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  1. Managers msg on website makes for interesting reading................. he's staying until the board decide his time is up
  2. I'm not sure we have the people to make "difficult decisions" otherwise they would have been made weeks ago when most supporters could see the management and team are not good enough for this level, shame the decison makers can't see it lets hope we dont have to wait another 21 games to prove the dwindling crowds were correct all along
  3. But the board have confidence in the manager, so unless either or both change we can look forward to being back in Ryman North next season. There seems to be no desire in this team, no tactical awareness from the side lines, shameful performances now seem to be acceptable poor town; some one sort it
  4. I'd rather we didn't keep throwing away winning positions! A few 1- 0's would get us to your aspirational position in the league
  5. I keep hearing how restricted the playing budget is, so why make pointless subs in the last 10 mins, which costs the club money A few years ago the board told the manager he had to justify making changes in the last 10 minutes as it appeared to be done just to give the players appearance money. So will the board do the same? We keep letting goals in; nothing changes. WHY? I got slated after the Wingate game on here; but had more people agree with me in person, maybe but they didn;t want to upset anyone I am past caring whether people get up set or not. I am entitled to my opinion and despite the governments best attempts we still have freedom of speech COME ON TOWNERS
  6. PLANNING - we have no idea about the opposition we are playing Stupid - really we have a head coach with ESL expereince not IPL experience Muppet - yes, but I'm right - we are not "comfortable mid table" we are srtuggling to beat any well organised side
  7. how long will we put up with this? The planning is awful The tatics are shocking Some players are not up to this level The players try their best but OMG there is NO help from the sidelines WHY o WHY the f*** do we bring Brain on at the end of the game, is he worth the extra appearance money? For surtely that is the only reason he crosses the white line? Or does his dad insist he plays? Why can't the board make some real decisions. If we want to stay in this league for next season then make the changes or we go back Some yesterday decride the ref as Essex Senior level seems like the coaching staff haven't moved on from that level
  8. I thought we were fantastic, unlucky to lose the ball, the game. I'm sure the weather was against us How dare I be critical, if I was then I get abuse from all quarters Not sure who else has been told to keep theri opinons to themselves so WELL DONE TOWN; I wouldn't want to upset the little people
  9. I believe that people/supporters like yourself from the old club are the very people that the club are looking to attract to the Donkey Dome Glad to hear that 3 generations are enjoying football IN Enfield
  10. Glass half empty? Half Full? There is a glass?No one told me there was a glass!!!!
  11. everyone else has sixpence and we have thrupenny bits! Even tho we got promoted last season there were not many good or comfortable performances Now that squad is playing at a higher level,it is going to be tougher and not be pretty if we want to stay in this league then we need a better team than one that was promoted; that is logical results will bring people in; performances like that will drive them away
  12. Let's not get distracted with the late arrival or the LONG delay for the injury TOWN were POOR yet again at home This is not good enough, I really don't want to hear the excuses. I brought people with meto watch their local team and who can blame them for MOANING about how crap that was today Sort it or lose more supporters
  13. I think we can ignore this week end attdnce. its holiday weekend the weather forecast is shite havin said that, I've already 4 signed up for the TAXI 2 GAME, from the pub last season we got to 7 seaters
  14. I get that, so what do you think our average crowd will be this season?
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