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  1. Originally Posted By: RA22Y If the MyFC takeover goes through, I'll be setting up an e-mail account so that the fans who are not members of MyFC can let me know their thoughts - listening to the fans is very important and something I'll be pushing on the MyFC forum. You won't be the only one pushing for that. You don't have to join MyFC to benefit from its purchase of the club. You can just join the Trust, especially if their shares in the club are not bought up by MyFC (at least I hope that's the case). The one obstacle is finding a way to get the fans' views on the club and its ru
  2. Ugh... Ebbies sounds like a feminine deodorant powder... Please, sound down that one. That's horrible.
  3. Originally Posted By: Newark Colin (BAFC) Originally Posted By: rvr It also helps when you don't have a home club, too... rvr How far is your nearest USL or MLS club? Surely there must be amateur sides in your area? My knowledge of sport in the States is pretty poor, as Harry will tell you. The Northwest won't get an MLS club until 2009 (with a comedian as a minority owner) in Seattle and the nearest USL clubs are 3 1/2 hours away by car, taking small forest highways for half the trip before getting onto the main Interstate (I-5) to either Seattle or Portland. I live pretty
  4. Either right now or last night, the Fleet Trust and members of MyFootballClub met to discuss the deal and concerns. They're going to tell you what was said on Wednesday. You should have a much better idea of what the Trust think of this then. rvr
  5. Originally Posted By: DA11 Originally Posted By: Greg_Dyke Ebbsfleet will have a lot of unsold shirts in the club shop Oh contrare. There will be alot of people with club shirts tucked safely away at the back of their wardrobes. Nah, I have a fair collection that I wear around town (helps that you can do that in the U.S., where 99 percent of the people have no clue what you are wearing...) and it'll go into rotation. It also helps when you don't have a home club, too... rvr
  6. Originally Posted By: American FLEET FAN No1 The problem with if Alan goes....You would keep one of his staff..........I believe there would only be Alan Kimble, and if you knew their history............Where one goes the other tends to go! Since we were dealing in hypotheticals there, I went that route. I'm not surprised, but I am pleased, to know that Daish and Kimble are a team on-staff. So that begs the question: Who else is on staff that would be able to fill in as an interim, if the need arises, in your opinion.
  7. Originally Posted By: American FLEET FAN No1 I'm sitting in snowy NorthEast US, and I will never capitulate and call it soccer! I'll scroll back and see if I can help you! No problem, didn't expect you to capitulate on that. I tried to clarify my question, in case you missed it. rvr
  8. Originally Posted By: American FLEET FAN No1 If you mean the trust question, well as there is confusion(amongst the MyfcLtd hierarchy, no less)as to whether it is a trust or not. Uncle Urchin is better placed to answer those questions. No, I meant the Fleet Trust (which I am combining all of the other shareholders' 20 percent into just for the sake of the argument). I'm referring to MyFC as the 80 percent holder, not its organization. Of course, the 80/20 is what has been bunted around here, so I used those numbers. In other words, if the 20 percent block (the Fleet Trust, which d
  9. Originally Posted By: Urchins Forgive me for jumping onto your forum but I have been reading about this intriguing MyFC takeover and there are some things I am curious about which I'm sure that someone like doheochai or any of the others who know all about MyFC and think they know how to run a football club can answer for me. I'm not one of the experts, but since I just saw this, I'll give it a run to keep the discussion going. And no, I don't know how to run a football club, so I'll answer what I can. Originally Posted By: Urchins Now I always thought that the biggest bugbear for a m
  10. Originally Posted By: American FLEET FAN No1 Oh dear, Americans will never learn! How to p!ss of an English football fan..........Call it soccer. rvr...........When in Rome.............If you know that saying! You do realize that "soccer" is an U.K.-originated term for the game, right? And to go by your "When in Rome", I'm sitting in the Northwest U.S., so it is soccer. Or, do you want me to call it futbol? **** Since you seem to be one of the few Fleet fans here on this board (even though you are in New York...), would you mind answering my question earlier. I want to know w
  11. Let me ask this: If MyFC gained the 80 percent and the trust/fans/others own the 20 percent and MyFC left it like that, would that be acceptable? And I'll add this: Without joining MyFC, those who are in the trust (controlling the 20 percent) getting a say in the club like those in MyFC, would that also be acceptable? ***** To answer the original question: I live in the Northwest U.S., pretty much an isolated soccer (football) fan with no local club to support. I've followed English soccer for years and joined MyFC to learn more about it from the grassroots level, plus put my mo
  12. Originally Posted By: DA11 Thats where I think myfc have been very clever. With over 20,000 members, voting becomes irrelevent as there are too many. The fun part of the site is being able to talk tactics, selection etc. Get everyone to pay £35, let them think they are the managers but secretly know Mr Daish has the final say. Brilliant. Valid point. Just the idea of selecting the club has been given considerable debate and brainsweat on the MyFC forum. The main point that came out of it: Most of us would follow the head coach/manager through, unless there's something that is really o
  13. Originally Posted By: Harry J Allstars How many of the 20,000 have paid the three year subscription fee of £105? I was one of those who signed up in the very beginning, so I didn't get that option. However, when I renew, I'm going to hit the 2 or 3 year option.
