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  1. Some observations Best 45 minutes think I've ever seen at the Queen Elizabeth. Could have been 3 nil after 10 minutes and BS looked off the pace all night. Ken Charles for starters...what a home debut. Don't know if he's played many better games elsewhere but caused them problems all evening and he is a great outlet. Lost causes seem to be kept in play, nice link up play with others, skill, pace and an eye for goal too. Unfortunately think we'll be lucky to keep hold of him, even if Stortford's defence was generous last night. We played some really nice stuff whole game and with Ken up front we now have plenty of options, can play through the middle, down the wings...thought Lewis and Jon formed some great attacks last night and looked dangerous all evening. Jon is certainly an upgrade which is very pleasing. Pity that Potton got injured so early on. Didn't look good with him going off on a stretcher unable to stand. CB's both looked comfortable on the whole. A couple of times we were opened up but again Stortford looked a yard off it and even in possession didnt look to really trouble us. Thought Sam and Scott looked composed and untroubled in the middle. Sam had some lovely touches and even their manager has said their player deserved to go off for his sign of frustration in the second half. Nathan looked steady when he came on, and Billy also showed some lovely touches of skill and his header was a lovely move. Too early to look into too much but if we can maintain form anywhere like this then the team looks to have some promise. Bantick and Faal to return soon hopefully and the squad looks pretty decent. Nice to see Andy and the boys producing some good football....was Mario on holiday?
  2. Way way too early to guess/assume/bet......as you will about our chances this year. I have only seen the game on Wednesday and on the whole we looked quite steady. Organised, Weatherstone hardly a mistake at the back and our shape looked decent. Spurs Development will face worse teams than us this year and obviously our team will change as at this level they always do. Here's to hopefully an exciting season if nothing else.
  3. Joe Payne signs for the season 🙂
  4. Good points.....if we asked last seasons squad if they enjoyed playing beside RB I think the answer would be yes.....he strikes a ball so well and hope is always learning.
  5. Players may not play well....may not be a footballers footballer but Ryan has never given less than 100%...he is skilful and the clue is in the name....... Supporters!!
  6. Good things come to those who wait????.........although guess it would be nice if the players get to know each other a bit to build some chemistry!!!
  7. Plenty of outs Really looking forward to July to seeing a new quality squad.
  8. Bit like when team left before....but that was with the manager..... Cant wait to see these replacements. Apart from BB...is anyone else contracted?
  9. When the gap is growing between clubs and their fans/paying spectators.....this is how not to run things. You can't use the excuse either that it's the off season. Fans should be kept up to date, and it's unacceptable that players who have been good/great servants don't even get a mention.
  10. Love to be proven wrong.....however 2 players of the year.....now greene plus mickey....thats 4 key parts of the Town team. Can they be replaced? Possibly However I cant remember seeing many better left wings....right backs....holding midfielders and goalkeepers in past couple of years. Be very interesting to see how the season starts out.
  11. Me either but had read it on this forum.... Probably fake news......
  12. Apparently joined joe and matty?
  13. Cuppa.....I think you have one of the best from the Bostik Prem last couple of seasons. Great shot stopper......useful at pens, agile, quick off his line and probably many more assets too. As said previously....our gk's recently seem to have struggled at corners/crosses etc but this is probably more a defensive thing where Town haven't been able to deal with efforts hung up or whipped into the box. Seems you're going to take alot of quality from Donkey Lane.
  14. So on this basis then hornchurch are offering contracts??
  15. Going to be a long summer. 3 of most important pieces of the team gone in a few days. Ouch. Loyalty is one thing. However now the chairman has voted.....seems the players are starting to vote too....... Scary
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