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  1. We're in a decent run of form at the moment but there are going to be plenty of ups and downs during the season. We're not going to win every game and it will certainly get tougher during the winter months but we've got a decent squad and AL will definitely have to rotate at some stage plus he needs to try and keep everyone happy.
  2. I agree you are allowed to comment but my point at the time was that some of the comments were over the top. We all want to win every match and you certainly don't want to be losing any match 7-1 but if you're going to lose 7-1 let it be a meaningless friendly! In pre season you've got to show a bit of patience as it's mainly about fitness and for the manager to find the right blend of players, which is why I said let's see where we are after 10 games. You probably wouldn't have heard from me if we had been 18th! But we're not 18th, we are top, so here I am ? So don't get too confused about me pointing out that maybe everyone should have calmed down a bit in pre season. COYT
  3. How many goals is enough? I'm sure if we had only scored one yesterday we would have got 3 points ??‍♂️
  4. Sorry if a 3-0 win isn't good enough for you ??‍♂️
  5. Why would I go on the Cheshunt forum I couldn't care less about them ??‍♂️ My point is that some posters can't wait to get on this forum when we don't win but are nowhere to be seen or heard after a positive result. I'm all for criticism when it's deserved but to not praise when we play well makes it look like you've got an agenda. Just look at the difference on here after a positive result, hardly any posts but a negative result brings out certain people that just want to moan. Be objective or it just looks like you've got an agenda and can't wait for the team to lose! I just hope some posters aren't as negative when they attend matches, but having attended 100's of matches over the years I'm not so sure. Some people are just happy moaning and I'm glad I'm not one of them ?
  6. Can I ask a few serious questions 4WF? Why do you never post after a win? Why do you not ever see any positives?
  7. Thanks once again for posting after a poor result! Keep up the good work ?? I willl believe you haven't got an agenda once you post after a positive result
  8. I think what Barney is saying is you obviously have an agenda against the manager and it seems like you can't wait for us to lose so you can come on here and post how poor the manager is and how he's been worked out! Why had you not posted anything after the first few games of the season? I will answer that for you.....it doesn't fit your agenda. It seems you would rather see the team lose so you can come on here and say 'I told you so' Anyway another good win tonight so I'm sure you'll 'disappear' again anyway
  9. Anyone know the score today? I assume we won as it seems very quiet on here ?
  10. Where are all the comments after a decent performance or is it just pre season so it doesn't matter ? Does it only matter when we lose in pre season? ??‍♂️
  11. So what Raingod is saying please don't use this thread to have a moan! I know some of you find that difficult but please try your hardest! Apologies to Raingod for not using this thread properly. Keep up the good work Raingod ??
  12. Not surprised people are moaning already as most have got nothing better to do than moan! At least wait until 10 games into the season until you start moaning But then I forgot everyone's an expert ?
  13. Originally Posted By: martintowner it would be nice to see the management team on here sometimes to explaine the games at home not going to plain Why the hell should the management team have to come on to a public forum to explain anything????? If you want to question anything go to the AGM and ask your questions there. Would you have wanted to ask questions if we had won today??? To be fair if most of our fans started backing the team and not slagging the linesman off at every oppurtunity it might help, plus getting behind the team and not moaning after each miss placed pass would also help, sometimes even when we keep possesion people still moan..............have these 'fans' really got nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon than come to a match and complain for 90 minutes, if you've nothing positive to say keep your mouth shut. How does anything negative help anyone??????? If you want to moan go shopping with the wife and moan at her for 90 minutes, and don't give me the argument of we pay our money we can say what we want, moaning does not help anybody. A reason our away form is better than our home is maybe to do with the fans, our players seem to have a lot of pressure taken off them because IMHO our fans are a lot more patient in away games than they are at home maybe this is because some of the more vocal moaners don't attend away matches. Anyway Rant Over
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