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  1. So basically the club has spent thousands throughout the season and volunteers working tirelessly all for nothing. I feel this could well be the end for a few clubs I'm afraid.
  2. Great player who chipped in with some important goals, surprised to see him go however with the signings of Osborne/Cureton perhaps chances would be limited.
  3. Draw was a fair result although to concede in that manor is a real kick in the nuts. It was never gonna be a game full of total football in those conditions but if we want to get out of this league it's games like today we need to be winning, I felt we never created enough or at the very least caused their keeper many problems. Cunnington done well holding up the ball and linking the midfield but he was one of a few highlights in this game. Roll next week
  4. As good as signing I can ever remember. A fantastic pro who will deffo give us some extra firepower. What a brilliant signing
  5. Got injured after 20mins I believe. Palace streamed the match.
  6. Believe he has a broken eye socket?
  7. As per the official website. Very good striker, knows where the goal is and who should really complement Dickson. Look forward to seeing him in action.
  8. I forgot to mention how poor I thought the ref was seemingly giving fouls whenever a player would scream and call for one. Anyway let's dust ourselves down and concentrate on the big game Wednesday. I'm sure the team will wanna get straight back to winning ways.
  9. Was a very poor game with no real football from either side, we struggled to deal with Sykes aireal ability all game and unfortunately when we needed our midfield most it was non existent with poorly placed passing and no forward threat. I feel the team appeared quite lopsided with George on one wing but nothing on the other (then Remi bombing forward), we never tested their keeper all game and all in all I cannot argue with the result Aveley were worthy winners.
  10. Was a great night. Well done all. I'm sure there was some cheating going on...the winners only dropped about 4 points from the whole quiz! Was like competing against the egg heads.
  11. This is as far back as I can remember. Fantastic run if results for part of that season. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/rejuvenated-borg-guides-hornchurch-to-second-trophy-scalp-77pgzt8mp6j#
  12. Make no mistake neither of those teams will want to come down the bridge that's for sure. It's a winnable game and that's all you can ask for. Leave Notts County till the round
  13. A real professional performance with everyone giving their all. The change is formation worked a treat the the Dulwich forward line really only had scraps to feed on all day. Scoreline flattered Dulwich who I don't think could have moaned if we had 2+. Saunders again proving his worth with some nice lay offs, linking up well with Dicko. Midfield getting in the Dulwich faces in which they had no time to settle all afternoon. Well played lads! Let's get a nice draw please...
  14. All very quiet on here lately, we have a big game Saturday with a healthy cash prize for getting through as well as a large gate to boot (Hopefully). Dulwich certainly won't be pushovers but we are due a good cup run so let's get over and cheer the lads on to victory!
  15. A gusty performance in awful conditions. Marv and Dicko worked tirelessly and their hold up play was v good. George again showed his quality with a special strike which he won't forget about in a hurry. To have such an unfamiliar back four which changed several times over the 2 games and still pull through says alot about this squad. My mom was Jordan Clark who gave his all and didn't lose a duel all night which typified our performance. Big game Saturday... hopefully the walking wounded can get us 3 points.
  16. I doubt it - they barely get more then we do for home games.
  17. Tough draw. Looking at their results they have been very patchy with some good results more recently (beating Dorking and Slough) but as this is a cup anything can happen an I've got faith we can get a result!
  18. Good performance in awful conditions, Saunders with a MOM display typified by his assists for the second and third goals, I've noticed he has recently been challenging a lot more in the air, more commited in the tackle and winning his fair share now too which is a real plus for us when defending from the front. Could have been 4 or 5 but I'm just happy with the 3 points. Well played all.
  19. When they took the lead I thought it was gonna be one of those games but credit to the lads they pushed on through in tricky conditions. Second half was poor with no quality from either side but plenty of effort. I felt we lacked that killer pass at times today however Green showed looks like he could have this in his locker, once Spence is fit again I think he will link up very well with him. Not the best of games but we are in the hat for the next round which is the most important thing. Well done all
  20. Unbeaten in their league and scoring goals for fun. They will be a threat but I've got faith we will brush them aside. (Injuries permitting)
  21. Really pleased to come away with the 3 points, smallsy done his homework and packed the midfield out leaving us really struggling to pick a pass in midfield. We missed Spence's energy, ball winning and calmness on the ball however the early changes made a difference and full marks to Stimson for recognising them. Both Hayles and Cooper put in big shifts against that big unit who enjoyed putting himself about but moaned all day when it was dished out back to him. This was a game in past we may well have lost (big crowd, struggling team with ex players who have a point to prove etc) but we overcame this..so maybe just maybe this could well be our season. Long way to go I know but the signs are promising. Well played everyone
  22. A real battling performance in terrible conditions. Hard to single out one stand out performance as everyone put in a great shift. The defence as a unit were superb who managed to shut out Folkestone for the first time this season (league). Well played lads!
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