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  1. I like the away (white) kit as well. However, I got word from the Nike rep that there's no 3XL size available. I haven't gained or lost weight in five years, but I have to go up one size with Nike's jerseys. Thus, I may be SOL. I may ask (Digitalis) or someone else to see if a good word can be put in for us larger fans to have a jersey to wear. rvr
  2. Good luck on the new venture, Darter. Being closer to the working ground there should be an adventure. rvr
  3. Originally Posted By: Darter Uncs, I know David and I think he'll be a good choice - he's very astute. Don't have any idea about the Chairman, though. I agree, Darter... David's a top-notch selection, especially since this is an Internet venture... Hey U.U., what do you know about the new Chairman and what made him the worst administrator? rvr
  4. Originally Posted By: Uncle Urchin Originally Posted By: rvr If a club of EUFC's size has increased its players' salary budget 5 percent a year over a 3-to-5 year span, how has that translated into the final results on the pitch? rvr you won your biggest prize...the trophy... with the highest weekly budget you have ever had.....doesn't take anything away from that achievement as for sure the semi final and final opponents had considerably more but you get my drift I am sure..... Yes. The ends justify the means, in a way. Just trying to think about this at a different angle.
  5. Originally Posted By: Yorkfox rvr, I think the 07/08 season started with
  6. Originally Posted By: Uncle Urchin Originally Posted By: rvr I'll step in here really quick to ask a question to UU (Unc): Do any of your sources know or can gather how much more money they've added into their player's salary structure over the past couple of years and how has it translated to the play on the pitch? (Understanding that it is a guarded secret, I'm still curious to know.) not sure if I'm getting you rvr but if you are asking me what impact additional monies for new players at certain points of the season can bring....then the answer is plenty and big style...we signed 3 p
  7. I'll step in here really quick to ask a question to UU (Unc): Do any of your sources know or can gather how much more money they've added into their player's salary structure over the past couple of years and how has it translated to the play on the pitch? (Understanding that it is a guarded secret, I'm still curious to know.) The one thing that hasn't been told to us is where the players' budget started at in the beginning of the 07/08 season. If it grew with loaned players and other additions, that's fine. But where was the starting point? That would be good to know, because then it is
  8. Originally Posted By: rsheard Well I'm not! Just spent three hours on the MyFC site and now my blood pressure is soaring again. I should know better. Don't get me wrong. I love the "idea" of MyFC and I'll remain a member; but I'm very frustrated with the reality right now. QFT. I'm with you on this one as well, Rob.
  9. Originally Posted By: PatMan rvr - those alexa figures are not so easy to work out... I guess MyFC have an advantage as there is only ONE site for everything, so this increases the number of 'hits'... Plus, you have a very active board so each post should register as a hit, plus each time a viewer hits refresh, does that count? I wonder how alexa calculate them? Just had a quick play with the graph you posted rvr - and the way I read it, MyFC are a LONG way under the four teams you compared... Occasionally climbing above WHU, but mostly below all the others. I agree, PatMan, that A
  10. From Alexa.com... I picked MyFC, ManU, Aston Villa, West Ham and Tottenham Hotspur's sites for traffic hits/rank. Link to results Just from this, I'd like to known, as a MyFC member, where they got their numbers from... rvr
  11. PatMan, You can do a search through - http://www.alexa.com/ - which I believe is how some people have arrived at their numbers. It isn't the most reliable tracker, but it is close enough to give you an idea. rvr
  12. Originally Posted By: BustaGut If we aim to be more of a family club, what can be done for the young ones? get Kenny selling candy floss and pop corn along with the programmes A mini-carnival - one of those inflatable ball jungles for the kids to climb into and bounce around in, maybe a goal to shoot into or a skills section, where kids can try to dribble around obstacles and the one with the quickest time gets a prize and have one of the bench/reserve players be there for a short time to meet the kids and sign autographs. In a way, to get the kids to come, you have to give them so
  13. Originally Posted By: Charles Webster Matt Davison, BBC Radio Kent's Sports Editor informs me that the station has secured INTERNATIONAL rights to broadcast commentary of the FA Trophy Final on May 10th. I'll second AFF's sentiment as well... rvr
