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  1. John made 23 starts, 9 sub appearances and scored 10 goals. (According to the Bristol City website) So theres your answer?
  2. Sorry mike cant make it. seems like work are giving me all the hours under the sun at the moment, including late shifts on a f****** monday!!
  3. Well, that came as a shock. Good luck to him I suppose, feels like he has let us down in my opinion.
  4. haha yeh im older than 6..just i was just wondering, as I wanted to take my 6 year old brother to games, saves me going on my own next season then
  5. Would a 6 year old come under the category 'Concession'? Im hoping under 7s or under 6s get into fleet games for free?
  6. After our success at Wembley and the way the squad has been built over the 'Daish' era, I personally cannot see him/them leaving for another team anytime soon, let alone a team in the BSP. My view on the situation anyway, I really do hope they both stay, we really are on the up.
  7. Chances of Jimmy Bullard coming back to the fleet are around the same as fleet supporters being fielded in a BSP game next season , so judging by the way we played against Gravesham Teachers at times, pretty high .... Or not?
  8. They got relegated, and still managed to generate funds for a new stadium, become a full time club, and have no sponsor on their shirt? A bit absurd?
  9. Hi there, a Main Stand Concession season ticket is priced at
  10. Hi there, was just wondering what the seating procedure is at Stonebridge Road? Do season ticket holder's get seats or is it a first come first served basis? Thanks.
  11. Have the shirts been confirmed for next season yet? also, any idea about when they will be on sale? Thanks
  12. Love it Wayne!! Slightly long to remember and chant?
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