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  1. 10-April 11 - Happy Birthday Nette :)

  2. 10-April 10 - Happy Birthday Nette :)

  3. Deepest sympathies to coupy and his family. Stay strong hun
  4. Originally Posted By: Urchin Mentalist well you hardly have the clubs best interests at heart by coming on here gobbing off. You came on here and started a row on a thread about a fckng baby,you could of chose any other thread and there are many with comments just the same you could of gone on. So what happens next then nette seeing as you hold all the cards,come on YOUR fans want to know??? Ps that is if this is nette and not uncle!!! lol, its you that wants to be Uncle Urchin not me, as for me starting a row about a baby, I don't think so Rob and you are as always very transparent. I have tried to ring you, but as always you prefer a screen not a personal interaction.
  5. Jog on !!!!! Dave, I have the records from the last 12 years hunny so have my lawyers (its was 49k) UM, I take the digs day in day out!! I sit back and let it go over my head but F.F.S enough with it. 9 Years of looking after a club and all you get is slagged off the 'new owner' should know this I am still a Director and also know all thats going on JOG ON
  6. Originally Posted By: Urchin Mentalist i am deleting your posts because this is a thread about a young baby born today who is struggling in intensive care at the moment but you just can't help but stir things.You can't just walk away graciously,there has to be agenda agenda agenda someone else is always the problem. You left the club in april and everyone thanks you both for the good times we have at the club but posts like this are not doing anyone any favours. They have been posted by others but you only attack dave or me And god bless the youngster Rob but why not reprimand the other posters on this thread who went off topic? Including yourself who now wants to be UU. Come on Rob, you have posted yourself all day without once stating the youngsters condition. By the way, we sold the club in February.
  7. Sorry but it is relevenat as he posted 'lets hope there is a club to support' my answer responded in kind. UM , why are you deleting posts on here and yet attacking other clubs forums if they delete posts.? Double standards? I will not go away Rob. You have no idea what happens next. Originally Posted By: blackballed Congrats.............lets hope he has a club to support when he is old enough............ Bit like your kids had a club to support Dave after you and your fellow Officials ran up 49k's worth of debts in 2000 at level 6 which we paid off for you, (inc the bankruptcy petition which you all dumped Jim with). Eaten tea soon forgotten eh Dave. Saw you deleted the first post 5 minutes ago, do you not like the truth Dave when its aimed at you but yet you leave the crap about us on here, this one gets posted elsewhere if you do it again. And more besides. XXX
  8. Originally Posted By: Not The Real Steve West It's Tree's real birthday today and the countdown to the big 4-0 continues...... Have a good one mate, enjoy! Happy (real birthday) hun have a good one
  9. Originally Posted By: Urchin Mentalist you've done a great job last year marko,sorry you won't be carrying it on but well done. Agree with you UM well done Mark hun you did a grand job.
  10. It was not a council run thing it should have been Hx that dealt with it hun. And you now I agree with all your saying, tomorrow is the start of the coucil events which scares me you know my hands are tired I am trying
  11. Today and yesterday was a 5-11 year olds kids torniment we have been doing now for three years I hope it went well for Joe and the boys it normaly helps pay for the pitch repairs that are always done the day after. Seeding care and lots of luck for now on for the pitch
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