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  1. Happy Birthday MrMushroom!

  2. 13-October 10 - Happy Birthday MrMushroom :)

  3. But could they afford to buy the shares? It would mean stumping up a heck of a lot of cash. The MYFC Society can only give their assets to another charitable institution, so they would have to sell the shares. I could then be the case that, if the MYFC Society decides to dissolve itself, that cash is then transferred to the Fleet Trust making it extremely well off. Cash strapped club and rich supporters trust - interesting scenario!
  4. Hey, not all of us in the Main Road stand are old moaning bast
  5. Originally Posted By: Bitch It's probably been explained a million times before but, what does MYFC actually 'own' Are they able to just pull out of this experiment? If so, or even if not - what happens to funds they do have left if the experiment is deemed unworkable? Do they go to the Ebbsfleet Utd Trust? I'm not a member of MYFC, but having read their legal documents as published on their site it is clear that: MYFC has 2 main parts. The MYFC Operator is a limited company and owns and runs the website on behalf of the MYFC Society. The MYFC Society is an Industrial and Pr
  6. Originally Posted By: loosely How long was that supposed
  7. Unlikely, that would make him responsible for all the debts. MYFC IPS rules say their shares have to go to another non-profit organisation with similar aims. So if he wants to gain control it would be more likely he would set up another IPS which he controls and transfer the shares to that.
  8. Originally Posted By: Claudius One has to wonder just what kind of cutbacks that will make up for the imminent cash shortage. It will be interesting to see what actions the club plans. What kind of cutbacks? - the cutbacks that would have been put in place one year ago if MYFC had not turned up. MYFC are not the problem here. There was never sufficient local support to fund a full-time team. That is the problem. If MYFC had been run professionally it could have bridged the funding gap. It wasn't and so it won't. But that does not mean that EUFC or MYFC are dead in the water, j
  9. George is very committed and a hard worker. He came up through our PASE setup and has had quite a few first team games. He is pretty good but just not quite up to conference national standard yet. On a good day he gets there, though.
  10. Originally Posted By: Claudius One thing IS for sure in all beats of life.You need to blame anyone..you have to start at the top with the people in power. Anything else,anything less will always miss the target. Claudius, I am astounded and very, very worried. For once, I actually find myself agreeing with you.
  11. Originally Posted By: billy nick If the operator dosn't get 15,000 renewals (which looks likely) he can terminate his contract and just walk away. No refunds will be given and everyone will lose their money, anyone want to argue that plain fact away? That is not quite the full picture. Yes, the operator can walk away. But the MYFC IPS will still own the shares in the club, independently of the operator. At that point it is up to the MYFC members who have re-joined to decide the way forward for the Society and the club. They will still be the majority shareholder. That will be t
  12. On the FA website they say they have deliberately selected an all new team.
  13. Originally Posted By: britman I've been reading this thread for a long time now. At one point, I was interested in becoming a MyFC member. Thinking it would be pretty cool. But all I read on here was how the "so called" original Ebbsfleet fans, slagging off about the MyFC fans, and now this have gone onto censorship on the Official Forum. There is a lot of confusion for the average fan on here about Ebbsfleet, and I for one, will not part with $70 a year for this. As one of the "so called" original Ebbsfleet fans I would say that I have no objection to MYFC members posting on here
  14. Originally Posted By: chancer what job is safe during this credit crunch High court judges - whoever heard of one of them being made redundant.
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