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  1. 08-November 10 - Happy Birthday top-signore :)

  2. thanks MbrunoB, this is what I needed. I wish I knew the players names so I could help you spy on who is coming and what not.. I just recognise these two players no.1 because he is the skeeper, and the other because he looks half oriental half something alse, lol...
  3. Sorry people, I just wanted to share something. I will not bother you again. And yes I have a humble 2 bed in westmoore gardens. not one seemed to be helpful, i wanted to know the date of the first home game please.
  4. Hello again.. Just wanted to share that I saw the town training next to my house in durants park. They did a lot of running and a bit of 5-a-side games at the very end. I must say the standard was quite poor, but I also thought that It must have been because every player looked very tired. There was only 3 or 4 familiar faces, including ETFC little skipper,lol. and also the chinnese looking guy from a couple of seasons ago. These two looked very sharp and set the standard on the 5-a-side, they are very good to watch. Any way can any one tell me the date of the first home game please.
  5. Good news I hope they are the type of coaches who like to see good football to be played....if so i will be coming back and happyly pay to watch.... I hope they get skilfull and clever players as well as solid and strong defenders.
  6. Will ETFC get promotion with this starting 11? if so why not bring a manager able to get this lot back or players with similar ability?
  7. BEST 11 PLAYERS to wear an ETFC shirt in a league match? (when i say players i mean players, not personalities...) Your captain RUDY should be there or thereabouts....?
  8. Interviewing 4 the new manager? Small contribution for you all.............. Ask him about youth team### Future plans for the club### Ask him about his style of play### Make sure you boys get him to compromise saying that if he doesnt get promoted on the 1st season he will step down (i don't like when some1 gets sacked it sacks).### If his replys r push on the youth team.... Brings in few, but decent players.... Like playing proper footie on the deck.... then you will hav good manager, also ofcourse he has to hav all the experience that you townies demand and by playing good footie ur crowds will come back, and u know things will be back to b like before when u nearly got promoted....this time hopefully few points better off. When I was following you I liked a few young players from your team, but they were always on the bench (maybe this is what killed ur promtion hopes), thats the only critic I hav for the manager that got you in the play-offs 2 years in a roll, if i'm not mistaken. well I hope this is a better season and since I have more time off from work I will come to your new stadium to watch you townies once again. PS. very interesting postings out there. good luck.
  9. I spoke to one of the guys from the 1st team squad....... I saw him at the big TESCO next to IKEA, and guess what he told me some of our players will try their luck at Wingate and finchley (about3-4) and 1 is definitely moving to met police to the ryman south league. CAN'T SAY NOT NAMES I WAS WARNED.
  10. I have the feeling that he is more of a get points man....whatever the performance / display.....sort of strategic guided....I say this because I see that in his body language and the way he approaches Jim when some he sees some thing he doesn't like....sort of warning him or calling for a quick re-thinking of plans..... well any way this is just an opinion of some one that is new to the club, but I started coming when there was just Jim the Coach and the sexy Phys.... and the football was rather nicer, than it is now. I wonder where the ideas of keeping a bench full of football players at times was....? I hope it was not Stewart's.
  11. I was reading a lot of gossip about the possible resignation of the manager and the fact is that if he goes he may take players with him to wherever and so on, but are you guys (fans) happy with the players you currently have? who will you keep and what are the thoughts of the guys that like me turn up to watch the team play every week (for the last 3 months and only at home).
  12. Sorry...... I did not mean to abuse any one while posting on this forum, my honest apologies go to SV, players and fans at ETFC.... I did not know this player's name before posting and I have always thought he was from an oriental background, I did asked a few times in the forum for his name but no one seemed to know who I was talking about. at least I know his name now, This won't happen again..... Sorry to all the fans, players and SV of course....
  13. Finally I came to see my first Enfield town home game, a bit cold but worth it although the Bedfont side was pretty poor I got what I was after.... If every one saw the same game I did I saw 3 very talented players out there playing for the Enfield, number 10, 7 and 3? i think the left sided midfielder, these boys are very good... not sure about ages but they all looked quite young and very confy on the ball.... I wasn't surprise any way, because I saw the chinnesse looking fellow playing before, and must admit even though he was so good and silky in every thing he did he was a bit casual and is not the same player I saw play a couple of years back when I was watching aldershot's reserves play. Some one told me on the rather small crowd that these boys don't get a run every week, then I asked if the usal 1st team players were in action and some told me number 8 was one of them and also 2 of the central defenders. my question to you all is I know football is about opinions, but why the hell is number 10 or 7 not playing regular instead of playing 8 all the time? the 8 did not have any thing to offer to the game his passing was poor all game, as well as when i saw him play against the Redbrige...... what is this all about? I also heard he is club favorite and must be on a lot of money and a contract?...... this is the reason why some people gets fed up of whatching this level of football some times. we should be encouraging young players and good football for a change. JUST A THOUGHT, ANY OPINIONS ON THIS?
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