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  1. 11-February 11 - Happy Birthday Adzifleet :)

  2. How do you think we should approach the game saturday? I think the first 10 mins is important,if we can press the ball all over the pitch not letting them settle early would be the start i will be looking for.
  3. Not charging pensioners would be good,i was first brought to the club in 76 by my dad who now is 80 not missing many games in that time ,i think that would be a real thank you for his support
  4. We will move on from this like always,its part of wot makes us loyal suppoters,the real supporters,win lose or draw we would be there again tomorrow and the day after that. (COME ON YOU REDS)
  5. I thought Barrett was our best ball winner saturday and broke up a lot of there play,would be one of the first on the sheet for me.
  6. Has anyone any news on the lady steward,who got the ball in her face,it looked real bad.
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