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  1. djwilf

    Enfield Town v Brightingsea Regent

    Plateau Lack of Confidence Loss of form Change of tactics Whatever it is....clearly our form at Home is not good enough. Last few home games we just haven't looked like we're at the races. Teams will pack their defences and we seem to have no way of getting through it at the moment. Surely management can see this. Ryan looked gutted last night and his effort showed how desperate he was to get the points. However, come 90 minutes it looked like he had to beg the team to come over and thank the fans and Liam couldn't get back inside any faster if he tried. It's clear that the fans are waiting for any trigger to get the atmosphere going and at the moment it's not happening. I actually thought Aaron's play last night was one of the highlights. We do manage to get wide and deliver however Joe's pumps from goalkicks rarely end up with our possession. In this league one area teams aren't weak at is in the air and the passes need to be pin point to avoid this. We give up possession too quickly...when the defence is back our slow play doesn't work and even though MJ was trying to encourage quick/crisp passing last night it was only there in glimpses. For me it has to be patience and possession. Obviously better build up play too. For me our shape/starting position is crucial. Why oh why do we drop so deep?? This only means we're inviting teams on and any look at highlights will tell teams that they can start higher up the pitch and as soon as they lose it we have to break them down. Is it too obvious to say we need to push up and squeeze their players more? I've not seen many teams that can out play us but a few are now starting to battle us and it must be no secret that we've got to get higher up the pitch instead of trying to stretch the pitch lengthways. Just a few of my thoughts....I hope these draws aren't a sign for the future. Huff and puff with little quality. Highlight last night sorry to say was Mario trying to retrieve the ball quickly and nearly falling flat on his face over the water bottles...........😁
  2. djwilf

    Margate v Enfield Town

    Despite our GF being decent this year, I'm yet to really see our midfield link up well with our Forwards, although admittedly BB hasn't been playing long and may take some time to adjust. However, we have good wingers, on both sides, and can beat a man....so don't see any reason why we shouldn't give most teams trouble. We just need to make sure we gain enough possession to do this and most importantly our play in the final 3rd must be better. At times teams are willing to just sit and break up play and in these situations I hope our management have figured out ways for us to break opponents down to create better chances. Roll on tonight!!
  3. djwilf

    Enfield Town v Merstham

    Happy with our position but I'm sure there's much in the tank. Quite often our play can be frustrating as it breaks down with the final ball. Started promisingly yesterday but think MJ was doing most of the graft in the middle and when we won the ball were so wasteful with it. Do we ever do crossing in training as yesterday deliver d very little when we have so much width with Mickey and Bilal/Aaron/remind. Next week appears a very big game now.
  4. djwilf

    Enfield Town v Merstham

    Was that 1 shot on goal all game? To merstham?
  5. djwilf

    Corinthian Casuals v Enfield Town

    Evening all So apart from the result yesterday...what were the main talking points....Was it a similar game to Burgess Hill? Can't be too many times we've scored as many in 2 different away games. Well done to all the team for keeping up the performances, who stood out?
  6. djwilf

    Enfield Town v Bedford Town

    Strange afternoon. Think may have been a big sign when Joe pulled off an amazing save in the opening minute with most fans switching ends. It would be nice to know if the management team watch the games back...... One stat I'd like to know......in all the balls played long....and Joe does it from gk's most often.....how many of those balls played up to Liam or for a winger to head does the ball stick. I don't subscribe but would love to know what the outcome is of those route one balls. I know one thing....Joe usually looks very calm but angriest I've seen him yesterday at half time when he was arguing that when he did play it out on the floor he was getting it back and then having to go long. ISOLATION: I think Liam does all he can up front on his own but I think the CB's for Bedford lapped up every header yesterday. It just doesn't work and he ends up playing on an island. Respect to him also for coming out and apologising soon after to the fans. If a neutral were there yesterday it would look like the fluro team were the ones in the higher league. We just weren't at the races. Their 9 and 10 were capable players and gave us a lesson in link up play all afternoon. Furthermore I thought their midfield seemed the stronger first half and we appeared to be playing in some form of daze. Whilst we were playing at 4, 5 and 6 at best the whole Bedford squad seemed to playing 7's upward so it always looked like an uphill battle once they'd gone in front. I'd also say that regrettably our biggest problem this year seems to be keeping a clean sheet. Joe was certainly the busier yesterday and again pulled off some amazing saves. Maybe quite simplistic to say this however I'd favour us going to a 4 2 3 1 or 4 3 3. Simply put our front men need to be closer together. I've lost count of the times I've seen Liam challenging and the next white shirt being 20/30yds away. Either way I'm pretty certain that our very positive start to the season is looking very much like a turning point already. Thoughts on yesterday .......seems to have gone very quiet on here recently.....and such a pity that with prize money going up our good run was last year.
  7. djwilf

