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  1. 25-January 11 - Happy Birthday Yorkfox :)

  2. It was a shame that more didnt see it, but I think there were just enough for him to realise what his efforts for the club mean to us. Nice to see his current team mates attend the presentation.
  3. Sorry that this is another MyFC thread, but I think its justified as it concerns the future of the club. I have just posted this on the other site and elsewhere. Basicially, if you have decided to renew, if you could do that pre January, it would help all concerned. If you have renewed, would you be willing to post that you have. I am sure others will see this as another chance to kick MyFC and the club, but it is posted here with the best of intentions. Cheers Keith. ==== Renewals always blummin renewals ! A Club is forever, not just one Christmas. Ok, hands up, everytime we talk about renewals , we all think "not again !", yawn, and think that people are after our money again. CASH COW ! BUT ( Sorry ), its a vital thing for the future of the club, and your continuing enjoyment of being an owner of a football club. My worry is the timetable of events and how they effect the club and its future. We are now in the run up to Christmas, and so peoples minds are natutally focused on festive events. Before we know it, we are in the January Transfer window. My worry is how can we make decisions, how can the club, how can current players make sensible decisions about their futures for the coming year when we have the shadow of retentions hanging over us all ? Its a cruel twist of fate that February is our key month. I hope the monthly payment option can be in place by then, but its a very tight timetable. If you were a player who had to choose between a certain job at another club, or a maybe, could be, might be ok situation with us, how do you react if offers came in ?. Its a worry. I dont have a crystal ball about retentions, I hope for 15,000, optimistic I know, but to get 5 figures could give us something to work with. What I do know is that many people are definately going to renew, so I ask you, Please, Please renew now instead of in February, so we can see the scale of the problem we face in the Spring. At current rates of renewal, we could enter 2009 with about 2,700 people signed up, Please help us go into 2009 with atleast 3,000 or more. With the economic climate, Christmas, and leave it to the last minute, I feel to try and do everything in February is a very high risk strategy for both club, members and the society. If you are going to newew anyway, do it now ? :-) Then we can enjoy Chrismas a little more. RENEW at http://members.myfootballclub.co.uk/renew HAPPY XMAS.
  4. We are living in interesting times Brian, I fear to do the job properly, we might have to do quite a lot of testing ?, I mean, its our duty .
  5. Hope you dont get any spare this time Mark :-)
  6. I dont know how many are in a team ? , my job is to eat the Curry. Will be good if we can get a few tickets sold before the day this time as last time it was a bit last minute. We have upgraded slightly . Last time it was paper plates, this time we have some new plastic ones for the early ones in the queue I take it this JC is the hot shot at this quiz lark ? :-)
  7. Originally Posted By: Claudius MyFC is dead in the water. Well, in that case, we might as well all pack up and go learn how to play Championship 2009 or whatever its called.
  8. There will be a curry and quiz night in the club bar after the Wrexham league game on Saturday January 3rd. Tickets can be bought in advance from the Fleet Trust Shop. Please support if you can, Thanks.
  9. I believe this posting is an example of the feeling that many unknown people worldwide have for The Fleet. We know February will be a big test, and the current economic troubles don't help us atall, but uith hard work and goodwill from all concerned, we can give this a good try. Too much good work has been doen by all concerned over the last 12 months, too many good times have been had, this wont be given up by a lot of us without a fight.
  10. Net is even better, I got it from the advertising "gross the Fleet
  11. Originally Posted By: Riverview Supporter . SHame jackpot is no where near littlewoods Small fish are sweet Brian :-) I think a friend of mine is sending his forms in this week. I think this lottery is important as its club based.
  12. Anybody on here had a go at this ? Remember its through EUFC not MYFC.
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