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  1. So, lets begin to get this real... Its not a lot, its "quite a few" from the gates the fleet get its about as many as people on here have seen
  2. PatMan ya all the stuff i'v writen you were waiting for that it cant all be take take take you'v got to give something back
  3. Originally Posted By: PatMan Originally Posted By: King_carra i'm pritty sure alot of myfc members have seen alot of ebbsfleet over the last 3 months. A lot? Do at least be sensible - there are 27,000 plus members, A FEW will have seen one game and VERY FEW would have seen more than that... there's quite a few that have been to 5 or 6 and have listened to the rest on radio kent
  4. Jimmy no but alot of members have myfc brings alot of new idea's if you want to reach the prem one day thats what you need.
  5. My mother-in-law never misses an episode of Holby City but if I need an operation I would rather have a surgeon whose qualifications weren't earned siting in front of a tv the holby city doctors are'nt real either just thought i'd tell ya
  6. People who know nothing about footbal ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ya i know hothing about football only been a liverpool season ticket holderr for 3 years going the matchs many years more.
  7. i'm pritty sure alot of myfc members have seen alot of ebbsfleet over the last 3 months.
  8. he has come up through the youth sides, you have watched him week after week, talk sense man.Against the take over no, against nobs picking the side yes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- so your saying we'll just ignore the manager ?were not idiots but Every one know what this was about from day 1 we will listen to the manager But LIKE ANY OTHER CLUB the board have the final say.
  9. If the manager has to go with the team, that has been voted for each week this cannot ever happen can it ? There are not going to vote a unknown into the side are they? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- why not thats what you do everytime you sign a player if the manager says these kids deserve a go im sure the members would listen BustaGut your clearly against the takeover thats fine that's your opinion but its happening and we'v got to make the best of it .
  10. if a younster is that good it would be up to the manager to say so then he might get a chance to show what he could do.
  11. Graham S you make good points i think it could work well but its a game of opinions we'll just have to wait and see.
  12. wouldn't bode well for membership renewal next year almost 2000 have signed up for 2 or more years already
  13. again this is about performances on the pitch if it looks like their upsetting things on the pitch then they wont play.
  14. Some would counter that occasionally you get players who have a positive or negative effect on the attitude & confidence of others around them, which is not apparent to those not in contact with the squad personally ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- that normally show's on the pitch with attitudes to team mates when a pass is miss hit or a team mate miss's a chance to score Graham S i'll use liverpool as an example is peter crouch going to cause problems with other players? NO so why's he not playing he plays he scores the
  15. I am sure you have noticed that managers have there favourite players and then players they do not like so much in day to day work you get on with some people better than other’s. I think this is were the biggest plus of myfc picking the team comes in members don’t have any loyalty or friendships with the players the only way myfc members will judge the players is by what the do on the pitch. This means everyone really is on a level playing field if a player is performing he will keep playing if he’s not some one else will get the chance to show what they can do.
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