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  1. No premier league today so here's hoping for a good turnout and matching performance. Should be a good game with 2 teams in the top half. Come on Town
  2. Brilliant report BU thanks for that. Nice to hear how we played and certainly sounded a very different game to Haringey B Think one thing we've learnt is not many get to the games which are further afield so well done on making it down there. Any win on Tuesday will do the job Come on Town.
  3. Couldn't get there today, really looking forward to the reports and even more so the highlights. Pity about the Red but looks like a great allround performance.
  4. Just curious as couldn't make it last night....did we play 4 3 3...looked at the team sheet and wondered who started RB, also interesting that PK didn't start and mixed up the midfield a bit. Youd think if teams were playing deep that would invite us on to get the ball down and play between the lines......I do like Cunnington's effort and workrate however feel it would be better if this was our out ball and not the first choice. Onwards and upwards hopefully getting into the thick part of the month.
  5. Game of few chances. Think HB have gone backwards in the last couple of seasons but we found it difficult to break them down today. Possession game was stronger, we still look fragile when teams break on us and don't remember Nathan having many saves to make. Nice to see us not concede a hatful of chances and I'm sure they would have been pleased with a clean sheet. Ref was steady without having a great deal to do. Should have done better with the penalty. Hope we create more chances on Tuesday.
  6. Agree that our poor run has coincided with the absence of Maja.....was today his last game of the ban? We were 2nd best all game, and don't buy anything into the assessor being there and a poor referee. The ref had nothing to do with us conceding 4 goals and but for Nathan could have been a few more. Defensively we have never looked more leaky, and. that was with Harold back today. Lewes were strong all over the pitch and we never looked like matching them despite Adam converting his chance well. Admittedly Lewes played a strong game but we were poor and just couldn't keep hold
  7. Hopefully we'll play more like we did 2nd half v PBT. Solid performance by the new gk and always pleasing to keep a clean sheet. Hopefully we can stay injury free moving forwards and put in some more solid performances.
  8. 100% Really. You had stewards 20 yds away doing absolutely nothing about the language. Great advert for non league football!
  9. Whether it's Simon Thomas?? or Adam I don't think our fans like a big man and never will.....or one like Adam who puts himself about and uses his height as best he can. Don't think that will ever change, even if he puts in a mom performance. Thought he had a decent performance and as long as he brings his effort I for one will support anyone in white/blue/green/purple. Thought we were on the whole better team yesterday for much of the game. Both our goals were too soft and I'm sure the CB's will be looked at for positioning and how easy it was to be broken down. In addition also t
  10. There's few enough of us that go to matches on here let alone probably travelled down to the south coast. I can only imagine lack of reports as people didn't attend. Certainly not a case of not wanting to comment. Also have to take into account that in Dec probably fans aren't going as much unless it's to the games over the christmas break. Always frustrating to not finish games off after going 2 goals ahead, but then a learning curve for some of the youngsters as even 3 goal leads aren't always safe in this division. Lets hope that Saturday the boys can pull one out of t
  11. Good question but in current squad who would you not be sad to see go? I think we have the strongest squad since we lost to Dulwich before the team was largely broken up.
  12. OT thought it was Yusuff that Andre was having issues with.....although I'm sure lots of players at this level cross paths at some point.
  13. Hope yesterday was just a bad day at the office. Was going to start the thread off about how well we had been playing recently so was in good spirits beforehand. However, thought we struggled all afternoon. Couldn't string 3 passes along, Folkestone definitely had the lion's share of possession and most frustratingly we treated the ball like it was a helium balloon. Defensively we never looked strong and not sure Ryan and Jon will have more challenging afternoons. Cannot fault the effort again but our midfield definitely were overrun and they had 2 of the most useful
  14. Steady enough performance against some quite strong opponents. Thought we did enough for most of the night without being spectacular. Few observations for me.....PK and Andre have some great feet but do wish they'd play it quicker. Admittedly Andre put in a good pass 2nd half when he kept the ball in. Defence has been solid as has been noted above. Harold brings some experience to the team and thought he is a steadying influence alongside Jerry. Whilst we don't seem to be hitting top gear, we are grinding out results and in the past 4 or 5 years seem to have a real to
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