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  1. 26-April 11 - Happy Birthday Digitalis :)

  2. 26-April 10 - Happy Birthday Digitalis :)

  3. Eastbourne corner? That was Smudger's header I think? Great goal.
  4. We've realised the containers for the spuds are too small. They'll be replaced with larger ones soon...
  5. Would be good to see Lance get more recognition for his recent performances. He's made some superb saves in the last few matches, some point-blank. His one-on-one save today was brilliant. Made himself big in front of the player, left a gap to the left as a tempting target, then went that way and got the ball. Top class stuff.
  6. Well the weather is holding up nicely, as least we won't get wet. It will be interesting to see whether the Terras are up for it, with their current situation. Apart from Crewe, I haven't enjoyed a match so much as the Tuesday one for ages. Let's hope I can cancel out that statement after today's game. Up the Fleet!
  7. Originally Posted By: DixieDean I've accepted your explanation Dave, and I'm happy to apologise in print anywhere you like - maybe the MyFC website? Unfortunately your lads have banned me. Maybe you could do the needful? EDIT: BTW Dave, now I have you, your lawyer's and Chrissy Blanc's attention, can I ask why I was banned by your company? I hadn't posted for 4 weeks, never been abusive (hardly ever posted in English in fact) yet was banned? Despite paying up on the first day (only
  8. Good point and could well be right. But if this or any lie about me is repeated, even if it is dressed up as "hearsay" then I will be talking to lawyers to find out. Obviously I would prefer not to have to spend my money that way. If something like this is being said, it makes me wonder what other lies are being spread. That's it from me on the subject now.
  9. There is absolutely no truth in the allegation you have referred to involving me. I will take libel action against anyone who alleges that.
  10. I've ordered some thermals! There's a great new gadgetty material called heattech. Check out the uniqlo site here for t-shirts etc. too. Be like the Barrow boys and wear next to nothing in the freezing cold. The little kiosk is open tonight, selling jacket potatoes with cheese, beans, coleslaw or chilli, pies pasties and sausage rolls. Tea coffee and cappuccino but no bovril We'll get some for next match. Hopefully the catering van has some.
  11. Originally Posted By: Lord Horn But I did enjoy them playing 'I've Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts' as we exited the ground. Do they do that after every home game? Only when they win, I was told.
  12. Originally Posted By: loosegooner I think you are probably right, excepting that our CEO chooses what he gets involved with. One moment he contributes to a thread, another he chooses to be annoyed. Convenient. Who should choose then, Gordon? Actually, I regret making that initial post. It was out of frustration with my sensing, rightly or wrongly, implications that we're not aware of the issues or doing anything about them. I shouldn't have reacted emotionally. I'll back off now and focus on the business, I shouldn't have intervened.
  13. I'm not going to waste precious thumb-twiddling time getting into the debate. I just wanted to say that if anyone thinks we're not aware of the probable issues around renewal time and haven't been working on contingencies, then I am saddened. I can't wave a magic wand and make 30000 MyFC members renew, I don't have the money to personally finance the club. But to think we are blithely sailing on with no awareness and taking no actions, just because we aren't declaring publicly what we are doing, is naive. I won't be drawn into any more discussion on the subject. Enjoy the
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