  14. Sorry to jump in like this, but I have to throw in my two cents... 1. The video - Unless you've paid your 10 quid to get the Hi-Def version and the added material, the free matches are f'n hard to see. I honestly believe the player stinks and I've had my new-ish computer freeze up on me trying to watch one of the 90-minute matches. Tough to even watch the video under those circumstances, let alone get enough info from them to 'pick the team' for the next match. 2. Picking the team - In all honesty, only 6-7,000 people are voting in any of the polls, so why is anyone surprised that on
  15. I concur with Yorkfox's post. The fact that the Board is filled with locals is a good thing for the club and for MyFC and I, as an original MyFCer, am glad to see that. Could it have had an international flavor to it? Sure, but for the first go-around (or three), it may be in the greater interest to get the hard-core fans who have signed up to lead and get everything going in the right direction. Congrats to everyone who was voted in. I voted for five of the seven and it is always nice to see those who you think can do the job right get in to do the job. rvr
  16. Chaz is solo? Damn, someone send him an extra cup of tea and a few pints afterward - just to cool his throat... rvr
  17. Hey Chaz, Is the match coverage for those of us outside of the U.K. like the last Setanta Shield match - blocked? rvr
  18. Originally Posted By: Chatham Gary Perhaps MYFC could vote to subsidise the new shirts by £25 if you part exchange an old Fleet shirt? Serious question. Serious answer - that's not a bad idea whatsoever... Not too sure how much the trade-in would be, but once we know how much the new shirts are, we can determine a fair price. And with the old shirts, we can send them off to those charities or, if someone parts with a really old one, keep for posterity... rvr
  19. Originally Posted By: blassberg Originally Posted By: PatMan Originally Posted By: David Holden How can you not know enough to vote on whether to have Nike or not, BUT do know enough to vote on which Nike kit to have. These are the same people who will be given the chance to select the team, without ever having seen them play. yep and we can be friendly and reasonable because we are fellow football fans, joining forums for instance to get your views on issues that we are asked to vote on... ...or you can insult us and we'll do what we like If you thought that was an in
  20. Originally Posted By: PatMan The title of the page is "We Are The Fleet" - and quite obviously YOU ARE NOT. Are you assuming that I'm the one in the Chelsea shirt? I'm not. I'm the one farthest right on the top row... Yorkfox can vouch for that. Oh, one other thing: Don't send off a post like that and later on say that you'd like the "MyFC v Fleet" to disappear as soon as possible. You're only added to it. rvr
  21. In defense of Yorkfox, he took our avatars and placed them onto the page, with many of us changing them to add our own faces rather than logos/cartoons/etc... I figured you gents and ladies would like to see a few more MyFC faces, but apparently you have to have the right clothes on to do so... In all, it is a harmless bit of fun.
  22. Originally Posted By: chris blanc So here are my questions. Will the myfcers be choosing tactics as well as formation and players or will Liam have to play his game around their decisions? Good question. I'd like to know that one as well. Originally Posted By: chris blanc Also if like has been said, 9 or so players are obvious picks, but a player is picked that Liam doesn't agree with, changing the formation that he would have liked, is their anything to stop him taking the guy off after 5 mins and replacing him with the player HE wanted playing in the first place and changing to
  23. Originally Posted By: wavyglanbles I know its a bit too early, but I am more looking for your predictions/reactions from what you've read about the proposed takeover. Are you excited about it? Or are you fearing that it may not work and make things worse for the club. I'm currently doing a dissertation on internet marketing, and using this as one of my case studies as its such an interesting story. So the best thing to do is to vote in a predictive manner. And if you want to say anything as to why you made the vote you chose, then that'll be better for my essay. Thank you Now w
  24. Originally Posted By: Santa Originally Posted By: EUFC FAN Originally Posted By: PatMan Why tho? Isn't Fleet Leisure losing money? And the development is just about paying for consultants? Or am I missing something?? I don't see it as a problem either. I much rather rent the facilities of the Fleet Leisure for 48K than own them out right. The cost of running a leisure centre as well as a football club is probably beyond the means of MyFC... Some at MyFC see Fleet Leisure as an asset that is being hived off, they are slowly being put right. From the statement: "The S
  25. Back on topic: Let me ask this one - if EUFC gets a new kit manufacturer and the colors and styles stay the same for the home and away kits, would it still seem like a slam to the current fans? I ask this, because that would seem like the best of both worlds - current fans won't have to change kits if they don't want to, those who want a new one can get one and the club can get the increase in funds that come from the new manufacturer. rvr
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