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  1. 08-September 10 - Happy Birthday Glover :)

  2. Originally Posted By: eufc4life We also could do with the prize money yeah 12.5K is good but 20k for the first round is much better ...
  3. o no Kenny has a sore throat, i told him not to go too close to those girls in Barrow, but did he listen...
  4. i havent cried so much since i payed my poll tax, totally brill
  5. it was a great turnout for that distance and if the team are noticing then its all worth it, they know we are behind them.
  6. i,ll be at Kidderminster so see you all there, mmm lovely food there ... we should learn from their catering
  7. It was on the "fleet on Thursday" newsletter sent to myfc its a sort of weekly version of yorkfox,s daily . yes im sure you and jeff made the difference but it was Kenny that sent his adoring fan club home happy lol!
  8. option 1 all the way always has been
  9. Quote from Paul McCarthy "I
  10. nothing here either other scores going well for us at the moment though
  11. Great game, just got back, we looked a lot stonger in depth than last year and Sacha and Darius were brilliant and snuffed out the fg strikers, brill save by Lance, it came at his left side just below chest height, and he parried it round the post with both hands
  12. Im going, they have invested in a lot of drainage in the new stadium, so it should go ahead
  13. Brilliant post Gaz , the most sense anyone has talked on any forum for ages.
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