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  1. Is that you Nigel Smith?

    1. Windsor Rebel

      Windsor Rebel

      Yes,sorry what i meant was anyone who thinks its OK to abuse people in that way is a pratt, not you personally. Happy New Year.


    2. Ian g f

      Ian g f

      How’s your mum and dad? Happy New Year 🥳 You going Sunday?

    3. Windsor Rebel

      Windsor Rebel

      They are fine thanks, and yes I hope to go on Sunday, all being well.

  2. I thought Windsor played some nice football, but lacked a cutting edge up front. One of your guys mentioned that the centre forward (Kane Jones?) was being played out of position (on the right wing). I know Mick Woodham personally and I think he will sort it out and you will still be up there this season. Hope to pop over again soon as my brother is a Windsor fan (divided family loyalties).
  3. Rother what has happened to the Windsor Forum, i cant seem to post on it any more? I was going to comment on the game from a neutral's point of view, but it wont let me!
  4. P.S. You won 7-0 nil on Saturday by the way.
  5. Result from last night: Dorking 1 Windsor 1
  6. Is this game still on tonight, and if so what time is the KO please. I may pop down and watch as I am in the Dorking area tonight..
  7. Really enjoyed my day out at Windsor yesterday, it was nice to catch up with some old faces as you do at Xmas time. I know I have had my differences with a few of you on here, but i must say what a well organised and pleasant experience that was yesterday. One small moan though, the excellent beer run out: I look forward to some more Windsor Knot on my next visit. Good luck.
  8. Dansilk: we are all entitled to our own opinions, dont you agree? Just because you dont agree with mine, that does not make me any less a proper supporter than you or any other fan. By thw way what ever happened to Fuzzy Royal, does he still watch Windsor?
  9. What about owing the taxman money, or have yot conveniently forgotten about that? Was that not why your were wound up?
  10. Sorry I thought the idea of a forum was for people to express their own views on situations. Just because you dont agree with someone else's views does that mean that that person is wrong all the time? I dont think so.
  11. Hardly there are a few decent town centre pubs
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