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  1. Had a walk near the fields today and also noticed alot more signs going up around the town as well. Seems like they have some fresh rulings from the high court so hopefully they won't be there for much longer.
  2. Lyle scores the winner for Welling.....believe Ryan played 90 minutes too. Food for thought. I really do hope Andy knows what's going to happen in a couple of weeks time......as could easily be losing a captain and another influential starter.
  3. Seems like a real double edged sword really. We want young players and to nurture and turn them into the next big thing. However for any such player to be taken away so quickly without ANY kind of deal is really tough. Great for the player themselves to want the best for themselves but really tough. that those working so closely with him, helping, assisting, coaching and even us supporting him. Unless the rules change clubs at a higher level will always be looking to cherry pick the next talent to help their clubs. Only ones losing out are the lower league team!!! I like alot about non league. This is one of the few things I really DON'T like.
  4. Ryan walks straight into their starting 11.
  5. If you haven't made it down Carshalton are managing to show it live.....well done to all for doing this:
  6. 350k a week......yea we can afford him if every fan puts in a grand a week.........🙈
  7. Effort 9/10 Work rate 9/10 Defending 6/10....but Muleba's last ditch tackle was quality.....unsure why he doesnt start every game. Creativity 5/10...if we can see distance between Billy and 5 midfielders not sure why we cant play to our strengths. We have the footballers to compete with most teams in this league.....so why don't we. As someone recently said take the win... However think I only got excited once or twice all night....Jared's turn and cross and Josh's flicked save. Couldve been 2 or 3 nil down by half time.
  8. Give him time.....new squad we beat Kinstonian......we're in top half......???? No....yesterday was my first game since last season. Really looking forward to seeing CC and the Town put on a display. What did I see...little imagination....inability to break down a steady defence...frustration as we continue to leak sloppy goals. Think only real change 2nd half was switching wingers. I had my doubts over past 2 seasons. I don't any more. My mind is made up. I support the team and the club but it can't be blind faith any more.
  9. Could be there at midnight still wouldnt muster a quality shot. Red looked like it was for a push.
  10. Just seen the highlights Either a one off... Or we cant defend.....perfect example being our corner leading to their goal. Could be a long season if it continues. Anyone tell me what the personality of our team is this year please??
  11. I understand however people dont like to chat...few matches limited capacity seems like whole forum is still hibernating haha
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53817206 Interesting
  13. djwilf


    Well, games back today so if that doesn't get people messaging then nothing will. Probably less so unless the people messaging actually see what goes on inside the athletics track.......
  14. Wow are they taking the whole squad.....?
  15. Does that leave us with any recognised left footers defensively? Hmmmm
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