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  1. Are Scott Shulton and Rian Mclean still with us?
  2. Probably 2 reds right there with hands raised but ultimately shouldve been another Stortford joining them at least.
  3. Was sat behind the mum of one of our CB's...she was screaming at him to calm down. Agree that the tackle that led to the melee seemed far from aggressive but something must have lit the fuse for everyone to pile in. Their 19 was shown the first red followed by Lewis and then James. Was so much going on I didn't see exactly what happened but seems like the far side AR saw that our players did worse than theirs did. As an ex ref myself hate to criticise officials but boy is there so much inconsistency. With Assessors at the Boro game and today I strongly feel that the Officials change their game knowing that they are being watched. on the football side, 1st half we were 2nd to everything. Says an awful lot that we improved once down to 9 men. Think it was Anthony that got the red as the officials left the pitch....he had gone into the back 4 along with the sub....and we then played a 4 3 1. Our disallowed goal was a foul on their GK who timewasted every opportunity he got. Jake should have scored from a knock down but hit badly wide. They looked to attack our right much of the game. Don't know what happened but the more I see us play the less we seem able to hold on to the ball. Lack of quality and only one or two passes before we turn it over. Not a good day at the office and our Home form was nothing to shout about today. Too many times seems like the pitch is sloping towards our goal and their midfielder once again seemed to dominate. One final point....if their player dives in the box....how can it not be a yellow for simulation? Bad day at the office all round.
  4. Did anyone else go last night? Competitive game, we should have finished it with numerous chances. Sad way to go out with a retaken penalty. Few handbags after the penalties to liven things up. Think Andy and one of our other coaches received yellows after the game. Was sat near the assessor who didn't want to comment on Joe Payne being kicked in the foot off the ball. I honestly don't think in the past 5 years I've ever seen us defend the counter attack well....summed up by their first equaliser direct from our corner. It is so easy for us to be opened up.
  5. Someone forgotten to lock the height barriers?
  6. cricket score second half by the sound of it.
  7. Thanks for the well informed write up Barney. I was hoping to see updates Friday evening but yes couldn't get on the website so guess hence there were no comments. Wasn't there Friday but do agree we can mix it up quite well. I think Scott Thomas is at the base of alot of the good we do. He wins the ball back well and keeps it simple in possession. Noted that in the game this year we have played 4 3 3....and against Potters Bar it was 3 5 2 so our formations do change quite a bit. As stated above, I'd much rather we kept the ball on the floor...but Adam is quite effective at what he does so makes sense for the forwards and midfielders to feed off him. We have played a couple more games than teams around us so will be interesting to see what happens when things settle down. We've played our 10 games in the league now so have a reasonable idea of where we are, even though weve only played PBT and Horsham near the top so will be interesting to see how we get on against the other teams near the top.
  8. Unfortunately cannot make it down tonight now. Hopefully be a few who can report back on the game/performance.
  9. Strange game really. We started out in what looked like 4 3 3....I thought Horsham were disappointing 1st half even though Nathan was called into one very good save where their attacker should have scored. Andre took his goal very well with an awkward bouncing ball out of the air and slotted away well. Adam I think won virtually every header all night and did well to feed off Andre's shot for the 2nd goal. 2nd half we came out half asleep and Horsham had us under siege for some time, However, Nathan wasn't called into action that much and Horsham looked less dangerous than I thought they would be. Bilal had 2 very good chances shortly after coming on and hit the post with his second. We really should have put the game to bed earlier and Sam was unlucky to lob the keeper and find the left back covering to clear. Overall a steady display. Both teams would have been unhappy with the referee on a number of occasions(no change there). If we could hold onto the ball better instead of retreating further into our own penalty box it would have made much more comfortable viewing but we probably deserved the win.
  10. Followed the result online and was very surprised by our 2nd half performance. Have only seen the PB game this year but am looking to get down to both this week....seems we have strengthened in a couple of areas and this can only improve competition within the squad which is good to see. Hopefully we can build on Saturday tomorrow night .....Horsham don't seem to score many, but we certainly need to start winning more home games. Be good to make Donkey Lane a bit of a fortress.
  11. Terrible result yes. Worst for some time. Terrible performance?
  12. First game today for me so can't comment on others. Set up as a 3 5 2....Rian, Rian and Dequane on the left Midfield of Lewis and Bilal wide, Scott S, Sam and Lyle in the middle and Adam and Jake up front. Potters Bar started quite well, and in wide areas caused us alot of difficulty. Think we'd all agree Lewis and Bilal are better going forwards. First half was open with both teams creating chances, PB looking dangerous on the break and a few tackles flying in with the referee struggling to keep control. The melee in front of our dug out wasn't pretty and not sure any of the officials had a clue what was going on, apart from their 8 getting away with being very physical. Lyle's free kick was pushed on to the post and in by the goalkeeper...he was beaten anyway. Unfortunately we didn't hold the lead long at all and their midfielder ran past our midfield to fire past Nathan. In midfield there were times when it was too easy to break us down and too much space available. Neither gk had a great deal to do though, as defences seemed to be on top and final ball was lacking by both teams. 2nd half we had plenty of possession but didn't create much. Adam headed wide with probably our best chance and with better communication Lewis could have passed the ball in when it was taken away by Adam before he could shoot. Their goal was harsh...cannot remember who tried to clear it but fell straight to their 7 whose shot was deflected off Scott and wrong footed Nathan who could do nothing. I know we have a few new players this season.....Scott, Rhian and Dequane starting. However, despite the possession we didn't create anything clear cut and we don't seem to keep possession long enough. Something that has troubled us for a long time is when we lose the ball.....we are soo easy to break down and the gaps are too big without a solid midfield retaining possession. MOM today was Sam by some distance I think, battled hard all game, used the ball well and tried to link up with others. He was gutted once we'd conceded. We had a few good crosses in the box but nothing worse than seeing crosses and corners either sail behind or straight into their 6ft plus keeper. Not sure if Rian is a RB but think Rian in the middle was our best CB and at left and right back their wide players caused us lots of trouble. We'll probably play worse this season and win.
  13. Well he s just been lucky enough to get 45 minutes and 2 goals. If he shows form like that then we wont be seeing him.
  14. Unfortunately couldnt get down. Did anyone go? How did we look?
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