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  1. Ah. Charles Webster must be Lord Chas. Mr Webster, I apologise and will be listening in whenever possible.
  2. As posted elsewhere, here is the link. Half time so not a lot happening. http://www.bbc.co.uk/southerncounties/co...08_season.shtml Sorry, no idea how to post links properly. No Lord Chas on here (whoever he is???).
  3. Why would that go on a CV. For what benefit. I have no experience but I paid £35 to a website. Strange thing to debate in a forum. And Chopper, no problems. Just trying to find out for myself. Like I have said a couple of times, the Ebbsfleet supporters are the important people here and I am glad some have posted. I am personally thinking that is myFC take over the club, I will pay my money to them as the trust may be forced out. I don't know what percentage they own of the club. If it is less than 10% then they can be forced out but if MyFC don't take over, I will probably join the Trust
  4. OK. A long post alert here. Having waited to look through the comments and discussion from my initial post, I would like to comment on a few posts:- "John Pearce - If you have any interest in Ebbsfleet United" As I said at the beginning, I have no links to Ebbsfleet. The interest in following the results etc. has come from the possible takeover. Without it, I would probably not have even noticed Ebbsfleet Utd but Saturday, I was keeping an eye on the score online. "RA22Y - If the MyFC takeover goes through, I'll be setting up an e-mail account so that the fans who are n
  5. No. That post seems have have been confusing. I meant that although the website tries to put a positive spin and there are no problems, I wanted supporters opinions. I never even thought Slartibartfast is a face man for MyFC. I apologise if that is how it looked. I meant whoever does the MyFC website and the person setting it up.
  6. I don't think I would have any influence in the club. The only problem I can see possibly is if people sign up to cause damage to the club may make sure they vote for decisions but the people who want the manager to get on with it may just not vote. Maybe an outside chance but a downside. I can see your point about the money. If MyFC do take over, my money would just go to them anyway, but with the extra £7.50 (I think) going to club funds. This is why I posted on here. I am happy to sign up, but would like to get opinions from people closer to the club. You are (as a supporter) one
  7. As someone who registered with MyFC when the first 50,000 members were being requested, by hasn't actually gone through with it yet, I am curious to get a proper opinion from Ebbsfleet supporters. I am a Chelsea supporter (from 1979, not one of the newbies), and was a shareholder until the Roman invasion. My only link to Ebbsfleet Utd was going past the Gravesend and Northfleet ground a few times when working as a lorry driver. I admit to knowing very little, if anything, about the club. I could be wrong but my understanding is that the current manager, Liam Daish, will be posting in
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