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  1. Taylor Miles on loan from Chelmo apprently.
  2. I believe all the new signings had played for Mark with Thurrock who were Ryman Prem at the time. I knew it would happen but I'm not a fan of mass players following their manager from club to club as I'd hate it to ever happen to us. Still onwards and upwards...
  3. Theo has left the club. Not sure what to make of these wholesale changes. Imo the squad only needed twerking, I just hope the new players hit the ground running.
  4. Are we Thurrock in disguise? Or maybe Waltham Abbey 😉
  5. Judging by the influx of new signings I cannot see them all sticking around.
  6. Forgot about him tbh. He has managed a few clubs since ricay and not done great I don't think. I'm going for Jim Cooper as the realistic option but I'd like Choulsey 😃
  7. Haha let's hope so.....no pressure then.
  8. Who would you like to see at the helm?
  9. The greatest manager this club has ever had and without him (and Colin) we may well be languasing in the the bottom half of the ESL or lower. Thanks for the memories Jim both good and bad, enjoy your rest...you deserve it.
  10. Caskeys free kick against ebbsfleet? Always sticks in my mind also Kris Lees Vs canvey.
  11. One of my all time favourite hx memories. What a great day that was.
  12. I guess there's no such thing as an easy draw in the fa cup but this must be one of the preferred choices.
  13. Bookies have us as favourites, so I'm going with them. CHAMPIONS.
  14. Lewwis Spence has signed! What a great signing this is.
  15. Fantastic servant to the club. Remebemebr seeing his debut and didn't think he'd last the season! Hopefully a testimonial is in order.
  16. Has joined Tilbury. A match made in heaven
  17. Yep, he lives in upminster so I'm guessing the travelling in that league now would be far too much.
  18. I see we are no longer playing in red and white stripes. Was there any thought behind this? I know it's only a kit and there's far more things to be concerned about but red and white stripes were part of our identity or atleast I thought they were.
  19. To my knowledge both Coggeshall clubs play at West Street.
  20. I'm guessing as far north as Leiston?
  21. I've got a feeling we may well see one or two Thurrock players turn out for us pre season. Lewwis Spence is one who'd be handy I recon.
  22. Rip Peter. A lovely gentleman who knew nonleague inside and out. Terrible news.
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