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  1. That is a fair enough comment, you are entitled to your own opinion.


    The main aim of this forum post is to find out fans reactions to this proposed takeover, and hopefully document in my dissertation whether its a good idea for the internet to improve a foorball club or no, as this is a rather unique use of the internet, and compare it to past sporting marketing techniques.


    In some ways, this MyFootballClub is a form of internet marketing as its creating a publicity stunt for both the site and the club, creating a media frenzy.


    I apologise for any offence.

  2. I know its a bit too early, but I am more looking for your predictions/reactions from what you've read about the proposed takeover. Are you excited about it? Or are you fearing that it may not work and make things worse for the club.


    I'm currently doing a dissertation on internet marketing, and using this as one of my case studies as its such an interesting story.


    So the best thing to do is to vote in a predictive manner. And if you want to say anything as to why you made the vote you chose, then that'll be better for my essay.


    Thank you



    I apologise for the mistake I've made in the past post I made.


    This new poll will offer you the chance to vote whether you think the propsed takeover will make things better for the club or worse.


    Thanks for pointing it out guys. It was just that on the Football Manager podcast, they were talking about it as if the takeover was completed.



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