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  1. 05-January 11 - Happy Birthday Riverview Supporter :)

  2. Originally Posted By: Darter Originally Posted By: Riverview Supporter Freedom of speech , my rear end . One rule for one and one for the others . Same old freemyfc members , different name. er ... you mean "I'll defend your right to free speech and to be abusive as long as it's directed at people I don't like" don't you? Never heard you sticking up for others when some of your pals here were abusing us. Same old Ebbs forum, but fortunately, a much better class of moderator now thank goodness Not at all Darter. I have reigned people in for what they have siad and they have apolo
  3. Looset Why are you telling jeff that he cant become abusive whilst Claudius is calling him an idiot.He has also asked Jeff to "Go back sucking Brooks balls mate." Freedom of speech , my rear end . One rule for one and one for the others . Same old freemyfc members , different name.
  4. Originally Posted By: Claudius I want to see Eufc runned in a professional and longterm sustainable way before I let go. I demand it! Can I ask, Why? What difference does it make to you how the club are run (or runned as you put it). You are hell bent on the destruction of EUFC . Its a line you spin again and again. If your going to leave when it is run (or runned) properly then why stay here now? In the end you wont be here. Save us some time and yourslef some time and disappear to the stone you crawled out from under.
  5. Paul does drink , but he does it in a real world enviroment where he talks to real people. He puts his point of view and is happy to listen and respond. You Claudius are a pompous twit whos sole aim is to see EUFC fail. Dont come back spouting its MYFC you wish to see fail as that is rubbish. Page after page of nonsense going on about how much cash the club are loosing and how they will fail. We are not stupid , and secret forums exist in more than one place. We know your insider , we know a fair bit about a lot of you. In fact we couldnt give a toss about any of you really. MY
  6. Originally Posted By: Darter "Lurking" is of course allowed. But lurking and then using what you have read to stir up trouble for people elsewhere is not quite the same thing, is it? We dont know. Is it? If you are so upset about not posting on the new forum may I suggest one of the following. 1) Raise a motion on MYfc to go to vote if you have enough people who care left in your litte group to force the club to open the forum to all. 2) Go away to another forum where plenty of people are in harmony and happy and discussing their club/hobby and annoy them. 3) Just bug
  7. reviewed the membership- That is sheer quality. Hope the new mods have picked up on that. Quality. Sheer quality. So one rule for one and one for another. Dont do as we do do as we say. New year, new toys , same people throwing them
  8. PDSA in action Whan I bought my spud , i got a fork , but ideally I would like a fork/knife combo. Think these are called a knork
  9. I must agree that Starbucks is good. My top three are 1) Grandads home made with dash of mint 2) Aero from the fleet 3) Starbucks. I am goign to try a sausage roll tomorrow and will feed back. But those spuds are so tempting.
  10. The issue is Keith , is that the constent arguing and bickering between various factions makes MYFC unattractive to th majority (casual) fan. I have
  11. Slatter at right back was intresting. I though he may struggle with his lack of height , but was mopping up balls all afternoon. Hand has good visions , a good first touch and the ability to know where players around him are. Stone on for Barratt was a good move as my believe is that they cant both start and are so alike. George is a revolution at the moment. Has he loas a bit of weight as well. Roaming across the pitch. But Lance is just awesome. we have so much confidence in him on those one on one situations and given the chance to progress will be a worthy keeper at League One.
  12. Originally Posted By: Jeff Kenny won first prize in the Fleet Trust raffle. Well pleased for him. Excellant A true character at all games , loved by all.
  13. Originally Posted By: Yorkfox We are living in interesting times Brian, I fear to do the job properly, we might have to do quite a lot of testing ?, I mean, its our duty . I am going to try a hot Sausage roll on Saturday and another Aero Based Chocolate. Apparantly the tea was intresting as "It tasted like tea , was hot and plentiful" We are now close to a footballing expieriance
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