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  1. A real gutsy performance on a very tricky surface. Thought BS were really one dimensional looking to go long and hope of the second ball coming from no9 more often then not, fortunately for us both Hayles and Clarke were both on top form and won everything thrown at them. A real pleaseing win and a clean sheet against a team that up till today hadn't lost since October. I must admit I thought the ref had a shocker but that's opinions and football for you haha Well played lads!
  2. Fantastic overall performance. Played some lovely stuff on a very difficult surface. Thought Ruff was a real class above today showing some lovely flicks and linking up well with the forward line capping his performance off with a well deserved goal also a special mention to Ola who looks a great signing. Well done lads!
  3. Extremely shocking news. RIP Marvin
  4. Thanks very much Colin and the team for a really enjoyable night.
  5. Good luck to him although still very raw he has been the one of the very few highlights this season and has put in some decent performances and has a great delivery too. Hopefully we've tied him down to a contract so will get some sort of compensation for him.
  6. Are we just going to ignore the fact we persist in playing players out of position hoping we will click? Once again we've had more then enough time to get a centrehalf on duel reg to deputise for Hayles/Clarke but instead play Parcell. We've got a striker who looks like he will never score in Bricknell (not replaced Dicko) and we left our 2 most creative players on the bench bringing on Ruff with 6 mins to play. This season should have been about progressing, using that cup win to push on keep the core if the team and improve it using the cup money yet we've kept the same team struggling to fi
  7. As mentioned above think 3.0 flattered us with real chances being a premium, however with a lot of shuffling at the back and to keep a clean sheet is an excellent return. Thought both loanees done well too. We've now got a little break so hopefully get some players back to match fitness...really hoping Higgins returns soon.
  8. Agreed. At times we looked like the team we know and love with Micky bombing forward and some neat play in midfield however the longer the game went on I felt an equaliser was coming. Fortunately it never came. Tough game Tuesday with a few unavailable by the looks of it. I'm hopeful we can grind out another result. Well played lads onwards and upwards.
  9. I ment in terms of a squad player but yep ideally Remi 😅
  10. I see Cooney has gone already. Hopefully we have someone else lined up now.
  11. It will be a big boost if they are both able to start next match. Both obviously improve us defensively however going forward is where I believe we have missed them most. Unsure on cooney - Also Wilberforce seems to have disappeared too.
  12. Gets goals which is something we are currently struggling with. On a separate note we really need some new signings in the squad for the weekend if our injury crisis hasn't improved. We've been light at the back last 5 weeks yet haven't added and infact lost a defender in Statham?
  13. Can't really compare the 2 as he wil be more of a like for like with Higgins. Hopefully he hits the ground running.
  14. Really lacked any quality again, had a couple of chances but still not a great performance. Feels very flat and one dimensional...where has the quick interplay gone which was a joy to watch last season? was good to see some of the previously injured players back tho, I'll take a draw but something tactically needs to happen before we are adrift of the playoffs. I find it strange we haven't signed a centrehalf to fill the void of Ricky we seem very light at the back. We really miss Micky/Remi overlapping down the flanks and I feel the current formation with Micky as a right sided centreha
  15. https://etfc.london/farewell-billy
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