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  1. Having seen Slough the other day I don't think it would be fair to accuse any team in the CCL of such a slur.
  2. I like The Lepers, it would be truly unique and symbolic as many years ago there was a large Leper hospital in Spital close to where Stag Meadow is now. Lepers Lepers Lepers
  3. Indeed great effort by Byron and his team. Considering they came bottom last season and had to rebuild in the summer, it was a great achievement to get to the play off final.
  4. I think Bristol City had just been promoted to division 1 (championship in new money). I think their other big name signing at the time was Tony Thorpe who also played in the game against Windsor. As Geggy said I'm pretty sure most of their fans ended up elsewhere (maybe Hayes?) believing the first team to be playing there and not at Windsor.
  5. "Lenny the lion" sounds like a decent darts moniker. We just need to find somebody called Lenny.
  6. Congratulations to the Windsor FC darts team for finally winning a game at the 12th attempt. We have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory on so many occasions this season it was a relief to finally get over the line with a 8-6 win. It was a night of high drama in Terry Hall, you could cut the tension with a knife. The highlight of the evening was a “spectacular” 78 check out by “Colonel Tonnage” aka Michael Gegg.
  7. Considering the conditions both teams played some good football. The wind was always going to be a huge factor, 2-0 at half time felt like a par score with the wind. Under normal circumstances a point away at Hanworth would be seen as good result as they are clearly a good outfit, however given that Guildford seem unstoppable at the moment it feels like 2 points lost.
  8. ssssshhh Geggy your bust the myth that Slough are a well run club living within their means.....
  9. Always fascinating to see the ppg table as this usually gives a pretty accurate reflection of where the title is going. Although we've (Windsor) been on a good run recently its clear if we're going to come above Guildford we're going to have to replicate the form shown by the old WEFC side which won the Southern S/W division a couple of seasons ago. As for yesterday’s game, when I stepped out my house yesterday afternoon and realised how windy it was I did fear the worst and expected a poor game, but fair play to both sides they kept the ball on the deck and didn't let the conditions affec
  10. Not too disappointed with the result as I'm sure other sides will also struggle at Farnham. Difficult to be too critical of any players as the pitch was so uneven it was impossible for either side to string a couple of passes together, I'd go as far as to say even Barcelona would struggle to look good on that pitch. Not sure if they've had some work done on it recently and it hasn't bedded in yet but from a elevated position you could see the undulations. The pitch looked like a giant McCoy’s crisp with grass on it! It was a shame about the pitch as I really liked the ground. It had a uniqu
  11. Have to agree with the previous couple of comments. I've not seen a team so far this season that wouldn't be bottom three in the Southern S/W division. In saying that we still haven’t played Guildford, Hanworth or Horley, so my opinion might change. Having seen Windsor play at several levels of football now I would have to say the biggest difference between the leagues is the quality of the strikers. In the Southern Premier it seemed like a 50% chances to goals ratio whereas in the southern Div1 that probably dropped to around 25% and in the CCL it seems to be lower. Diffcult to compare t
  12. Indeed Mole Valley were a credit to themselves. Not sure how they are bottom of the table as we've play much worse teams so far. I fear our Achilles heal is our lack of pace at the back. We look really susceptible to the simple ball over the top. I know people keep coming up with statistics to try to prove we are a good side defensively but I prefer to use my own 2 eyes and they tell a different story to the "statistics". It has to be said we always look much more comfortable when Kyle Anthony plays at the back but alas when that happens we then don't have anybody to partner Ashe in midfie
  13. If you’re travelling into Windsor Riverside the pub opposite the station "Royal Oak" will have the game on. The pub nearest to the ground "Duke of York" should also have the game on. It’s a couple of minutes’ walk from the ground. Alas the clubhouse doesn’t have sky.
  14. likewise I too have a lifetime affliation with spital and like "The Lepers" it would certainly be unique! I'm afraifd "the cavaliers" also reminds me of terrible schoolboy football teams and a really ugly car. I'll throw another name into the hat, what about "the forresters". "the story of windsor" book say the following about the leper hospital...... "The leper hospital was founded in 1168 and dedicated to St Peter. It's likely that the main buildings were in St Leonards Road. It was expanded about a hundred years later, by being given 120 acres of Windsor Forest. This seems t
  15. According to the express Mugey has taken over as manager at Didcot. I know Mugey has one or two detractors at Windsor but I'm sure the majority of supporters wish him well and appreciate the excellent job he did last season in very difficult circumstances.
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