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  1. the start of a new era and the new shirt design looks good.(hopefully these will go on sale early as I want one :-) although I dare say many would like the red n white stripes to remain sometimes it is good to change things a little and still got a bit of white n black on the collar
  2. days like saturday makes up for all them cold dark tuesday evenings since we dropped into the north . nice spring sunshine , fans in full voice and as for the game witham wasnt that bad a team to knock in 6 past them took some doing ,
  3. great show from all the team , at times some of the football Hornchurch played was top drawer which was good to see. and chris looked like the player that has always given us much trouble. there was good support as well with plenty of noise behind the goal which the team seemed to have enjoyed
  4. A really big game coming up on Easter Saturday win it and and one hand on promotion if we lose to potters bar and bowers win at ware and it will be game on for 1st to 3rd and the dreaded play-offs in truth we havnt played that great for a few months now but other results have gone in our favour we should have enough in our squad to get the job done but matti has been a big miss ....hopefully a crowd of 250 plus on Saturday to get behind the urchins and we can get the job done
  5. would take a 1-1 all day ..I hate Friday night football but bowers have only been getting around 80 on a Saturday tonight will be higher there will be quite a few members of the southend utd travel zone which stated as running trips to all away games for pitsea based southend fans, some of which are involved with bowers so should be 190 tonight I would think . 10 min walk for me but will be busy at the speedway
  6. 10 min walk to bowers for me the nearest bus stop to Pitsea rail station is at Tesco which is the number 5 heading towards Basildon which goes close to ground but allow plenty of time, as the last few weeks the 5 service has had a few buses missing due to lack of drivers etc ...the Chalvedon Hall is the nearest pub to ground that's about a 10 min or so walk away
  7. been a strange season we have a good lead over the 3rd place teams but the home games have not been good for the nerves every week seems more tense than the one before and i still have not got over the Waltham Abbey game i suppose its good for any neutrals but just for one home game can we have a nice easy 3-0 with 4 mins left to enjoy, i think it would be easier to be playing in the games rather than watching ;-) ;-)
  8. going to be a tough one , the home performances havn't been that great since the new year so urchins will need to be at their best to win this , cant be as bad as the away game at canvey so going 1-1 ( although a win is needed to stop bowers closing up they play their game in hand mid-week which is home v romford ) att 257
  9. A great effort by the southend fans to get todays game v walsall on after being armed with shovels from 8 this morning to clear the pitch
  10. i just hope everything is sorted before the final home game v aveley as now its been switched from the saturday to the friday evening i wont be able to make that game as i will have to do my officials job at the lakeside v redcar speedway match the same evening
  11. very hard earned important win and the 2nd goal by george was up in the simon parker league, i suppose it would be good for the nerves if we can have a easy home win just for once :-) :-)
  12. i thought it could have been a tricky mid-week game romford have improved a little of late and gave canvey a few scares before losing 2-0 on saturday, but if we play to our best we have the team to take anyone apart
  13. great way to build on the late winner saturday and its the perfect time to get the confidence back up and get ready for the final push too get out of this league
  14. urchins not at their best looked like we had another barking when i thought norwich had scored after everyone seemed to switch off, the weather didnt help but when George is about there is always hope :-) it may just be a goal that gets more than just 3 points as it hopefully lift the team up now with the 2 away games to come good to see 200 through the gate again , what with orient at home and daggers doing their special price game of £2.50 for adults as well plus norwich didnt bring any fans with them hopefully the home games v canvey and bowers will go past the 300
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