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  1. I agree with Billy nick. The vast potential fan base in the Gravesend-Northfleet area doesn´t care about the club.That is the simple reason the club is struggling to get over four digit average attendances this season.It has always been the same,everyone is saying. The vast majority of the people that DO attend Stonebridge Road isn´t willing and or capable of supporting the club in any other way than buy the odd match ticket now and then. Leaves the rest..the forum fans of Eufc.I said it before and I will never change my mind..they are not willing to care/are too stupid to really u
  2. Barrow 2 Eufc 0 it seems. Wonder how long Daish will stay on?
  3. Looking at Eufcs overall economy..with the circumstances the club today operates in(4K per week player budget etc,etc)...an outside sugar daddy that is thinking of bankroll the club will have to bring in somewhere around 400K to 500K per season and year..just to keep Eufc afloat. This is the overflow cost connected to the club at present. Is there anyone out there willing to spend this type of money at the club..season after season after season? IF there isn´t..and there isn´t..the club will need to cut it´s cost even from todays situation with those 400K-500K to be able to survive
  4. Agreed. I also fail to see what relevance Safc has to anything connected with eufc. Surely,for people involved with..and supportive of Eufc..there must be much more burning issues to concentrate on other than a club like safc?
  5. Another question that must be asked is how the 550 per week overdraft regarding the player budget has been allowed. From a distance,it sure looks like the people in charge at the club responsible for holding the agreed budget has failed to do so...yet again.In light of the clubs overall economical situation it must be looked upon as a severe blunder. Going over on the budget nowadays for Eufc is the biggest of no no..and the people responsible for doing this should answer the very modest question of why it has happened,and how they will prevent it from happening ever again. Sometimes.
  6. One has to wonder what the futures gonna be like for Eufc. The cashflow forecast by the clubs accountant shows minus 130K..and since the team on the pitch isn´t raking in the points..one might suggest that the negative spirale will accelerate as the season goes on.Losing on the pitch has never dragged fans to stadiums. I think that Myfc in it´s present setup would have somewhere between 2K-3K members March 10. I am convinced they will try to change the setup..raising the membership fees dramatically..100 Pounds..200 pounds. Question is..what money in will this represent for Euf
  7. Myfc membership number is close to 8800 at present. Renewal ratios is extremely low..not over 20% I recon. Do not kid yourselves regarding the future..come February Myfc membership numbers WILL be very low indeed. As stated by the club accountant..Myfcs present setup isn´t going to be able to bankroll the club for much longer.
  8. It´s beyond words of course. Myfcs members has paid well over 300K for them to have a website.Now the cheap version of that has crashed two times in one week.One would fail to find stuff like this even in Zimbabwe or Yemen! They don´t have a web team anymore either..it may be down for some time yet. It will most probably crash yet again soon anyway. Where is Will Brooks when he´s needed?God knows he was always there in the opposite situation..:-)
  9. It is falling apart rapidly now. The clubs accountant has publiched a forecast that shows that there is a cashflow problem..on top of everything else.Seems they are short on over 130K..and there is simply no way for the current owners to cover this without trying some alternative actions. Myfc is of course losing members each day going by..they are down to approx 8800 now..and it looks they might be down to a number between 2K-3K in February.With those type of numbers and with economical holes to cover as the season goes by,Myfc will not longer be able to afford to support the club in
  10. He runned away tail between his legs really.Will most probably never be seen again in any close perimetre to Eufc. All in all,a shameful parantece(?)in the clubs history. Like someone said,a complete waist of oxygene this DD character.
  11. Reading what goes on now makes one despair regarding the whole future of the football club Eufc. Now,everyone knows that the situation for the club really is what I and others have said for months AND months AND not to mention..more bloody months! People need to realise ONE thing here..the clubs entire existance is at stake here.The actions that needs to be taken IMMEDIATELY must aim LONG TERM.Forget all about next season with stupid moves like Friends of the Fleet and other imbecill things that everyone with any sense at all can see won
  12. The time to call the hand of BK is now IMO. It is the hand that holds all the aces(money). IF BK is ready to step in once again in order to save what is his local club..the time is now. It can be done in an easy way via Fleet trust for example. THAT would save the club short term..longterm though the club simply MUST come to grips with the way the club is runned. Continue on the path of 60K+ monthly operational losses will be the death of the club somewere down the line...at best.
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