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  1. Bit like when team left before....but that was with the manager..... Cant wait to see these replacements. Apart from BB...is anyone else contracted?
  2. When the gap is growing between clubs and their fans/paying spectators.....this is how not to run things. You can't use the excuse either that it's the off season. Fans should be kept up to date, and it's unacceptable that players who have been good/great servants don't even get a mention.
  3. Love to be proven wrong.....however 2 players of the year.....now greene plus mickey....thats 4 key parts of the Town team. Can they be replaced? Possibly However I cant remember seeing many better left wings....right backs....holding midfielders and goalkeepers in past couple of years. Be very interesting to see how the season starts out.
  4. Me either but had read it on this forum.... Probably fake news......
  5. Apparently joined joe and matty?
  6. Cuppa.....I think you have one of the best from the Bostik Prem last couple of seasons. Great shot stopper......useful at pens, agile, quick off his line and probably many more assets too. As said previously....our gk's recently seem to have struggled at corners/crosses etc but this is probably more a defensive thing where Town haven't been able to deal with efforts hung up or whipped into the box. Seems you're going to take alot of quality from Donkey Lane.
  7. So on this basis then hornchurch are offering contracts??
  8. Going to be a long summer. 3 of most important pieces of the team gone in a few days. Ouch. Loyalty is one thing. However now the chairman has voted.....seems the players are starting to vote too....... Scary
  9. 2 out 1 in. I suspect first month of the season....and our set up tactically will decide how the season goes.
  10. In Andy we trust........☹
  11. Can I mention another fact: The quality of some football and performances has been terrible....people leaving early numerous times. Our home form......oh dear. We have NOT improved.....I take on board winning the smallest trophy too
  12. 2 years. In a weaker lague we are witnessing worse football. Attendances are down The overreactions on the sideline...Haringey away another example are far from ideal. Im sure wages are increasing However Im struggling to see the positives.
  13. Very interesting we had 3rd lowest attendance in premier division today. Alot of teams having their last home game today......perhaps sign of things to come.....think if I remember last year was 7/800 at the same time but may stand corrected.... Edit.....that was probably last home gm before playoffs under BQ......
  14. Definitely end of season feel....and then some. Matty worked hard as ever and was unlucky with effort off the bar... You suspected that despite the score PB always looked dangerous on the break and Nolan pulled off a great save in the 2nd half. Bilal lively when he came on and Mulley solid when replacing mickey. Not sure what to make of this season really other than underachieving. Yes any trophy is welcome but we must be aiming higher. I wonder how many of this squad we ll retain if Andy does indeed move on. So so frustrating. Cant remember how many points Andy said we should get..... Humphhhhh
  15. Just curious How many "complete" games(if any) have we seen this year?
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