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  1. 14-March 11 - Happy Birthday tractor_girl :)

  2. 14-March 10 - Happy Birthday tractor_girl :)

  3. Charlie MacDonald scores for Southend in their reserve fixture against Ipswich. Ipswich still go on to win 3-2
  4. I have no problem with Nike making the kit even though it would be like 15th and 16th kit change in 8 years I do think that ever since the take-over has been finalised, the guys at MYFC seem to be rushing through all their proposals which I am a bit iffy Personally I think we should do what Ipswich Town done and change one kit to their new kit suppliers (In Ipswich's case Mitre) and leave the away kit as it is. That way us fans don't need to splash out so much cash If we do go ahead with the Nike deal then we'll need to stay with them for the whole contact and not opt out after the first year. We need to stay loyal to the deal
  5. Originally Posted By: Mackster Daish now on 5Live the radio with Stacey Long & 2 x MyFc members discussing your need for a new forward. Claridge giving it large, saying "unless they give you a large wedge of dough mate, it ain't going to work". Lee Elam, luxury player on our bench, but Richard Logan is also out of contract... Claridge might have to eat his words though because if theres one thing Gravesend are good at it proving people wrong. Anyways money isn't everything
  6. Originally Posted By: DA11 Apparantly someone on myfc says he is buying tickets for the game in advance as when he phoned the club they said it could be a sell out. So I'll change my prediction to...............1452 There's no way its gonna sell out, come off it we're only playing Stafford Rangers and I don't we'll ever beat the crowd we had for Canvey Island when we played them in the Ryman Leauge If we do then well.... But its only Stafford Rangers
  7. Originally Posted By: Cooocumber So let me get this straight. You DO think there is a 15% chance that this poster IS in fact a young enthusiastic kid, yet you decided to bully and micky take all the same? Falling gates, getting them young etc? Take a long hard look at yourselves. You are losing the plot. Get a grip and use some sense. I don't think its bullying as such Theres far worse things to be called than Harry Potter Its just Gravesend sense of humour that all. I'm sure you newbies will get used to it in time. But just because we have a strange sense of humour it shouldn't stop you from supporting the team
  8. Considering this is only against Stafford Rangers I think there will be the usual hardcore 950 fans who are there day in day out There will be about 30 Stafford fans 125 armchair locals and 250 MFC fans = a total crowd 1355 I think the larger crowds will come when Gravesend plays someone like Oxford or if we are in the running come March April
  9. I'm still extremely iffy about the idea that fans picked the team mainly because the only person who knows the teams strenghts and weaknesses is the manager Personally I think you should have the vote to give the manager back his powers to pick the team but hey that won't happen Don't get me wrong I'm sure there are plenty of benefits but I just need to get used to the idea Its a strange time to be a GNFC/Ebbsfleet fan at the mo
  10. Hello Everyone I'm Anna I a fan of the Tractor Boys as well as Ebbsfleet Utd I've been supporting Ipswich all my life and the Fleet since 2000 so experienced quite alot being a Gravesend supporter
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