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  1. Agree, there's a bucket load of info that needs adding to the site even if we are to simply replicate what we had before. What the old site didn't have though was any real "features" (it was more a data warehouse) so it would be good to get a couple of these features up and running. Have you a timeframe for delivering: - the eShop .. this is free money for the club so we should have this asap - facebook and twitter plug-ins e.g. likes, shares and tweets for the news items - improving the comms channels so we spread the word much more effectively There's a whole load of other stuff that would be good to have (multi-admin access, event calendars, email marketing and subscriptions, integrated forum etc etc) but these are secondary and can be agreed on and discussed separately. If you're operating a CMS then I'm happy (as I'm sure are others) to help get any of the static info up there if you just wanted to focus on the clever stuff. Andy. The main content will be added when I have time - I have a full time job like many so I'm currently doing this in my lunch and when I have time at home, a few bits will be added this week. The system is not CMS yet as we needed the site 'live' asap and as I'm sure you are aware adding a CMS is time consuming. Could you send through the eshop link again please and I'll see how it works? With regards to all this: multi-admin access - Only myself and One other will have access as we want consistency through out event calendars - for what reason? email marketing and subscriptions - we will have sign up forms (I'm waiting on hosting info from IAN_W before we can create these) integrated forum - Why? we have a decent forum here (which will be linked at some point today) facebook and twitter plug-ins e.g. likes, shares and tweets for the news items - we currently have a latest tweet section on the left hand side, which enables you to retweet ect as for facebook this will be added soon. Thanks
  2. I still have more to do such as the fixtures table and contacts but if i look at the site again today i'm liable to snap
  3. I'm not contacting missing persons again...
  4. £35 return atm leaving 9ish - takes 1hr 20ish
  5. They should be out now....just trying to find them
  6. Should be live a week tomo in some form or another mate
  7. Sears is a free transfer...I can see him going to orient or something
  8. with this outcome at end of the season. http://www.bluesqsouth.com/tables/0,20984,2822,00.html
  9. Haha I'm not too keen on grey hair I must admit....perhaps a city with a uni instead will be suffice. i'm with you there R....first train out of London - all dayer
  10. Give us someone at the fortress...then a nice sunny trip to Eastbourne the following weekend
  11. My guess is the same team as last year...I hope so anyway
  12. ill drive unless we meet in the town and have a drink or something and then smash sugar hut later
  13. I think we will see a big difference this season with the facilities blue sq clubs have - we will get there, we just have to keep doing what we are doing. A decent cup run would definitely help the coffers
  14. Hahahahahaahhahahahaaha lets be honest i'd say even an ESL team would give those the runaround - great names in football but past it by 10 years or so
  15. According to Michael Spencer's twitter account he wont be signing this year. Thanks for the memories Michael - you certainly signed off in fashion. Hornchurch Legend
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