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  1. Can't really compare the 2 as he wil be more of a like for like with Higgins. Hopefully he hits the ground running.
  2. Really lacked any quality again, had a couple of chances but still not a great performance. Feels very flat and one dimensional...where has the quick interplay gone which was a joy to watch last season? was good to see some of the previously injured players back tho, I'll take a draw but something tactically needs to happen before we are adrift of the playoffs. I find it strange we haven't signed a centrehalf to fill the void of Ricky we seem very light at the back. We really miss Micky/Remi overlapping down the flanks and I feel the current formation with Micky as a right sided centreha
  3. https://etfc.london/farewell-billy
  4. Come on guys. Ultimately we all want the same thing and there's definitely no right or wrong way to show your positive support. Roll on tomorrow and 3 points in the bag.
  5. Not really sure how to take today's game. Where had the lion's share of the possession and created enough chances to win however extra touches and being too indecisive cost us. Unless Cooney was injured not sure why he was subbed? Im a big fan of Jilly but that change and slight change to formation cost us the game today. I would have started him but further up the field where it suits him best (he put a few lovely crosses in but ultimately in being so attacking left space further back, I'm sure their equaliser came down that side). Positives to take from today, we scored 3 and Hayles was a we
  6. Really disappointed with the performance over both games, we lacked thrust and creativity in midfield with no one willing to travel with the ball. The defence often going long with no one winning the second ball...we made it easy for Bowers. A real shame to lose if nothing more then the money we'd have got from the next game. League our main focus now, hopefully a couple of signings through the door to boost morale and add abit of competition for places if nothing more. Oh a quick note of a decent attendance for a midweek game.
  7. Gotta admit I thought it was gonna be one of those nights however Jilli took his chance and really impressed. Great going forward, worked hard getting back and his crossing was fantastic a real outlet for us throughout the game. Hopefully we can kick on from this result now. Well played lads
  8. We were 1000/1 to win it before the tournament started. I'm sure I read that from a mail online article
  9. Wow. Echo what has already been said. Everything single player was unbelievable...not just for this game but the games leading up to the final too. Throughout this whole covid saga you guys have got us through it. Never did I think when we went 1.0 down Vs bowers did I think we'd end up winning the whole thing! Really looking forward to what the new season brings... hopefully we can ride on the crest of this wave keeping all the new fans and keeping this postive momentum going. Thank you everyone involved
  10. Jord, can you put a medium t-shirt to one side for me please?
  11. Is there a possibility to all buy tickets together? Would be a shame for the Eastside to be a fair distance apart etc
  12. Thought I was seeing things mate! You planning on going to the final? Drop me a text if you've still got my number.
  13. I couldn't put in to words the emotions before during and after but thank you to all involved in giving us fans a lasting memory we never thought we'd actually have....little old HX at Wembley...wow it really happened
  14. I see County have sacked their manager and assistant....
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