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  1. Who's the 3rd team that have left the Isthmian League please? Pity if the Casuals have moved.
  2. I know this is delicate as many of you probabaly know someone who has been affected....and I'm just trying to recover from the damn thing myself....... However, moving forwards any thoughts on what 21 looks like? I've written off this season already, just hoping we are in a much better situation come the summer and perhaps with/without fans we can get some form of season starting in August or September. I know that seems so far off but just hoping of something.....no matter how small to look forward to. Stay safe everyone x
  3. Completely get it with the players having dual registration....if they have the chance to play then so be it...not good for us at all but then again no player is bigger than the club and as has been pointed out previously the cream of the crop will always be sought after by clubs playing at a higher step. If a player wants to play then there's no reason they can't and won't move on.
  4. I understand that, just my point is that if the North is in a different tier they CAN still carry on. Fact is this government has mismanaged this whole situation and we have a joke of a Prime Minister. Liverpool has 20% of the number of cases as borough of Enfield. Huge difference.
  5. Depends on whether they were in tier 3.....most of the southeast is tier 4 after tonight....so may not impact them too much.
  6. May be wrong but thought he played against us when the Urchins beat us 4 nil last season. We never got a grasp of him all game and he caused lots of trouble at set pieces and on the floor too. Quite surprised how players like MJ and the above player both don't seem valued by their previous owners. Hopefully their loss is our gain!! Good addition.
  7. Agreed. Thanks for everything Ryan and Lyle but time to move on.
  8. Quinton left in May 2017 "He had also had experience at Biggleswade Town prior to his move to QEII in June 2017 and has now made over 100 appearances for the club." Is what is said about Ryan. Just wonder how many players in total Quinton has taken.....you'd think there weren't any other players out there beyond Donkey Lane. Whoever signed him......2 good players left.....really hoping Scott Thomas is fit when we get back playing.
  9. gives us a week to find similar quality players. Hmmmmm. now we'll see just how well connected Mario and Andy are. So nice of an ex manager to put us through this!!
  10. Think would be good if we had an update.....obviously don't know about when exactly the Town will start playing again however...... you'd think there was some sort of dialogue going on between the management teams and players.....including Welling.......or are they being kept in the dark as much as we are??
  11. Had a walk near the fields today and also noticed alot more signs going up around the town as well. Seems like they have some fresh rulings from the high court so hopefully they won't be there for much longer.
  12. Lyle scores the winner for Welling.....believe Ryan played 90 minutes too. Food for thought. I really do hope Andy knows what's going to happen in a couple of weeks time......as could easily be losing a captain and another influential starter.
  13. Seems like a real double edged sword really. We want young players and to nurture and turn them into the next big thing. However for any such player to be taken away so quickly without ANY kind of deal is really tough. Great for the player themselves to want the best for themselves but really tough. that those working so closely with him, helping, assisting, coaching and even us supporting him. Unless the rules change clubs at a higher level will always be looking to cherry pick the next talent to help their clubs. Only ones losing out are the lower l
  14. Ryan walks straight into their starting 11.
  15. If you haven't made it down Carshalton are managing to show it live.....well done to all for doing this:
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