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  1. 05-June 11 - Happy Birthday Timmy200 :)

  2. 05-June 10 - Happy Birthday Timmy200 :)

  3. ..Right, so it's reached 50,000 members, you've paid your money. What happens to your money if the deal doesn't go through?
  4. I'm sure if the club is left in a better state than it is now, then the MyFC members will be more than happy.
  5. ..What do the real fans think of the people who have joined MyFC after finding out which club it is the money will be going to? Are you more accepting of these people, as they've obviously though hard about it, and are doing it for the right reasons? Or do you feel the same either way? Nice to see things are starting to come together, people from MyFC and real fans getting along. It's quick to see the ones who are just in it for a laugh, and the ones that are serious isn't it?
  6. Fantastic post. Exactly the attitude i think the majority of MyFC will have. I agree that the majority of dickheads will have gone after the first year.. but for now, the real fans should just grit thier teeth and accept the money All work together in making this club great.. i can clearly see there is a passionate following of locals, die hards.. and with the new people who want to belong.. together, the club can be made great
  7. I am not a member of MyFC..just to get that straight. Just came on here trying to help you see the positive from what is the ever increasing negative. It is worth a go, i can't see them leaving you in a worse financial position. The real fans should get behind it too, put the money in, build the profile of the club!
  8. Also.. say 1% of MyFC members got really attached to the club.. just 1%.. 200 people, coming to games.. then say they bring a friend.. that's 400. Make that sometimes some of them will bring 2 mates, that is 500 people. Up to 500 increase in ticket sales. I don't know how much the tickets are.. is it £13?.. that is £6500 more, per game. This works in theory.. wether in practise it actually works or not is another matter.. however, if it does, not only are you getting the cash injection on a yearly basis, but also where MyFC says you will still be getting funds from other sources, e.g ti
  9. To see it this way.. Yes. There will be morons that have signed up to MyFC. They will make stupid choices, and they will find it funny. However.. Will this ridiculous minority over rule the majority of people, that know how much this club means to everyone, and want to see the club succeed? Yes. It does seem ridiculous, loads of non-Ebbsfleet fans putting money in just to run a club, you may be thinking "what are thier motives?" or "where is our club going to go from here?" However.. you need to ask yourselves, the morons that don't really care, will they renew in a years time wh
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