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  1. It's four this season and they just at the top of that zone, some points gap but with games in hand so anything could happen there.
  2. Projections are of course just guesswork and with the FA, it can be a futile exercise I admit but there are ways that three CCL1 clubs could be promoted even with several clubs dropping down into the CCLP. And the rumour is that Step 3 leagues will relegate six next season to get back down to 22. This could cause changes further down the pyramid of course.
  3. Doesn't work like that. The CCL1 clubs will still get promoted to Step 5 if eligible but they or other teams could be pushed sideways by the FALC. So for example, current projections have AFC Hayes and North Greenford being in SSM league not CCL.
  4. Redhill 0-1 Guildford City Poor game first half on boggy pitch though fair play that they got in on. Second half, City much the better side and deserved the late winner.
  5. Watched them today against Merstham. They've apparently signed a lot of players on loan in recent weeks to get them out of trouble but not sure it will be enough on what I saw. Look out CCL, here they come!
  6. I seem to be bad luck for CCL sides in the Vase this season as after seeing Knaphill last weekend, I went to Bowers & Pitsea v SCR today. SCR I thought had the better of the first half but the terrible pitch made it a leveller and Bowers scored three in the second half. Don't worry Hartley/Camberley, I won't be coming down for you games next week!
  7. Very generous offer by Marc especially considering how the people running Dorking FC used to act toward Wanderers. What a gent.
  8. Saw Knaphill at Kidlington today. Feisty full-bloodied cup tie that ended 3-2 to Kidlington. Knaphill gave the first goal away (bad free kick by keeper) and allowed easy header for 2nd. HT 2-0. Second half was all Knaphill but they could only pull one back (through impressive nippy sub that Johno wanted on earlier) before the 90. Kidy broke and made it 3-1 in stoppage time but the Knappers didn't give up and scored another from a scrambled corner in the final minute of the 95. Unlucky for Knaphill but I think Kidlington JUST deserved it overall. Good game though.
  9. Hi Rich, I hear E&E have signed a new deal with Chipstead. Is that just for one more year?
  10. The other possibility is Farnborough going under which would also reprieve Redhill. As another Redhill-'hater' I hope that don't happen The cries of 'Redhill' when the ball goes over the bar still go on at Merstham to this day.
  11. Aren't FA Cup prices determined by the FA? Seem to recall that say a Step 6 club hosting a Step 4 has to charge the higher rate or am I imagining that?
  12. The only time you can ever judge a ref properly is if you are a neutral at the game. Personal interest will always bias your opinion unless you are perfect!
  13. As someone who is more of a groundhopper these days, I do think £8 is too much at Step 4. I'm used to paying £6 at that level and I watch games all round the country now. When I'm at Step 4 I'd expect to pay £8 and so on. If I went to Ashford (and I do plan to soon) I won't balk at paying £8 but I might just spend less inside the ground - I tend to buy prog, food and drink usually. When clubs go up a level they up their prices so when they get relegated, why not charge less? They will often have lower travel expenses, lower player expenses, lower official expenses. The original post me
  14. http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/waltoncasualsfc/news/two-stalwarts-move-on-978233.html That old quote might come back to haunt him.
  15. Clubs just apply for promotion, not to specific leagues. Fully agree though that the FA are going through a bad cycle of poor decisions at this level. Trouble is whole non-league pyramid setup needs overhaul and that is unlikely to happen.
  16. I love Alton's ground and very pleased they still exist there. I'm guessing Sussex One won't relegate anyone now they have lost four teams. Kent may well promote an extra up from the Invicta to make 20. Rumours suggest Ashford Town.
  17. 18.75% chance of promotion if you want it, maybe higher if some grounds aren't good enough.
  18. Quite right, I was thinking it was only 16 this season.
  19. So is it CCLP running with 22 and two down leaving CCL1 with just 14?
  20. That was covered by Lazarus some weeks back. Would it be that bad if ccl1 had only 14 teams?
  21. Not sure what the CCL have done to cause such an outburst. The FA make all the decisions now. If leagues don't like it, they can always leave the NLS.
  22. Good attitude Neil, I like it. I am just annoyed about Walton Casuals surviving. Apart from anything else it means Spennymoor will likely win the Vase again next season!
  23. Well done Richard. Don't think E&E will win next year.
  24. Thanks for coming on here and explaining a few things Alan, I'm sure it is greatly appreciated by many. Good to hear that the website is possibly having a revamp. Have you any thoughts about the further online activity as mentioned by a few of us - ie a facebook page or official twitter feed?
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