games in this division and Worthing is as hard as they come.Good test for us if we come away with something it shows what good mental strength we have be good to get out of the habit of going a goal down though,with a heavy heart we may get beat but hopefully come away with at least a draw, from my own point of view i like what I'm seeing at the moment,crowd 800 +
  6. After an evenly contested first half Margate started to take control in the second half only a finger tip save from Joe kept us in the game we seemed to be lacking in the final third and a second well executed free kick from Daniel gave the visitors a deserved lead.Urchins looked dissorintated for about the next 15 minutes but a long throw in some how found man of the match Spence who headed in for the equaliser and then we were unlucky not to nick a winner at the death excellent advert for this level of football and good to see the Urchins not.cave in when behind .Special mention for the Margate fans who came over in their numbers on a Tuesday night.Both teams could be in the mix come the end of the season.
  7. Shame this isn't a Saturday game would have been a much bigger gate but there you go,games got one all draw written all over it but going to put my neck on the line and go for an Urchin two one win overturning the the theatrics of the Gate left back last season which saw Marks sent off just fancied that little dig,crowd 200
  8. As always looking forward to the start of the new season the hosts were going great guns last time around but fell at the final hurdle probably the best time to play them as they will get better, tough opener ,if we can get away with a one all draw I would be highly delighted don't seem to draw the crowds in down there for some reason so 250
  9. Very entertaining game it's all about match fitness at the moment
  10. Bit of an anti climax after the O's game in midweek nothing to pick up on apart from a very average performance and hoping Arthur and Ricky are ok after picking up early injuries
  11. Good to see a team like Orient down at the Bridge was a good advert for us and the local o's which raises the profile of the club,a bumper crowd and good football from both sides.The result was irrelevant but good to see us play with confidence against a good side.Dont forget players still out with injuries but on the plus side Nathan got some second half minutes under his belt.
  12. I know you can't read to much into a pre season friendly but was good to see the give and go football several new players caught the eye in both halves I dare say there will be more coming and going of players before the season starts nice to see some ex Urchins in attendance
  13. Let me know when you want some money,at the Grays game maybe
  14. Will be missed thoughts are with Tina,Ken and family
  15. Jay Porter now at Margate lots of coming and goings there as well only 3 of the original squad from last season
  16. Ive seen some dire performances and greatness at the Bridge over the years but am staying optimistic for the new season nothing wrong with difference of opinion on this forum otherwise it would be boring as in an earlier thread we would sulk off and support Man 5hity
  17. Once the pre season friendlies get under way and new players signed and bedded in everybody will get behind the side that's for sure regardless of where they come from nobody likes change and that's a fact of life I will embrace any player or fan who is prepared to don the Urchin colours
  18. Just remember when we won the Essex senior league the whole side was disbanded the following season and guess what replaced by Thurrock players and didn't we do well we embraced that ok didnt we ?
  19. A level head needed here,players come and go unfortunately at this level,players leave for whatever reason,no player is bigger than the club yes we lost some quality players but Stimmo is no fool and well respected in the game and I am sure good quality replacements will be lined up as always looking forward to the new season,(Hope I don't have to eat my words),up the Urchins
  20. All the best to Alex but that is the second time he's done it !!!!
  21. Four out,none in,I know it's early days
  22. Well I'll be at a loss when I'm on the tannoy George the hit man Purcell,Purcell
  23. Be nice to avenge the 5 one mauling earlier in the season but as it's the last game I'm prepared to let that one go,hope the fancy dress goes well score well could be absolutely anything crowd circa 550.Looking forward to next season up the Urchins
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