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  1. 01-January 11 - Happy Birthday St Leonard :)

  2. Originally Posted By: Staines Rebel What serious expenditure has there been on the ground other than maintaining the pitch - the main stand is falling down, the flood lights have a mind of their own to work, the internal car park is a mud bath and there is still no cover behind either goal. Maintaining the Pitch - one of the best surfaces in the league which has 2 clubs using it. Main Stand - A) Slough don't have a stand to comment on and Beaconsfield's is a real beauty isn't it?! Might as well have some benches out as all the seats are nearly on the same level and are half broken!
  3. There's generally an announcement in 2 weeks when Slough are concerned.....
  4. And what does Attendance prove? Slough have a bigger following and are lower mid table, Windsor have a lesser following but are second? Slough supporters always refer to their large support, when in fact its the performance on the pitch that counts, not the number through the gates. Good luck to both teams, but so what if Slough have 250 fans, Windsor are second in the league and have something to play for this season
  5. St Leonard


    Great Performance and Great result against a very poor team. 7 Games unbeaten now... The team look very fit and have loads of skill and pace on the wings and up front. And the Back 4 are a very solid unit and if Cooper hadn't miscued his backpass I think it would have been the 3rd clean sheet on the spin. Best game I have seen Paul Coyne have in a Windsor shirt. I like the way no Slough Fans have commented on this forum yet, no doubt if the result had gone the other way they would have all been on here Crowing!! After all, they do have 200 odd fans blah blah blah....
  6. When are Windsor going to get the Floodlights sorted out? I read in Mr Simpsons programme notes that they have recently had a problem with O2, But the Floodlights have been failing for years now! Its all well and good Matt Seedel having plenty of Fuse's to use, but when the lights go out we then have to wait half hour before we can turn them on again!! Its embarresing, and with a large crowd for the QPR Game it might have attracted some new faces back again, but I doubt they will now after having to watch the final 20 minutes in darkness and with the Car and Burgular alarms going off!
  7. Originally Posted By: Windsor_Sec The above are facts whilst personal comments about the 3 old boys at the back as you put it are your opinions and not necessarily those of anyone else. I thought that was the point of Discussion Forums, to put personal opinions on them? I dont think ive ever seen Tilbury, Butler or Cooper ever 'run with or pass pass a ball when the situation allows' either, but again thats my Opinion. Im just disappointed that in my opinion the 3 players who have been released / moved on have been replaced by weaker players which weren't good enough on their pre
  8. Is releasing Will Dunlop and replacing him with Dave Tilbury a step forward? Is releasing Jon Case and replacing him with Paul Coyne a Step Forward? Is releasing Liam Greer and replacing him with Chris Cahill a step forward? I can't see it myself. Very disappointed with the release of Dunlop and still cant get over Ifura's release last year. For me those were 2 young and very impressive centre backs and in my opinion the best 2 centre backs at the club. Now we have 3 old boys at the back with absolutely no pace or skill who all continue to 'hoof' the ball. Jon Case wa
  9. I wonder if this now means the Aylesbury pre-season game will be called off? Any updates?
  10. Not a Huge loss, more of a Liability than a decent player. Was lucky not to get sent off early on in Saturdays game. Terry O'Connor played excellently on the Right wing at the Weekend, but is more than capable of finishing the year as Right Back. Shame to hear that Maz Ifura left the club, confirmed on Saturday by a few different people. Thought he played excellently at Right back on his few outings there, shame we had 4 excellent Centre Halves at one go!
  11. no excuses, really. And I don't see how Simon can be blamed for this: 1) Should have changed the Midfield after the 1st goal as it was clear it was being over-run 2) Should have made a substitution after their 3rd, as we were only left with 9 on the pitch. as it happend Chanderam was bought off soon after, so why wasn't the change made at the first opportunity? 3) He is simply not good enough. He has blagged it for 18 months now, and it's finally clear he has no idea how to manage a team. The players have no respect for him, thats clear in the warm ups etc...
  12. St Leonard


    Nothing coming from the Bench yet again, The games in Hand are now gone with no points gained. The squad should be a top 6 team, not a bottom 6 Team! Lane has to go, no excuses, He simply has no idea. Interesting to see Dave Mudge there yesterday....
  13. Why does the Manager (Well, alegedly) need another Striker? It's clear that the Midfield is the weakness. The defence is ok (Once all fit) and there must now be 6 strikers at the club (Chennels/Roache/Seedle/Opiara/Porter/O'Connor). Scoring goals helps but Clean sheets are needed too!! Loose to Marlow tonight and Bye Bye Mr Lane me thinks!
  14. Local Paper's said the pitch hadn't bedded in with the recent weather.
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