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  1. djwilf


    Possibly a number of things.........the time of year Corona inclusive I do think there appears to be a circle though of people who engage more than others and also a large number who just like to float, view posts but not really get involved. Otherwise really defeats the point of a forum.
  2. djwilf


    It is yes....just seen and unless theyve laid down snooker baize imagine he won't enjoy dribbling on that pitch 😯. Let's see who is brought in to go up front or out wide.
  3. djwilf


    So we ve lost one of our strikers from this season. Apparently to another league team? Thought he always put a good shift in. Any thoughts on his departure? It's good just to have a discussion as been such a quiet time.
  4. Yes seems with the big gap in non league that has led to people having little to say. On another note. Great to see Josh sign a new contract at Charlton. Very good news.
  5. No you are correct https://www.enfieldfc.co.uk/news/neil-'razor'-ruddock-joins-the-e's
  6. Germany have done very well and say what you like but appears they have put things in place and handled the situation well....I don't just mean football. Hoping it all goes smoothly over this weekend.....however looking at data seems England and Germany are poles apart.
  7. No obsession whatsoever. Just casual comparison as they're down the road are probably our closest competitors.....could equally compare Cheshunt and PB however don't think we're in the same boat. Doesn't take away at all from some good football we've played this year......and equally some of the tat we've seen recently compared with when attendances were much healthier 3 or 4 years ago.
  8. 406 last year. This year 364. Haringey Boroughs has gone up by a small number. Frustrating all round.
  9. First half was embarrassing. Only attempt I can remember is Youngs shot. No words.
  10. Puts us back in the picture. One swallow doesn't make a summer. Interesting our home record is worse than away. Historically it's the other way round. Guess a clean sheet always helps.... Not had mnay this year have we? Moaners? Guess you're happy with some of the poor stuff we've played this year? Praise when it's due. Critique when it's not.
  11. Agreed. We've had better calls for penalties this year and nowt given. First 20 minutes was like attack v defence.... Maybe that's how you get promotion... 🤔
  12. I said on the other thread that we concede too many goals.... This is why we will not end up in the playoffs. Especially with Mo having now moved on.
  13. Innocuous?? First or 90 th min his first tackle was late. Deliberate stopped their attack. Officials at this level are what they are. Agreed tho...Ryan is more use on the pitch than us being down to 10 and every time they got near him it was nervy stuff. Andy hasn't managed him well and oh my god...... Every one of our corners that we don't win seems to end up in our box in seconds. Why oh why can't we defend when we lose the ball. That seems to give us as much trouble as anything.... 😳
  14. Cray have scored 51 goals....2nd highest.........we've conceded 41......joint highest in the top half......Should be goals today if nothing else.
  15. Very interesting. Were any reasons given for directors leaving or was it just an innocent time for them to move on? Can't wait for the next few games then if we've been told we'll reach the playoffs......am looking forwards to Saturday already 🙄 I know a great deal of work goes on behind the scenes and am very proud of my local club. Be interesting to see what happens in the next month or two.
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