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  1. The club has recently discovered an issue concerning the registration of a player. This has been raised with the Football Association who will rule over the matter in due course. The other club involved is Cheshunt. Given the dispute the club has decided not to partake in the tournament at Theobalds Lane this Saturday. The club apologise for any inconvenience caused and will make donations to the charities connected to Saturday’s event. I doubt ETFC would be taking this to the FA if there were no issue. Let s see what the FA decide once theyve got all the evidence together.
  2. Chesericay has a nice sound to it. Chesericay FC from now on.
  3. Updates......where are they now who knows where to write this. Just seen on fb..our new Centre Back plays for Cheshunt up the road. Something doesn't quite sit right here, even at the level we're playing at. Anyone shed some light on whether he is our player ....or should we not have announced him last week? Really do hope we have zero fans going to that tournament if he is with us or did I imagine him shaking hands with Andy?? Confused.
  4. Josh Davison trying to help Swindon win promotion today live on Sky at 12.
  5. Thanks FJ Solid enough performance without getting out of 2nd gear. Much better 2nd half. Adam worked hard for his goal. Couple of important saves by Nathan. So pleased we finished 3rd now lets put in a top performance on Wednesday both on and off the pitch. Saw Scott was there today but any news on his injury from last weekend?
  6. We have the best home record of teams 2 to 5 and worst away record. All comes down to one game 😐
  7. No concerns over the pitch....it s had huge amount of wear this season. Id never question the volunteers just our abiliry to get the ball down and our style of play. Not the ideal time of year to start inconsistent performances. Is Harold out injured?
  8. First game for some time..... Couldnt tell which team was going for promotion and which was battling relegation. Pitch was very dry and bouncy so we proceeded to play 80% in the air...really dont understand it. Scott going off early didnt help. Seems at half time Nathan and the back 4 were having a discussion of perhaps needing to be tighter: we didnt look composed in defence all afternoon. Jake worked very hard for his hatrick, have to say I prefer Ryan at LB to try and build up play. Going to be an interesting end to the season but I do wish we d get the ball down and try linking up together....little point going long if Adam is on the sidelines.
  9. Credit where it s due Ive had my questions this season but we have A strong squad Nice mix of youth and experience A hungry team who are willing to work/fight for each other. Now let s finish strong.
  10. Couldn't be there today but 3 points all important. How was the game?
  11. Regardless of style of play still getting results and keeping pace with those around us. Onwards and upwards
  12. Seen worse not even get a yellow.....however he is late and tackle is high. Would be much safer just to stand up and make it more difficult instead of jumping in.
  13. Wonder if we ll have a tiny number of replies today.....credit to the team and all involved hornchurch have been on a tear so huge win for Town. Super pleased for Adam too as he seems to have more detractors on here than fans. Well done on only the 1 goal allowed too 😄😲
  14. We lose to Wingate...understand as poor performance....and 3x as many replies as the win v ET. Maybe nobody went yesterday? We do like a moan don't we haha.
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