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  1. Scott Doe seems to have signed from Romford
  2. Perhaps Andy could set a redirect with it to the current site?
  3. George Has signed for Aveley. Best of luck
  4. Thank you. Remember that game well...Stefan's debut I believe and a great goal to top it off.
  5. Just a thought Rob but perhaps you could release some of the future games in private mode and fans could perhaps donate towards the running of the club for access to the video URL? It may not amount to much but every little helps
  6. Think that was the last time I saw gooner 😆
  7. Thanks very much, wow brings back some memories. Some great players in that team, still to this day Krissy Lee and Parker up there with the best signings we have ever made imo. Lee Brown one of the best left backs I've seen and gone on to have a great career too. Donnie, Tomo, Goodfellow, Purdie all fantastic players for us too. In fact the only player I don't think we saw the best out of was Hodges however he had a great career too.
  8. Thanks for the reply, completely understand. Look forward to seeing more vids in the coming weeks.
  9. Excellent. Thanks very much. I dont suppose you have any of the ESL matches in the archives? Or perhaps 'that' Weymouth game?
  10. So basically the club has spent thousands throughout the season and volunteers working tirelessly all for nothing. I feel this could well be the end for a few clubs I'm afraid.
  11. Great player who chipped in with some important goals, surprised to see him go however with the signings of Osborne/Cureton perhaps chances would be limited.
  12. Draw was a fair result although to concede in that manor is a real kick in the nuts. It was never gonna be a game full of total football in those conditions but if we want to get out of this league it's games like today we need to be winning, I felt we never created enough or at the very least caused their keeper many problems. Cunnington done well holding up the ball and linking the midfield but he was one of a few highlights in this game. Roll next week
  13. As good as signing I can ever remember. A fantastic pro who will deffo give us some extra firepower. What a brilliant signing
  14. Got injured after 20mins I believe. Palace streamed the match.
  15. Believe he has a broken eye socket?
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