    ETFC v Dorking Wanderers

    Steady really. First half had most possession and Sutton set up Hatton for his first goal. We did create other chances but nothing really clear and 1 nil was probably right at half time. 2nd half was very stop start. Dorking clearly came out to disrupt play and again we had good possession but couldn't work good openings. Few tackles flew in and whilst I don't like to criticise the officials weren't up to it today. The stoppage with us crossing into the box was amazing. Dorking came into the game more and our substitutes were too late. Bilal did well to supply some crosses when he came on and Ryan volleyed just wide. Very scrappy 2nd half and Andy was clearly upset with their manager and CB at end of the game. A point for Town and Dorking probably much happier...even with about 5 fans.
  8. djwilf

    Burgess Hill v Enfield Town

    Great to see the Town play so well and also put in a good allround performance. Greene looked good in his return....Mickey filled in well at left back and going forwards we really have started to play some lovely stuff. Defence again looked very steady and dealt comfortably with most of what Hill could throw their way. I'm sure Monday will be a tougher test especially as they won yesterday but really does look like we have makings of a team here. Pace, balance, passing, and players who are all willing to work for each other. Bench again looked strong and can't wait to see what Billy can offer when he's fit. We keep the ball on the floor when we can, can get stuck in when we need to and overall an exciting season ahead. Come on the Town in just over 24 hours. Hopefully be a very different performance to the same fixture last year.
  9. djwilf

    Enfield Town v AFC Hornchurch

    Frustration eh Well after two pleasing results that was hard to take. Think throughout the game we must have had the large portion of possession and overall were the better team man for man. However, whereas we saw out the game on Tuesday we couldn't today. I heard the groundsman in the last 20 minutes or so make a good point....why do we continue to lump the ball up front. Liam will run his socks off for us however it's not his game to win aerial duels and knock the ball on to other players. He's best coming short, chasing down and generally linking up with players. We have 2 full backs are quite able going forwards. Midfielders across the board who can play well and get the ball down on the floor and play attractive football. On that basis we've thrown 2 points away today and it really should have been 3 points won. We seem to get alot of possession...Johnson and Youngs worked extremely hard again however we seemed to lose our way towards the end. I think Joe had what was 2 or 3 real saves for the whole 92 minutes and yet we find ourselves dropping first points of the season. Would be interesting to think how we could have changed things or seen the game out differently....as hopefully those won't be valuable points dropped. Hornchurch were hardworking but had little quality. Disappointing to say the least. Hopefully the boys will learn from it though...would be nice if the team could see these games out and not end up settling back. I thought we had enough experience throughout the team but guess there's no real "easy" games. Either way, picked up a nice print of the stadium from the club shop so that will be getting framed soon.
  10. djwilf

    Enfield Town v Bishop's Stortford

    Had my doubts last season about which direction the team was going in but have to say have been very impressed by the preseason and those players brought in. Nice mix of age, youth, experience and now what is pleasing is the competition for places. First half thought we looked very good going forwards and quite composed at the back. Think the two centre backs are building quite a partnership and both Sutton and Hatton looked equally good going forwards and defensively. Second half we seemed to run out of steam/ideas and our final ball seemed to let us down too often. With being more clinical and holding on to the ball better the game should have been well out of reach. A few moments towards the end where it really did look like a game of two halves. Be interesting to see how today/rest of the season turn out. Squad is strongest it's looked for some time and with Blackman, Bricknell and Greene to return things do look very promising. Onwards and upwards and hopefully today can keep the momentum going. Well done to Andy, Steve and Mario on putting together a decent set up and all those behind the scenes. Think Chaney looks a great little player.
  11. djwilf

    All quiet on the Enfield Front

    Looking forwards to hearing any news.........
  12. djwilf

    New staff?

    So Mario and Steve are now assistants following the departure of the previous departures. What are fans thoughts on this? What will they bring to the team? Will it be a benefit having "coaches" who know the players well?
  13. So who s the assistant manager?
  14. djwilf

    Lowestoft v Enfield Town

    Sounds like Chelsea. Purse in charge?
  15. djwilf

    Thurrock v Enfield Town

    What was the attendance yesterday? Approx number of Towners?