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  1. Reading the latest release from the Darlo board they may well furlough their playing staff thereby not being able to train during this time (classed as work)...
  2. Deleted message, posted in wrong thread.
  3. It's going to have to be travel on the day as no hotels will be open...unless they hire a few campervans. Now that's an idea lol.. 🤔
  4. A big well done to the players and everyone else involved with the club. Down to the bare bones again and we still manage to put in a great performance and result to match. Higgins finishing masterclass and Ellis doing his best impression of the Duracell bunny seemed to do the trick...a couple weeks more to train and hopefully at least having Parcell back should really help bulster the squad. Make no mistake there isn't a club left in the competition that wants to get drawn to us right now. Well played each and everyone one of you.
  5. Are we able to call back some of the players who were on dual reg to bolster the squad I wonder? Home draw is all you can ask for and Maidstone won't fancy coming here that's for sure...
  6. The previous time was Vs Hendesford. Remember being on the coach only to be told it was postponed...replay on a wet and windy Tuesday.
  7. Lunchtime 12-1 I think. Was last time anyway...
  8. Echo what everyone had said already. The commitment from everyone was fantastic and even with a slightly depleted squad and only fielding 4 subs we put that full time lot to shame. The quickness we broke away definitely didn't look like it was from a team that hadn't played competivly for quite some time. No easy draw left now but let's get the smallest team left please and then once we can all get back in the ground a slightly bigger one for the semi. This money is really going to be useful in keeping the squad together I hope! Congratulations everyone.
  9. So we get biased commentry from KLT and our club foot the bill of giving £5 bar credit to the fans? It's a lovely guesture but I hope no one takes the credit offer up from Alex as the club shouldnt be losing out at all here. £2 from £7 should got to KLT the rest to HX seems fair to me.
  10. I'll happily provide an unofficial stream from a bridge ave garden if I can gain access. 🤔
  11. Wishing you all a Happy New Year! Look forward to seeing you moany old lot on the terraces sooner rather then later.
  12. Neither team will fancy the long journey down that's for sure. King's Lynn have got some very good players but seemed to have found the step up abit too much so far. Let's add another 5k to our winnings
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