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  1. I don't suppose there's any videos of the goals?
  2. Great performance with some stunning goals to boot. On paper this could have been a real tricky game but once we settled, the movement of our forwards and calmness at the back led by Ricky was too much for the walnuts. George was absolutely on fire, all it needed was a goal by him to cap off a fine display. MacLeod up front was a great player in his day and expected more from him, infact I still think Ricky still has him in his pocket! Well played lads...roll on Monday for the draw
  3. Agree, it was a bad day at the office. Our midfield seemed abit sluggish losing the second ball more often then not with no real outlet when we did have the ball which is something unusual as we've been really solid in this area of late with runners and options all over the pitch. Can only put it down to the conditions/fatigue, special mention to their keeper who played a blinder. Anyway let's move on from this blip and make amends Saturday.
  4. The length of the grass and more excuses from kingstonian can be seen here
  5. Very impressive performance and great goals too. Special mention to Dickson whose workrate and hold up play was class not to mention his clever runs between defenders causing problems all afternoon.
  6. I read of a non League club offering discounted entry for people suffering with mental illness. This would obviously be hard to administer but little things like having a chat with someone at a match may really help people who otherwise might not leave their house or speak to people weeks on end. Football is great middle ground for people of all walks of life to see they have something in common.
  7. Thats a bold statement. It's a strong team I'll give you that but even hx have had stronger in the past let alone other clubs in the last few years.
  8. Was an entertaining game. Hx had the better chances and looked alot fitter them Dagenham in the second half, in my eyes Hx were well worth the win.
  9. Interesting piece here https://www.romfordrecorder.co.uk/sport/football/non-league/hornchurch-evaluating-trialists-1-6174091
  10. Now 8/1 someone's had a cheeky tenner by the looks of it
  11. First half was decent, playing it along the back with all the the new look defence all looking sound with the ball at their feet only thing lacking is a 16stone Akenfenwa to hold up the ball and win a few headers. Second half was a nothing half but with all those changes I didn't expect anything more. Dutton Iooked confident on the ball and I'll look forward to seeing more of him this season.
  12. Blast from the past. Great signing...one of the hx greats.
  13. So sorry to hear this. Awful news. RIP Tina
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