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  1. I signed up on here a while ago but thought it was time for me to actually start posting. I'm a Hearts fan but my mum is from Slough and I've followed Slough Town's results for years now (first on Ceefax and now online). I've had a season ticket at Hearts for a long time but I plan to go to a Slough game at some point (hopefully when they've got a new stadium in Slough). I'm not one for picking a big premiership club that I have no connection to and saying I "support" them by watching them on TV. I'm also interested in the pyramid system in England in general. Scotland has no pyramid system which is a shame (unfortunately the attitude at the top of the game here is 'Once you're in the league then you're in forever unless you go bankrupt'). I check the other tables from time to time and it's interesting seeing clubs like AFC Wimbledon, Chester, Halifax etc. progress back up the leagues.
  2. 02-October 10 - Happy Birthday Stanley :)

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