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  1. Welcome aboard. Whose up for a green and yellow 3rd kit 😁
  2. Ship Lane is still there. Perhaps home form could improve if we moved there? 🤣
  3. 👍 George and marks seem to be scoring still so maybe some help from the midfield. I think replacing a quality player like Warner was maybe harder then expected as he chipped in with a fair few goals from midfield.
  4. Sadly I'm no longer in the area and have other priorities which come first however still having a genuine interest in the club I've followed for a number of years (like most of you), I was keen to find out your thoughts
  5. I've not seen any of the games since Stimson has been installed of manager so don't know how we are playing other then looking at the results and opions on here. I understand it takes a while for new managers to put their ideas in place but 14 games in for Stimson and it's not looking great. So I'm interested in your views are we genuinely heading in the right direction and it's just a case of not taking out chances? Perhaps we are trying to play too much football now rather then grinding out results and becoming hard to beat under Jimmy?
  6. I was expecting to read a message about Rob 😂
  7. Looking from afar but that's a real shocking result. We never used to ship goals like this when Jimmy was in charge. It's getting tight at the bottom so let's hope results improve. A quick look suggests with the exception of the Margate game we haven't kept a clean sheet since Sept? Surely not ..
  8. Another 3 have departed: Hogan, Livings and Nana
  9. Taylor Miles on loan from Chelmo apprently.
  10. I believe all the new signings had played for Mark with Thurrock who were Ryman Prem at the time. I knew it would happen but I'm not a fan of mass players following their manager from club to club as I'd hate it to ever happen to us. Still onwards and upwards...
  11. Theo has left the club. Not sure what to make of these wholesale changes. Imo the squad only needed twerking, I just hope the new players hit the ground running.
  12. Are we Thurrock in disguise? Or maybe Waltham Abbey 😉
  13. Judging by the influx of new signings I cannot see them all sticking around.
  14. Forgot about him tbh. He has managed a few clubs since ricay and not done great I don't think. I'm going for Jim Cooper as the realistic option but I'd like Choulsey 😃
  15. Haha let's hope so.....no pressure then.
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