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  1. I can guess/assume the following old towner 1 There are very few posters on here 2 I assumed based on this very few were at the game on Saturday. 3 Have heard that we tired towards the end of the game.....think in the Enfield Town twitter feed.....should make Tuesday night interesting as BS scored a hatful on Saturday against admittedly bottom of the table Leatherhead. 4 Think at this rate if we didn't get to the game then the official report will have to do. Here's hoping for a solid performance Tuesday before a huge game on Saturday.
  2. Attendance was 361, tidy and lovely little ground too. Enjoyable evening allround if nothing else to hear the banter between the ref and Mario and Andy. Also nice to see Darren Purse. Mario does know what he's talking about, you can tell this just by seeing/hearing what he says. I believe Andy has his heart in the right place but still not convinced about his methods and style of motivation. Think may have to stand by the dugout more often, just pity we have the track at QEII. Still an entertaining night. We deserved the win. However if Ofori and their sub had
  3. Comments are on the previous thread as nobody started one on Tuesday night. Plenty of replies on there. This thread is AFTER all those replies. Great result...however no way was it all one way traffic.
  4. I don't think the ref was that bad.........I've seen much worse and agreed their finishing was not great otherwise we could easily have conceded quite a few. A few questionable decisions yes but have to say it's always easier when you're sat in the stand and not in the heat of the game .......and I say this as someone who refereed for 20 yrs ............it's always easier when you're watching. Think the ones that frustrate every football fan is when the defender waits for contact and then goes over so easily.....their 6 did this last night and they go over like they've been hit by a wrec
  5. Quite an even first half.........Nathan making a couple of one on one saves to keep Boro out. We did seem to struggle in the first 45 getting out of our half and there are still occasions when we have trouble holding the ball and giving it up way too easily. However, we got stronger as the half went on and game finished 0 0 at the half with both teams looking dangerous in the box and HB probably looking slightly the stronger. The other thing we need to address is ball retention. A couple of times our midfield lose possession and then it's backs to the wall stuff and you can see why so
  6. Only just seen the incident. Talking point indeed and ball was probably a foot over the line having frozen it, but guess the officials can only give what they've seen, or in this case not seen. Who knows what would have happened next but it wouldn't have finished 0 0.
  7. Didn't make it down yesterday, always a tough place to go and get a result which we should all be pleased with. So did anyone from here go? How did we play? Looks like the team is taking shape and am looking forward to getting behind the boys tomorrow for the A10 rivalry. Come on you Town!!
  8. Credit where it's due. More surprised than anything as know we usually get very little down at Carshalton. Look forward to next Saturday now,
  9. We're not allowed to until a quarter of the season has gone.....them's the rules. 🤣
  10. Interesting take I've only seen the one game pre season. Against Spurs U23's. 10 games? Some people have a better understanding of football than the 10 games you would suggest. Love to be proven wrong however we have lost a number of players in the past couple of seasons and perhaps you have a greater knowledge of the team this season than the others who have been watching and have not enjoyed what they have seen? Couple of questions for you IO How long has Andy been at the club? Do you think this has been long enough for him to stamp his "style of pla
  11. Now would be the ideal time to get local kids interested in a product that is getting ever more expensive at the top level. Free entry for NHS, U16s for a pound, leafletting the local schools or dropping off flyers for the PE Departments. When many have had to tighten their belts be good to get the interest going again!!
  12. Who's the 3rd team that have left the Isthmian League please? Pity if the Casuals have moved.
  13. I know this is delicate as many of you probabaly know someone who has been affected....and I'm just trying to recover from the damn thing myself....... However, moving forwards any thoughts on what 21 looks like? I've written off this season already, just hoping we are in a much better situation come the summer and perhaps with/without fans we can get some form of season starting in August or September. I know that seems so far off but just hoping of something.....no matter how small to look forward to. Stay safe everyone x
  14. Completely get it with the players having dual registration....if they have the chance to play then so be it...not good for us at all but then again no player is bigger than the club and as has been pointed out previously the cream of the crop will always be sought after by clubs playing at a higher step. If a player wants to play then there's no reason they can't and won't move on.
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