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  1. We were 1000/1 to win it before the tournament started. I'm sure I read that from a mail online article
  2. Wow. Echo what has already been said. Everything single player was unbelievable...not just for this game but the games leading up to the final too. Throughout this whole covid saga you guys have got us through it. Never did I think when we went 1.0 down Vs bowers did I think we'd end up winning the whole thing! Really looking forward to what the new season brings... hopefully we can ride on the crest of this wave keeping all the new fans and keeping this postive momentum going. Thank you everyone involved
  3. Jord, can you put a medium t-shirt to one side for me please?
  4. Is there a possibility to all buy tickets together? Would be a shame for the Eastside to be a fair distance apart etc
  5. Thought I was seeing things mate! You planning on going to the final? Drop me a text if you've still got my number.
  6. I couldn't put in to words the emotions before during and after but thank you to all involved in giving us fans a lasting memory we never thought we'd actually have....little old HX at Wembley...wow it really happened
  7. I see County have sacked their manager and assistant....
  8. Whatever I say won't do that performance justice. Just incredible everyone of them. Let's hope we have enough time to patch up the walking wounded and back for the semis. The co-commentator and ex manager of them kept on mentioning our apperent lack of fitness and how it will tell in the later stages. Perhaps there's a reason he is now ex manager? Either way Higgins et all played out of this world to shut him and his biased views up.
  9. Reading the latest release from the Darlo board they may well furlough their playing staff thereby not being able to train during this time (classed as work)...
  10. Deleted message, posted in wrong thread.
  11. It's going to have to be travel on the day as no hotels will be open...unless they hire a few campervans. Now that's an idea lol.. 🤔
  12. A big well done to the players and everyone else involved with the club. Down to the bare bones again and we still manage to put in a great performance and result to match. Higgins finishing masterclass and Ellis doing his best impression of the Duracell bunny seemed to do the trick...a couple weeks more to train and hopefully at least having Parcell back should really help bulster the squad. Make no mistake there isn't a club left in the competition that wants to get drawn to us right now. Well played each and everyone one of you.
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