  14. Originally Posted By: rsheard Originally Posted By: American FLEET FAN No1 You have a lot of businees acumen for a mere Postman! A bit like rsheard has as much for a mere teacher/writer. You might have bothered to learn what I write about before being so dismissive. Why would he do that? It would get in the way of his rants and diatribes.
  15. No VAT... I paid through PayPal and it was just for the £35 fee (converted, obviously). rvr
  16. Originally Posted By: 1 F in Fleet Originally Posted By: rvr Wow, that's a picture I can help but laugh over... The ability to watch the match while pissing... Errr , you can't actually see the pitch from there , you just get to piss somewhere you probably don't wanna ... My mistake. From the picture in Cheeky Trevor T's avatar and the description, I assumed (wrongly) that that is what it helped... But I will take your word for it (until I get a chance to see it myself)...
  17. Originally Posted By: clowntown I accept your point but reserve the right to act all superior for no good reason. It's what us MyFC folk do! Speak for yourself, which you did just fine. Leave the rest of us members out of it and allow us to make up our own minds. rvr
  18. Originally Posted By: Stu M Originally Posted By: rvr OK, I'll bite. What in the blue (red) hell is a sniper toilet? Picture if you will one of those pillboxes that dotted the Normandy coastline in 1944 with nothing but machine-gun slits. Now elongate it, paint it red and white (just the once, don't ever repaint it) and then slap it in a football ground. Then instead of German soldiers, put inside lots of non-league football fans half-cut on cider and get them to relieve themselves while staring out of the sniper holes. Hope that was evocative enough cos it's the God-honest trut
  19. Originally Posted By: Hirsty Just in case I have not made myself clear I will repeat. I have no intention of joining MyFC or viewing the forum ! You made yourself clear that you weren't joining, but viewing was another matter. No problems...
  20. Originally Posted By: Mackster Hirsty: I'm sure I can get you a login that you can use to have a look at MyFc Forums, and you won't have to compromise yourself by shelling out £35. Just don't tell Doheochai and his minions or they will hunt us down. Just as long as you don't post, you'll be fine. In fact, I'm not surprised that some anti-MyFC people have already joined just to provide others an inside view as a spy.
  21. Originally Posted By: wobbly Wayne II we have the only known sniper toilets in the blue square premier. OK, I'll bite. What in the blue (red) hell is a sniper toilet? Originally Posted By: wobbly Wayne II we have fans that collect the facial hair of our players. That is devotion. A little weird, but devotion, nonetheless...
  22. Originally Posted By: Trebor1975 So would playing contracts, the ground etc (and all other assets) belong to MyFC or to Ebbsfleet United? Will budgets be set against forecasted membership or against the previous year's membership, and what will happen if there's a shortfall? Playing contracts and all of the assets belong to Ebbsfleet United. Budgets will be set on the money already there (sponsorships, tickets sold, season tickets sold, merchandise, etc) and existing membership money, not on future membership money. The rules states that we can't overspend or run in the red, so the
  23. Originally Posted By: FleetFanatic How would anybody know who is or isn't a member? New faces come and go from football grounds all the time. Unless they walk around with MyFC shirts/sweatshirts/signboard on them, you have a very good point.
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