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  1. 01-November 10 - Happy Birthday nobby1 :)

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    With out being rude malc im sure there is plenty going on and has been over the last 5yrs to have more than just match reports, the odd manager comments, and and and well there aint owt else on there. So hows the pitch performing wots happening about the training pitch whens the next talbot trophy wot was the result of player of the month for now lets think oh last 12 months for starters. oh well dont mater im sure the people who can get there every week know who cares about the rest of the supporters. some who have spent years travelling miles to give there support not just a couple of mounth
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    At least woody will have someone to talk to.
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    website news

    Just a quick question for Malc. Is there a reason why the link on the web site is to match reports rather than news about the club? I know your tired but it be nice to know wots going on around the club and whats planned for the future rather than what happened 5yrs ago.
  5. you lot talk some rubbish at times.
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