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  1. Just curious How many "complete" games(if any) have we seen this year?
  2. In all honesty.......I'm not that bothered about the final......yes I'm out of the country unfortunately however the league will always be what we should be concentrating on. I think Jay looks a great little player and must be kicking his heels on the bench. We've got a great LB.......or left wing back and he's not even getting on the pitch. The cup tied aspect is irrelevant as still don't understand why some of our defenders are getting time over others.......equally.....if that is the argument then why do we still look stretched every time we lose a ball and opposition break on us. I thought Leatherhead's number 8 did a great job on Saturday on breaking up play, covering ground and generally being a stopper. We look at the races when the other team wins the ball.........and have done much of the season. Our style of play....... Our lack of organisation at the back Billy has looked lost for so long without Mo up beside him...... Why so often does our team look like strangers? Would 4 2 3 1 seriously not have worked with the attacking midfielders we have? The manager is in place to produce a football team ......................For too long there are too many questions left unanswered.
  3. I read that our physio put his knee back in....3 or 4 weeks but I may be wrong.
  4. If players dont wanna play for the manager then they show it.... ours have carried on working. The effort isnt questionable. However Truthfully.....who is happy with our current league position??? Theres no sugar coating it.
  5. Few stats 8 home draws most in the league 4 home losses. Thats 28 dropped pts Cant argue with that can you. Happy Sunday
  6. All I can say is get well soon Ryan. Was speaking to his mum most of the game and noone wants to see that. Very sad (not just the game).
  7. Also thought his actions......Andy's at the end of the game spoke volumes..... Yes on another day Billy scores....Mickey's shot towards back post isn't cleared etc. However, the head in the hands......we were unlucky.....isn't the case. We made a terrible error on the penalty.....no matter what happens someone deal with it.......can't be I'll leave it for you. The 3rd goal. No luck at all.......if I remember rightly we lost the ball in the final 3rd/half way line.....we had possession. If I remember rightly Ryan falls over during the challenge.....Matty left trailing and then it's away at the races. You can almost see it happening in advance. I'd love to see this team succeed as much as the next fan but right now it feels a long long way off. If it is a case of coming good.......then perhaps it's a 5 year plan................gulp.😟
  8. Strange one really. I thought we set out with good intentions and was looking forward to the formation we started with....Ryan and Matt seemed to start well with focus on keeping the ball on the deck. First time I'd seen Joe P play.....have to say I was expecting a little bit more. Will say that thought Aaron was great when he came on and gave Haringey much more more to think about. Seems as though the argument between Marc and Ryan has gone unnoticed..........whilst I love the competitive spirit it looked terrible lasting as long as it did and obviously when things started to go wrong second half then this was magnified......says alot when our Capt and probably the most vocal player at the back end up having a shouting match lasting a minute or two. Pity that billy couldn't convert his kick......may have been a different game had he scored however. Our transition defence is pretty woeful. Seems that every time we seem to lose the ball in an attacking third/position we are then backs against the wall and end up running away from their attacks. With 5 in midfield the other day this makes it even more confusing as pretty sure their 3rd could easily sum our how solid/easy we look to break down. I'll finish with saying this. We should be higher up the league. We're not. 2 years this team has been in the making and we are now worse off........I like our squad of players as I've said on here numerous times. I don't like how many of our performances have been turgid(with a few exceptions) and also think Mulley would be crying out to protect our back 4 as we ALWAYS seem to be lacking that midfield protection. Doh!
  9. Thanks for the updates guys.......good to hear the future prospects playing some nice football and progressing well.
  10. Think site has been down...I couldnt make it eithet so relyi g on highlights. Or updates from regulards.
  11. Hi ya Any updates on any of the injuries.....Sam Youngs? Mo fit? We'll need everyone fit rest of the way hopefully.
  12. Very entertaining game on a cold and windy night.....may have been a problem for Jurgen Klopp but wasn't for the Town. Despite going down 2 nil in the early runnings Town responded well with a number of those who have featured in the first team this year. Our LB getting on the scoresheet first and then Josh Davison leading by example as Capt converting an unstoppable shot from Taafe's cross. Mo went on a number of mazy runs in the first half and it was good to see him put in a strong 45 minutes always keeping their defence guessing. Greene entered the action after about 20 minutes. Taafe himself got on the scoresheet to make it 3 - 2 to Enfield before half time...he was always getting in dangerous positions and supplying good quality in the box. 2nd half Town came out much more positive and really made an effort to keep the ball and switch play. Very refreshing to see and very little ball in the air other than to change flanks or feed Josh or Aaron running down the channels. They were playing the right way. Greene seemed to score a chance out of nothing with a mazy run to make it 4-2 leaving about 3 defenders in his wake. Sometimes he seems to operate about 2 or 3 steps ahead. Josh really was a pleasure to watch....putting himself about, challenging defenders, encouraging and motivating more senior/younger players around him. It will be a sad day if we do not give him a real opportunity in the future. He finished off Town's scoring with a shot which kicked up off the pitch to deceive the Cambridge keeper. Mention also goes to the Cambridge 9 who caused problems whenever he was on the ball and their big man who probably scored goal of the night with close control and volley into the corner. Overall we ran out winners 5-4 and was an exciting game from start to finish. Was very good to see a number of 1st teamers feature in a strong performance where we played some nice flowing football in both halves.
  13. A few observations Kez brought some balance up front...holding ball up well and offering something with his back to goal 1st half thought MJ was one of our strongest players and throughout the game you could hear he was encouraging us to keep the ball down and play it simple. Billy really should have had 2 or 3 Finally Jay was very impressive. Did very little wrong defensively and certainly offered alot going forwards with some great delivery in the box.....especially as he had little protection with no real width in front of him.
  14. Most draws in the league at home....besides whitehawk. Better performance than some this year...but still quite frustrating playing from the back and final third. We ve played worse this year and scored.
  15. Looking forward to this one today....but then I love competition and sport. Here's my hopes: We compete We put it in We perform well and play some good football. Unsure how many of these we'll do as Tonbridge are where they are on merit......so let's hope it's a decent 90 minutes
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