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  1. Fantastic servant to the club. Remebemebr seeing his debut and didn't think he'd last the season! Hopefully a testimonial is in order.
  2. Has joined Tilbury. A match made in heaven
  3. Yep, he lives in upminster so I'm guessing the travelling in that league now would be far too much.
  4. I see we are no longer playing in red and white stripes. Was there any thought behind this? I know it's only a kit and there's far more things to be concerned about but red and white stripes were part of our identity or atleast I thought they were.
  5. To my knowledge both Coggeshall clubs play at West Street.
  6. I'm guessing as far north as Leiston?
  7. I've got a feeling we may well see one or two Thurrock players turn out for us pre season. Lewwis Spence is one who'd be handy I recon.
  8. Rip Peter. A lovely gentleman who knew nonleague inside and out. Terrible news.
  9. Surely a Haringey win is best for the club. Otherwise I'd guess Canvey would be searching through the same pool of available players as ourselves come preseason and every little helps!
  10. I'm not sure if I'm in the bracket of 'glory hunting' or not but given the attendances the club will surely be glad to have whoever they can through the door whether their first game of the season or first game back in 10 years. At the end of the day people come to support the club.
  11. Congratulations everyone. Thoroughly deserved and finnaly back where we belong (atleast). Roll on next season.
  12. Really impressed with the quality of the show. Replays shown from a number of angles and commentators seemed to know their stuff too.
  13. Be a shame to see it ripped up. They have had some great nights over there, the Luton town game etc. Roll out 3g on the main pitch and add floodlights and 3g on the x2 training pitches and you'd have a great setup.
  14. Get well soon Jimmy. Look forward to seeing you make full and speedy recovery
  15. This post is actually comical....are you on a wind up mate? Stef is a quality player there is no doubt about it...and whatever abuse was given to him was out of order but so was his tweets do you not agree? Does he deserve another chance...? OF COURSE! quality players are hard to come by - will he be here next season? absolutely not. This was a shop window for him and at the end of the season I' sure he will be off to a conf side again which I'm sure we all agree is his standard. Without him midtable? he aint a one man team fella. If thats the case the same could be said for Hayles (player of the season) and styles (100% EVERY GAME)....basically I'm trying to say its a team game. You are also saying the standard of playing dictates how well you know the game? do me a favour...Roy Keane and John Barnes played at the highest level and they know [****!!****] all!! I'd have a guess that I've played at as high standard as yourself and seen as many games as you have too.....its all opinions mate You mention the 8 pound...its not all about the money...a lot of people put there hard work and time in to this club both volunteering and supporting and to see things like this hurts as it seems that OUR club gets [****!!****]ed by people every season....and things like this will do wonders for our gates dropping too which is *nice* for the outsider...
  16. Deary me...taken from their forum http://www.wealdstonefc.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=6917 There's sure to be more classics and biased views posted soon no doubt. Christ, where do you start after that? 2 goals down after 11 minutes, down to 10 men after 20. Game dead and buried. Couldn't get the ball down and play, no engine in centre midfield, switched off at the back for the first 2 goals, no pace or urgency up front. It was shocking. Got to put it behind us and move on, but if that doesn't tell GB a few things about a couple of players I don't know what will.. As for Hornchurch, horrible place, horrible ground, horrible players, horrible club. I'd rather lose 6-1 than have to go and watch football there every week. I thought their number 9 (Payne?) was outstanding however, strong and direct. He looked like he would score every time he went forward, the rolling around on the floor feigning injury was embarrassing and let him down. As for the rest of the Urchins, nothing special at all. Hoof merchants and strong in the tackle, but it does beg the question whether we've got the right balance to get out of this division? We fail against sides like that time and time again, it's no coincidence. It's ugly but effective. Support was unreal today. Over 200 travelling fans, 6-0 down and louder than ever. Puts anything else at this level and above to shame.
  17. Wow... Best performance of the season in my opinion. The movement and linkup of our forwards is terrific..midfield is battling and winning 50/50's..defense is composed and I cant think of one negative. Steffan was unplayable again as was Bremner (how hard does he work!?) Was so important to get this victory in order to get some well needed cash as well as more publicity with the potential of a big game in the next round. Well played lads! Big game next Saturday to look forward to. If there are any stones fans reading this...majority of your fans seem abit disillusioned...you ARE a RYMAN team not a league team get over it...the comments on twitter are ridiculous! So basically 6.1 flattered us and it was all the refs doing...never read so much shit.
  18. I agree with you R, the cup money is imperative for a club like ours and it could help throughout the season but I'm just talking in terms of our general play...as a supporter I'd like to be entertained and for some reason our home games just aint entertaining..our style of play is the factor. It's no coincidence that the 2 best side's I've seen so far this season in Wealdstone and Dulwich both play the passing game using the flanks. It is also no coincidence that when we play the passing game we get results too....Cray, Margate, Dulwich and Ricay spring to mind. This isnt a moan at the management who I have the upmost respect for but I guess some of the players who seem it suitable to smash hit and hope balls with no thought about it.
  19. Not many positives to take from that performance apart from still being in the draw and all things considered a half decent crowd. Too many times recently we turn up with the same gameplan...slow starting, under the cosh from the getgo, midfield is no outlet, change at half time no real difference then go 4 up top as a last throw of the dice...luckily for us all this has worked a fair few times this season... I just feel we have the players to play a different way and with a half decent pitch like today's we should be taking advantage of it...Dulwich away is a prime example of how good we can play...yet I go away feeling dejected even tho we are still in with a shout...perhaps it seems like I'm expecting too much but I know we are capable of it as I've seen us pass teams off the pitch previously..why the change in mentality?
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