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  1. Dont think they have much hardstanding around the pitch, old but functional clubhouse, as was said plenty of room for some sort of cover but as was said planning is the thing although windsor play on crown land and there is lots of facilities, surely some modest stand and lights could be approved, i thinkthe club are on fairly good terms with runnymede council so time will tell.
  2. I understand VW were one in the CC many years ago before all the sillt ground grading rules, according to their website they say their ground is up to CC grading. would they be eligible for div one without lights ? i know they have only just been promoted to the surrey elite so it is probably premature, visited there recently, nice club.
  3. Ah bless you Sue, you never know and WR thanks, dont want to hijack the thread so will briefly mention, probably mixed opinions regarding Mudge, i for one think he has done well considering and it will be a season of scrapping and fighting to stay up but i think we will. back to thread topic, Tom have you thought about going to the midweek slough games, i used to work on saturdays but found time in the week to get to games at windsor, there are normally a number of games on especially later in the season with postponements, you will not regret it it is 100 times better than league football.
  4. Best thread in ages, if i didnt support windsor it would almost make me want to come to slough. Amazing what a few wins can do to put you lot in a nice mood.
  5. Does anyone know whether Farnham's ground meets the criteria if they were to finish in a promotion place this season. I understand they have lights and seating but wasn't sure for some reason whether they were eligible. Weren't they relegated a few seasons ago for their ground not meeting the criteria.
  6. Keith could im sure walk into a lot of jobs but finding one with a big enough budget is probably more difficult. To me any manager who walks because of a reduced budget shows their ambition but also in my mind shows their weaknesses. I would much prefer having someone like DM in charge. Better manager in my opinion and someone who actually likes the club.
  7. Seems like on their forum that they thought we were very poor and certs to go down. Management got the tactics 100% right despite hearing some fans bemoaning the fact that chenns was up front alone. The sort of victory that we will have to churn out if we are to keep our step 3 status. Thought the windsor turnout was disapointing if you took away the 150 plus leamington fans we would be down to worse crowds than last season. Have we lost our behind the goal support, didnt hear any singing or chanting or were we overwhelmed by the vocals of leamington. Surprised no one has mentioned the ref, gave everthing to us for a change, leam fans were furious, and i do have some sympathy for them. Early days yet but considering what DM has had to do this summer he should be congratulated. He may well as yet be seen as the new windsor messiah not forgeting BW and the rest of the management team and players, have i forgot anyone : )
  8. I hope windsor castle's moat is not one of the ones your still waiting for
  9. Truro might be worth a punt at 20/1. I presume Brackley must be splashing the cash this year to be joint favourites.
  10. So not a charity match then ? Wealdstone are notorious for overcharging, were quite unpleasant when i went, watch out for questioning regarding age eligibility for seniors,students,children. Also watch out for the lady who sells the golden goal tickets she scans the ground walking round and repeatedly asks people to buy.
  11. Fair play and respect to you guys who are voting with their feet and choosing not to go to chesham, Sue is right (women usually are) it shouldn't arise that a club should take fans for a ride like that, just because they have dropped £2 off the price, big deal they should have halved it for having the cheek to try and stitch up the fans. These clubs are beginning to act like the big time charlies in the football league, as i said before good on yer for taking a stand.
  12. I'd better get on the phone quick to johnson hippolyte and tell him that the A licence isnt worth anything and that he has a tactically inept coach on his hands. yes anyone can buy a gun yes but to be able to shoot properly you need a licence and training. Hardly a good comparison in favour of your argument.
  13. What took you so long to reply? are you seriously saying that having the top coaching qualifications arent worth anything ? If you know anyything about human nature players say all sorts of things even denying peoples ability. i ve seen it at many clubs.
  14. So really those people on here saying that one was offered and he declined it are not in a position to say that when there might have been other factors involved.
  15. So the answer to RR's question is someone did offer him a contract and he declined ?
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