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  1. Sad to hear No worries, keep to it lads!
  2. 16-August 10 - Happy Birthday Tomsk :)

  3. That show also goes out as a podcast. Well worth a listen.
  4. Brilliant. While I was hoping for Ryman for distance reasons the Southern League has some nice places. Definitely going to Weymouth away to see friends and family. Good luck Windsor.
  5. Tomsk

    Help Needed

    Could've made it if I had seen this earlier. Hope it isn't postponed.
  6. Tomsk

    Twitter feed?

    I have a twitter feed that I was using for updates but due to lack of interest I stopped doing it. Sorry to hear that. I would've shown interest. Thanks Woody, I'll be checking that out whenever I'm not down for the game. Might see if I can get it on my phone whilst watching at matches.
  7. Tomsk

    Twitter feed?

    A mates just shown me the Slough Town twitter feed and, as I occasionally work Saturdays or Windsor are away, I was wondering if we had one. If not, could be a benefitial route to go down. Especially at the time we find ourselves. I wonder if Totten have one. Slough Town's Twitter Feed: http://twitter.com/sloughtown/
  8. Thats a shame. Was hoping for a derby as I work with one or two Slough fans down the art centre.
  9. Haha, I noticed it in the first half. "No that wasn't ref, no that wasn't"
  10. I was stood on the line by the club house and I think me and the lino were the only ones to really see it go over, it was quickly pulled back but in the kerfuffle I'm not sure the keeper realised it. Obviously not judging by the yellow afterwards.
  11. This is nice to hear. Especially as I failed to make any games over the christmas period. Good times are a happening.
  12. Dons, Wanderers and Maidenhead at home. I look forward to those matches.
  13. Tomsk


    Very disappointed. Not the fairy tale ending to what has been an exceptional season.
  14. Heh, what a [****!!****] inbred.
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