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  1. Now 8/1 someone's had a cheeky tenner by the looks of it
  2. First half was decent, playing it along the back with all the the new look defence all looking sound with the ball at their feet only thing lacking is a 16stone Akenfenwa to hold up the ball and win a few headers. Second half was a nothing half but with all those changes I didn't expect anything more. Dutton Iooked confident on the ball and I'll look forward to seeing more of him this season.
  3. Blast from the past. Great signing...one of the hx greats.
  4. So sorry to hear this. Awful news. RIP Tina
  5. I think if Cooper was to go there may well be a fan revolt. 😇 You're right they ain't just abbey players but Thurrock players but they could come from anywhere, wholesale changes are hard to take and from a personal selfish opinion the only fans benefiting currently are the old Thurrock fans seeing their team rise from the ashes. N.b this ain't a dig or moan but a mere observation.
  6. Great move for him. Wish him all the best. Hx legend
  7. Without a doubt the ESL season was my fav. On our travels we used to out number home fans at least 2/1. The Burnham Beano springs to mind as one of my faves. I think it was the Gordon Brasted final but I may be wrong. Like COT mentions the Weymouth game was something else too...someone naughty let of a smoke grenade in the celebrations too! Also remember in the Connie south season against Ebbsfleet...I believe it was the last game where we had all out superstars at the time. Grimsby away is up there too although not the result we wanted. We have been blessed with many greats over the years Steve Jones scored for fun as did Krissy Lee, Vinny John, Danny Heale, Billy Holland, Jonny Keeling the list is endless. The Lowestoft game was one of the worst experiences 3 hour coach journey, fights with the locals and no where to see the match..fun times! Picture taken Vs Ilford? away...believe it was Elliot Styles debut..and he was shocking, didn't think we'd see him play again. Guess I was wrong...
  8. Anyone who has a different opinion to you, me or anyone is is not a disgrace. They all follow/support the team, so if I was you I think you need to calm down abit before going off on one. Stimson and for anyone else linked with the club is not untouchable, this is a forum and anyone can voice their views freely. Unless we should stop this too perhaps? Stop press I think the new signings have now made a U-turn after reading a handful of posts that question some Hornchchurch greats being released...
  9. This. I only watched a couple of games last season whether bad choice of games or not both times the newer signings looked poor in comparison to what we had previously. One thing Jimmy done well was to keep a strong core of players together who were all united, and would dig in for one another. From what I'm hearing I'm not so sure this current lot would I'm afraid ...
  10. How sad to see the promotion winning team dismantled like this.
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