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  1. djwilf

    Would you rather ....

    Have a worse team/manager.......if it meant us playing better,entertaining and more productive football? Think I know what most of you will say here and im in total agreement that winning A trophy this year will be papering over the canyon let alone cracks. Our attendances, wages, quality of squad and more suggest we are in a position where we are underachieving. Cant remember where Andy expected us to be as a target...however we must be way off the mark. 8 draws and 10 losses???? The young talent that repeatedly doesnt get played....conistently inconsistent performances...im sure even the most ardent of fans would agree most of what weve seen this year at Donkey Lane has been well below par. Not sure what our style of play is.....however it is soooo frustrating...and I also wonder how long it should take for a manager to set his stall out....but appears ours has been set in stone. Would you prefer to have a better manager and worse players if the football served up was basically more entertaining? I most certainly would.
  2. djwilf

    AFC Hornchurch v EnfieldTown

    Not there today....but is the one of the most frustrating seasons going?
  3. djwilf

    Enfield Town v Bishop's Stortford

    Also have to say it, know there have been job issues.......but with ball up in the air so much how good it was to see Sam Chaney back in the team..even if virtually unrecognisable haha.
  4. djwilf

    Enfield Town v Bishop's Stortford

    Great few minutes in 2nd half where everyone seemed energised.....1st half not much to say.....Made a difference when Ryan pushed up and Mickey went rb also......however let's be honest with better finishing BS would have put us out of sight. We'll take it though. Great assist/finish by Josh!
  5. djwilf

    Enfield Town v Bishop's Stortford

    Quite looking forwards to this. Couple of points....does there have to be a result tonight? Also, can Karl feature?
  6. djwilf


    Fear to say it however the way with set up with Billy plus 1 rarely if ever works. I think if you look at our set up from set pieces/goal kicks by their gk etc......there will usually only be 1 outcome...loss of possession. Yes, if you asked me yesterday if we'd take a point I'd probably say yes however I think we have plenty in reserve. Matt is usually the one that sits in front....no issue with this....however all season long/or the games that I have seen the issue is the distance between the front line and midfield. Billy chases what he can, and Sam was as tireless yesterday as ever, however the distance from Sam to Billy and the rest of the midfield to Billy is all too noticeable. It seems we are scared to press together....or keep them in a corner when we get the chance. The only exception to this yesterday was Sam getting beyond Billy for the goal.....when we do link up with midfielders....and Aaron was surprisingly quiet against a composed RB yesterday.....we always seem to pose a threat. No idea what may happen in the next few weeks as has already been said on here our Home form has too many draws where we should be winning. Hopefully won't keep things as they are ....Mo made a massive impact in a short time and this was alongside Billy. I don't even think playing CAM is the answer.....the midfield need to get closer to the forwards and Billy needs a partner up front as his link up play is as good as his scoring.
  7. djwilf


    Happy New Year everyone So after a shall we say sticky November.....the arrival of the Chosen One certainly coincided with our upturn in form. Now that he's out for some time, what do we expect tomorrow? Is it back to 5 in midfield 4 1 1? Will Josh or Bilal get a start as a result? Either way looks to be an exciting matchup.
  8. djwilf

    Potters Bar v Enfield Town

    Well if Mo was our "preferred" plan B then hope we have a Plan C. Sugar!!
  9. djwilf

    Potters Bar v Enfield Town

    First time you lay eyes on that pitch you know it isn't going to play like Donkey Lane.....whilst PBT did try to get it down occasionally whatever was said at half time that really was a game of attrition. Struggle to really remember any saves of note apart from the odd catch from corners or freekicks. Theo, I think quite often the long balls down the wings can work with Aaron or Sam on the wings. Was just very difficult yesterday as 2nd half first time Sam tried to control a ball it was like him playing on ice. Was a very evenly matched game without us being able to get the ball down and play it. Think Bilal is a very good option to have off the bench and was a great save from his shot to provide our winning goal. Featherstone has made a difference and good to see Faal causing problems again...here's hoping it's nothing serious withLewes up next. Not a performance, but you can't argue with the result.
  10. djwilf

    Enfield Town v Wingate & Finchley

    Enjoyable enough game and has to be said that on early viewing both signings have improved our team....albeit only W + F who obviously were missing Beckles Richards up front. Mickey looked to have one of his better games playing out of position at LB. If Wingate were more clinical the game would have been much closer however in the 2nd half we easily could have had another 4 or 5. Here's hoping to a positive trip up the road and just over the M25........whatever Haringey are doing they're doing it right but would be good to see us go on a nice little run of our own....and have to say breath of fresh air seeing Billy with a partner where they've built up a good rapport in a short time.
  11. djwilf

    Happy Christmas Everyone

    Happy Christmas all of you 😁
  12. djwilf

    Where are they now?

    90 whole minutes......that's what you call a real opportunity.... I wonder if any of our players operate on confidence.....probably like he currently is. Fabinho....took a while to settle in. Was it Pires.....or someone similar who took a whole season?????
  13. djwilf

    Town v Harlow

    Decided after 180 minutes on a player.........let's give him a bit longer, support him and see what goes on. Thought he caused trouble all game long. Either side of the keeper his header would have been lovely. Also think his overall game play is what has been missing in those draws and defeats that we've had too many of. Held the ball up well, linked up with BB, brought others into play and I think is certainly one to watch. If his all arms and legs continue to cause problems and the defence are left unsure as much as we are to his next move then so far so good. I think both these signings could be major for us this season and probably just what we needed...hopefully Faal not just short term to act as a gap filler.
  14. djwilf

    Town v Harlow

    Decent performance overall. Weatherstone was steady at the back....Billy looks much happier with someone to feed/feed off. There were a couple of times they linked up well and with their shooting/heading more clinical both could have had more on the day. Don't think anyone really had a bad game. That said, I know Harlow have won 2 of 3 however thought they were poor overall. One thing I will say....T....thank you for all your efforts, was interesting that there was a difference of opinions with management. Hopefully we'll have done the better of that deal. I've been critical of Andy just recently.....however he has gone out and got a striker.....question is would this have happened without Hope's forced absence. We needed maybe some experience at the back and we now have some.......perhaps that can bring more to the back line and help with organisation. Good to see the Town back to winning ways. Well done boys.
  15. djwilf

    Bognor Regis Town v Enfield Town

    Please tell me 2 up top???