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  1. great result for Ashford. Slough fans are as happy as you are with it
  2. cheers Geggy im sure Slough will have many fans coming along to try and make it as special a match as possible. im sure you, like us, miss the Slough vs Windsor occasions and atmospheres. hopefully its a game that has a competitive feel to it
  3. hi guys just wanted to know how much is entry on Saturday?
  4. strange when we played Didcot the other week the 1st half this particular linesman was seemingly pally with the Didcot defence. 2nd half he gave Didcot a penalty that the ref waved away. makes ya wonder even with the Slough/Windsor rivalry its sad to see you lot lose out at the semi final stage. Didcot are a very boring team whereas Windsor try and play attractive stuff. of course league position wise shows you are more worthy of going up. lets hope for some great Slough vs Windsor games again next season though of course thats no consolation to Windsor right now particularly
  5. Matthew Platt i would imagine is the other one you mention Windsorian we gave Truro a good old battle at home where we were 2 minutes from winning 3-2 we do tend to up our game against stronger teams good luck for the rest of the season Windsor
  6. Mr Rebel


    way more comments on the game on our own forum than on this one so thats not really a great attempt of slagging our fans of anyway fair play windsor your team was so much more up for it and its just a shame you had to play so well the first 60 odd minutes. i assume the fans sound level went down after that because your team had seemingly stopped trying to humiliate our team so thanks for that. im sure it could have been at least 2 more if windsor wanted it to be
  7. Mr Rebel


    seems you drew 2-2 according to Andover website
  8. good to see Ryan Bird doing well again. was always potentially a great player when i went to school with him
  9. if its that low it would be because windsor have lost fans since i last saw them play i would have thought 300-350 at least is the game on though i guess it is?
  10. Originally Posted By: MISM - WEFC well i believe they got beat 2-0 at marlow so this should be a very interesting game. back to the game i dont think i have seen a worse ref all season he was a bottler and made some awful decisions and before you guys go on about chapman i wasnt there to see her! slough have a lot to prove after a lacklustre performance against marlow. should be an interesting match indeed
  11. Mr Rebel


    think its fair to say gosport are one of the weaker sides in the league
  12. that seems to think he is Godalming Town boss: http://www.godalmingtownfc.co.uk/penpictures.html
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