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  1. 09-November 10 - Happy Birthday StuyRandall :)

  2. I wouldn't mind seeing Erskine come back. Thought he was quality... And if he's good enough for Gillingham, surely he's good enough for us...
  3. A whole tenner! That makes my job more simple - now I don't have to give out change!
  4. It would cost them a lot more to travel to Merthyr Tydfil and Truro...
  5. Would be a big shame if he does leave. I hope he stays.
  6. Thanks everybody! Hopefully next year I won't get injured and I'll be able to go much faster!
  7. I finished! I'm well impressed... Especially considering I pulled a calf muscle half way round and could hardly walk. But I thought that if I didn't finish I would have let down those of you who sponsored me, and so I limped to the finish in a disappointing 6 and a half hours... But I finished, that's the main thing. Thanks to those of you who sponsored me. Your support has meant a lot to me, and kept me going when I was struggling. And if you haven't sponsored me yet, you still can until June! http://www.bmycharity.com/V2/stuyrandall Thanks very much.
  8. Cracking game. From start to finish we were in control. Man of the match for me was Lloyd Blackman. He's been widely criticised all season and been relegated to 4th choice centre forward since O'Connell's arrival, but he started the game and scored the goal that may well keep us in the league... and of course finishes the season as our highest goalscorer. Well done Lloyd, you were great today. And also a big thank you to Harrow for smashing Ashford 6-2 today, without their help we'd be 20th...
  9. Thanks Dave, my training is pretty much all wrapped now. Just got to go for a nice long walk tomorrow morning and then I'm good to go!
  10. Interesting to see that with only one game left to go, the teams that currently occupy 3rd, 4th and 5th from bottom (two of these three will finish in the relegation zone) have all had Mark Butler as manager this season... Now I don't have anything against the guy, but that doesn't look good for him, does it?
  11. We have not used 66 players CE!! I think it's closer to 56...
  12. I thought Turner had a good game. Don't think he could have done anything about the goals, and I don't think he deserved to have three goals go passed him in that match. He played well through out.
  13. Voted for Cooper this time. He had a solid game and seems to be improving every time I see him.
  14. I'll be on the turnstiles as usual, you can talk to me then if you want...
  15. Pinnock pushed the keeper into the advertising boards near the edge of the 18 yard box. Don't know if he got booked for it though...
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