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  1. Not sure we can compare local non league football with the new whl. Worlds apart. Only been to an nfl game there and whilst we have played some good stuff this year it s hard to suggest people would choose Donkey Lane over a trip down the A10. There are more distractions now than ever and I remember refereeing a few years back when there were 10 or 15 games on the playing fields. On Saturday I saw three!!! Everything is diluted and with the advance of tech can only see it getting worse unfortunately. Id love to see a large crowd but after the past few performances cant see a big change against Ebbsfleet and we may be without our starting centrebacks....😕
  2. We may not miss RB.....but who comes in for him?
  3. Severely lacking today Was clear from first few minutes that we really miss Weatherstone at the back. If you didn't know better you would think that the team higher in the league was that wearing red and white. Has to be one of the most disjointed performances I've seen for the last year/two. Every long ball was headed efficently by their defence....only one that wasn't was Mo getting on the end of Jon's angled pass. We looked shaky throughout and we had absolutely no answer for their number 5. With injuries our defence looked much more shaky and we don't really seem to have the squad depth either. Why oh why have we reverted to pumping the ball long again. Hardly ever worked and can't remember us making more than 2 or 3 consecutive passes. Ryan may be missing next game however do we really have good cover? I'm not sure who could have been man of the match today....B and P wanted the ball more, made better use of it and the past few games havne't made pleasant viewing. Furthermore Ebbsfleet must be looking forwards to next week. I've heard Jon is unavailable which is a major worry......we were 2nd best all over the pitch today. Was there really 307 there today? 😟
  4. Let's just enjoy his quality whilst he's here. Never met him but sounds a lovely guy and quite grounded too. Always think it's great when some of our players score then run over to friends/family to celebrate as doesn't really happen in bigger stadiums. He's been a breath of fresh air this year and we should make the most of his massive contributions when he pulls on a Town shirt.
  5. Barney have to agree here. Very true about referees. Yes you can vent but has to be within reason. Despite thinking the Folkestone 3 should have got a red card the level of abuse he received walking down the tunnel was way over the top. If referee on Saturday was one of the best this season why on earth should she be getting any grief?? Reminder from a couple of years back.... Maybe a few of our fans should watch closely...
  6. Is he a season ticket holder? If he wants to be abusive he should go find a field where nobody can hear him.
  7. Get local schools down....teachers/adults free if so many kids go in a group. Have so many schools locally...Carterhatch George Spicer Kinsmead Enf Grammar St Ignatius get the Academy kids in and younger age groups Flyers in barber shops Flyers in local sainsburys morrisons n tesco as they all have noticeboards I do wonder if cheaper entry on the day would attract more fan7s....say £9 just for the trophy Flyers in local businesses...b and q shops at A10 David Lloyd. If kids were cheaper would that get more parents in?? North London is football mad I know spurs n arsenal attract alot but there must be local possibilities. How many local youth teams do we have....Norsemen team that plays by bridge on Carterhatch Lane? Just a few thoughts
  8. First half was poor for us....never got started. I know refs have a tough job......but are we really saying Mo and their dirty 3 deserved the same consequence?? Will never understand how some arrive at their decisions. Folkestone were organised all afternoon expeets at slowing the game down and took every chance to slow it all down. Frustrating afternoon Get well soon Ryan.
  9. Agreed Had my doubts in the past but hopefully can keep this squad together and keep it moving in the right direction. Well assembled squad and some decent performances
  10. Good to see Josh has done well enough to get a contract at Charlton....always worked his socks off and great attitude. Here s to a great performance tomorrow to keep our league position looking positive.
  11. Got there a few minutes late to see us concede the penalty. Very unlucky from the freekick before hand and we looked dangerous down the right and with some very lively dribbling on both flanks However we did look like we struggled to gel up front and were missing that clinical finishing....especially with Northwood having a few first teamers present. Hopefully back to winning ways Saturday 😀
  12. So any updates on Mo then? I also wasn't there Saturday however am disappointed as our form was so good going into this game and much like Braintree against us....the opposition were not at the same level although obviously any team can raise their game on any given day. We have been in a rich vein of form. I can sense though from many of the posts that we "beat" ourselves to an extent which is so frustrating knowing we could have performed better and had a valuable game or two more perhaps. Onwards and upwards Town 😀
  13. If Josh was still here we really would be spoilt for forwards. I believe he was duel registered with Charlton Athletic......and has been scoring and assisting for their U23's. I would imagine as long as he keeps doing that we probably won't get him back so good luck to him as he always showed a great work ethic and deal of potential. May have a point about the partnership between Mark and Jon. Joe and Sam have also looked quite settled which is promising.
  14. Anyone have any idea last time we had this many clean sheets? More of the same please ETFC. Well done everyone. Let's keep this momentum going.
  15. Any injury updates on Billy or too early? Just wondering if Sam could fit in up front and Lewis back on the right as would like to see him given a central role. If Billy isn't fit how do people think we'll line up. Yes as you say, massive game and not just financially but also a massive carrot to get a bigger game at home next round. One game at a time
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