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  1. We have a couple of young lads that have played in our first team this season looking for at least 30 day free loan. Centre mid (quite physical) and winger/wing back. Any enquiries please text me, Spencer Day 07973 299389
  2. Well it didn't take long for the Spencer day and or Farnborough bashing to begin! It least it keeps a few of you ticking! For the record we were just helping out one of our local teams who have been struggling to field players over the last few weeks. Contrary to posts only five players signed on, all just 18 years of age and none have started a League game. It was good opportunity to help out our local team and a chance to see how some of our academy lads are progressing. As for looking like we owned the place, if you count meeting the manager at 1pm and then walking to the back of the far stand just before kick off owning the place then good luck! And as for the rumours of ground sharing with local teams with them paying for a 4g and us being in ccl 1 then you are so far off the mark but it's enjoyable watching the false rumours gaining momentum from posters who know absolutely nothing.... As for the game it was dominated by Horley who looked a compact unit but failed to kill the game off until the last ten minutes or so which could have made things difficult. The young cove keeper did very well and it was a bonus that he is the son of our youth chairman so something to keep an eye on. But highlight of the afternoon for me was the constant good spirited banter with the group of Horley fans sitting in the stand with us, top group who were a credit to Non league support and brought many smiles to us all! All the best to both clubs for the rest of the season, I personally hope we don't see you next year competitively but if we do then I nearly always enjoyed my team in the CCL and I'm sure we will do again!
  3. Haven't been on here for a while but thought I would clear it up before I gat anymore abuse albeit from the usual sources. I am personally gutted to lose Phil as a player and as a friend. I have been working with him for a number of years and we have been through a lot. He was outstanding last season (and most of this) and got my managers player of the year and was very honest with me when he resigned on a short contract. It just hasn't worked out and came to a head last week. Ignore newspaper titles, he hasn't been bombed out, it just didn't work and was affecting others which is understandable. Phil is welcome at any time and whoever gets him even on a part time basis has got a hell of a player, we will miss him for sure but life moves on. We had to accept his position with his new career as we have major issues at the Club and we have had to compromise with players as we have a tiny budget. Credit to the CCL as I have four ex players that are regulars and doing well in BSS so hopefully a few more can step up. Any suggestions for players that are good enough and want very little money are greatly welcome............!
  4. After posting on this website on and off for a few years its obviously time to say goodbye to 'CHERTSEYTOWN'. Thankyou for those whom have posted, emailed and called their support and those that havent I hope to continue to prove you wrong and those that are just out of order I couldnt really care a less about you but you are entitled to your opinon. All the best to those in the CCL, a fantastic League and I hope to see a lot of you still throughout football as I have generally enjoyed my time in the League. Good luck to you all, Spencer
  5. It's called non existant set piece defending by us today, 6-2 up at HT having ripped them apart and then hanging on second half-exhausted and furious
  6. Johnno scored with a diving header for Chertsey today, yes it's true!! Thankfully TRS wasnt there so we wont all be forced to watch it thousands of times but stand by for years of reminders!! (not officially CCL I know but he is captain of the Forum team!)
  7. They've only applied once and that year only finished 3rd. Dont want the further costs and winning the Vase each year is very profitable rather than being potential also rans higher up the Leagues-lovely people up there and they love their football and their team could easily handle step 4 and beyond
  8. Ellers no, I've been at games Monday and Tues, night at home before training tomorrow-good luck!
  9. You're dead right NG, shortest loan in history as Stanley has now signed for the Walton Casuals revolution under Mick! Dont know where you are getting your info from, maybe you can tell me my team for sat so I dont have to think about it as you seem to know everything in advance......?!!
  10. SMUDGE, it's compulsary to enter the County Cup of your registered County so Croydon have no choice so don't be too hard on them. That's why sides such as Crystal Palace are also in it and why a lot of reserve and youth sides get played until the very latter stages
  11. Yes I've received a lot of interest thankyou to all that replied. We will be looking at the various options and discussing it with the players concerned tonight, all the best
  12. Chertsey Town have three players, a centre back, centre mid and left winger available for a months loan. Please pm me if interested, all are first team squad players needing games
  13. Very decent side with exceptional movement up front-the one team this season to out play us even though only for 30 minutes. Centre backs are huge and centre midfielder best we have faced this season! Sorry to depress you but a very tough task but HV have a quality team and in a one off who knows! Good luck to both teams I suppose from all at CT!
  14. Chertsey require an AWAY fixture on 30th July due to a cancellation-any takers please?!
  15. Due to a change in circumstances we are looking for opposition preferably away on Tues 12th July-any takers please let me know
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